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So torn on this. Iím using off sync currently and the curve makes me have to re-find my send. Some games Iím loving this some games Iím hating it. But when I love it itís amazing. Itís like Iím sliding off targets at close range but LAZERING at distance. I def need to put a few more hours into this. But itís def very nice.

Something didnít feel right to me? Is the 0.70 a must? Recoil control feels much more difficult!

I just came back to pubg I will test these settings. I currently use off sync as well getting 10-20 kills agame but Iíve been around a while and came from PC. I have always been a fan of ur work. Will review these settings soon.

Game Support / DPI / Polling question
« on: 04:16 PM - 06/17/19 »
Correct me if i'm wrong. I use OFF SYNC.

If I go from 12,000 DPI to 3,200 DPI. I would multiply my current sens by 3.75
If I go from 500hz to 1000hz polling rate. I would multiply my current sens by 2.

Beta / Latest update question?
« on: 09:17 AM - 06/17/19 »
I was playing on an old firmware, just updated to the latest, apply the exact same settings and something feels off? I was using just very simple settings no curves or anything. I haven't added boost, SAB, or SA. Just wondering if i'm losing my mind.

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (20190616)
« on: 08:35 AM - 06/17/19 »
Thanks RML

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (20190107)
« on: 11:14 PM - 06/08/19 »
What settings are people using?

Game Support / Re: The Division 2 Config 3/24
« on: 05:38 PM - 03/26/19 »
I'm using 1000hz 16k dpi No AA and It seems fine? I Guess I was just curious.

Game Support / Re: The Division 2 Config 3/24
« on: 05:27 PM - 03/26/19 »
Why do people use a curve for AA when you can just turn it off completely 

Game Support / Re: Sweets D2 setup
« on: 12:45 PM - 03/26/19 »
Does the curve go in HIP  or ADS ballistics ? Thanks in advance!

Also are you using In game aim assist ? What are you in XIM Sens settings?


3200 dpi
Off sync Xim
7/6 in game
Classic curve in game
DZ None

8-15 kills a game always over 1300 dmg wingman/PK

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 03:02 PM - 02/16/19 »
In game dead zone off or slow

Game Support / Re: Complete Apex Legends user settings
« on: 11:24 AM - 02/12/19 »
Congrats. Youíre children lol. Iíll delete. GG

You are children?   I will assume you wanted to articulate you are a child because I deleted software- from a limited space hard drive for a game that I will not play. That makes a lot of sense let me keep a few gigs of software on a Limited space hard drive for something that I donít like.

Definitely my first thought is what a baby.  You definitely make sense.  /s

What the hell did I even just read? You just tried to sound educated, but what I think you failed to realize is that in that within the English language ďyouĒ can be both singular as well as plural. The plural use of the word was referring to everyone who failed to use this post as intended. You tried though... back to the drawing board!

Game Support / Re: Complete Apex Legends user settings
« on: 09:26 PM - 02/11/19 »
Congrats. Youíre children lol. Iíll delete. GG

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