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Tutorials / Re: PlayStation Nav Controller
« on: 05:36 PM - 02/13/18 »
As per above. Connect the Nav to the Xim4 and simply bind the Movement keys to the Nav's d-pad buttons. The stick should still work regardless.

Tutorials / Re: PlayStation Nav Controller
« on: 05:02 PM - 02/13/18 »
Makes sense, but you'll be pushing your button limits by sacrificing the d-pad bindings.

I dig it, but how would I do it though?

Tutorials / Re: PlayStation Nav Controller
« on: 04:50 PM - 02/13/18 »
You'd be missing the point of the Nav controller by converting analog movement to digital...but, look for the Movement section in a Xim Manager game config. Movement is bound to WASD by default. Bang your d-pad buttons in there.

I was hoping I could use both. The dpad is more precise when going through inventory and menus.

Tutorials / PlayStation Nav Controller
« on: 04:29 PM - 02/13/18 »
How would I make my Dpad also control Up/Down/Left/Right movement on my PlayStation Nav Controller?

Tutorials / Re: Automatically toggling sprint/run
« on: 01:23 PM - 01/01/18 »
Awesome thanks, one last question and I'll stop nagging you lol. Can you do a third page?

So far I've got my movement set to WSAD, and a key set to run, then I went to the second page and made that run key my W, so when I hit north I'm always running, is it possible to make my south key a run key as well or am I limited to one?

You've been awesome, thanks.

Tutorials / Re: Automatically toggling sprint/run
« on: 12:58 PM - 01/01/18 »
Sorry, brand new. How do I do that?

Tutorials / Re: Automatically toggling sprint/run
« on: 12:45 PM - 01/01/18 »
The Division. If it isn't possible can I switch my settings to holding to run and bind that key to my movement keys? Like if I press north it'll initiate the hold to run and move north so. Thanks in advance

Tutorials / Automatically toggling sprint/run
« on: 12:14 PM - 01/01/18 »
Is there a way to make it so that I can run without pressing/run? I'm using a Tartarus and I'd like to make it so that I don't have to click any buttons to run.

Xbox One.

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