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3200 dpi
Off sync Xim
7/6 in game
Classic curve in game
DZ None

8-15 kills a game always over 1300 dmg wingman/PK

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 03:02 PM - 02/16/19 »
In game dead zone off or slow

Game Support / Re: Complete Apex Legends user settings
« on: 11:24 AM - 02/12/19 »
Congrats. You’re children lol. I’ll delete. GG

You are children?   I will assume you wanted to articulate you are a child because I deleted software- from a limited space hard drive for a game that I will not play. That makes a lot of sense let me keep a few gigs of software on a Limited space hard drive for something that I don’t like.

Definitely my first thought is what a baby.  You definitely make sense.  /s

What the hell did I even just read? You just tried to sound educated, but what I think you failed to realize is that in that within the English language “you” can be both singular as well as plural. The plural use of the word was referring to everyone who failed to use this post as intended. You tried though... back to the drawing board!

Game Support / Re: Complete Apex Legends user settings
« on: 09:26 PM - 02/11/19 »
Congrats. You’re children lol. I’ll delete. GG

Game Support / Complete Apex Legends user settings
« on: 06:32 PM - 02/11/19 »
Edited because people enjoy reading countless threads of the same things. Mods feel free to delete so we can get back to our repetitive post forum.

Aim assist? Can someone explain? 7,7 give you aim assist?

I know a lot of people that run it on Xbox. joshPUBG, Kalikn, THatLOUD and many others.

So here it is. I have literally tested settings for 20+ hours over the past 3 days.  I have tried all syncs, smoothings anywhere from 0-7, and many other factors. I have decided 500hz works best for me. Also, NO curve on ADS, but I took RMLs advice and went with 110-114 vehicle sens multipler in game. This will be my final setting change I believe.

After hours and hours of trying different things I have reverted back to no curves, up close with curves feels great but tracking felt off. I play at 500hz still but tonight I’m going to try to do the 125hz no curve my problem is I at 1000 or 500 I have to use 4 smoothing, with 125 I don’t but the sens doesn’t feel the same when divided by 4. I will try to postback with what I settle with. This is so difficult lol.

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (20190107)
« on: 02:26 PM - 01/30/19 »
Can we get a little update? Are you guys using RMLs ads curve with no aim acceleration in the game?

Game Support / Re: Error? While pasting RML Pubg config?
« on: 07:01 AM - 01/30/19 »
I got it figured out,  was opening old manager

My settings weren't updating. Right now I am testing these settings, I have modified sens to my liking but these curves are beautiful so far. I will post back with more updates. So far it's the best I have ever felt.

Game Support / Re: Error? While pasting RML Pubg config?
« on: 07:34 PM - 01/29/19 »
using 525 manager and 204 firm

Game Support / Error? While pasting RML Pubg config?
« on: 07:25 PM - 01/29/19 »
I keep trying to paste RMLs new config  into a fresh pubg ST.. it just says error? any help would be nice.

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