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Game Support / Re: COD Cold War Advanced Setup 12/22/20
« on: 02:40 PM - 01/26/21 »
Is it just me, or is this setup SUPER slow once you ADS? I copied your whole config over to mouse and keyboard. Feels quick and snappy on the hip, but once you ADS theres not a ton of room for error.

Thanks for the reply. Had someone tell me that the console could not be forced to 1000hz.. had me worried.

With the XIM APEX delivering 1000hz, does that mean the Xbox One and PS4 consoles  will accept that rate?

Currently, from my understanding, the PS4 report rate is 4ms (Via USB) and 1.25ms (Via Blu tooth). The Xbox One controller reports at 8ms (the USB port can potentially support up to 4ms Iíve read).

Will the XIM APEX force the rate of a 1000hz mouse to actually report to the console at 1000hz? Or will it be limited to what the controllers support?

Like the title says. I want to make sure than the Titan Two I purchase soon will be usable on XIM APEX. This question really is, "Will all currently supported hardware play well with the APEX?"

My k70 works fine with only one USB plugged in.

Technical Support / XIM4 + Elite Pro Headset
« on: 03:20 PM - 12/26/17 »
Running into some issues atm.

It appears the Elite Pro Turtlebeach headset has a strong microphone buzz when the controller is charging. Is there a way to hook the controller to the XIM4 without the XIM4 supplying power to the controller? Itíll only stop buzzing if itís not charging.

Either a Bluetooth dongle for the controller, or a non-charging mode? This happens with any wired TB headset.

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