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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MWII ST
« on: 08:55 PM - 10/29/22 »
Personally i think the Vanguard ST performce better than MW2019. Thats just my opinion

Shared Configs / Re: Downloading PS4 version of MW2 on PS5
« on: 06:29 PM - 09/16/22 »
I just figured it out. I had to log into my PS account on internet and add it from there. Im sure its other methods but this worked for me FYI

Shared Configs / Downloading PS4 version of MW2 on PS5
« on: 05:29 PM - 09/16/22 »
Hey! As the title says, i bought MW2 and downloaded the beta on PS5 but i dont have any option to download the PS4 version. I dont have Remote Play set up atm thats why im asking. Any tips?

I'm still using the first retail XIM APEX unit we were sent as alpha testers 4 or 5 years ago and it's seen almost daily use ever since. So I'd dispute the "not built to last" claim...how you handle your toys is important.

Given parts are no longer available for XIM APEX and they're not being manufactured due to component shortages, your best bet may be a DIY solder repair, or to take it to a local electronics repair shop to replace the USB head.

In the future, connect your XIM (or any other USB device) to a short USB cable with a power switch in the middle to prevent USB port wear & tear.

Do you really need a powered usb cable to get power on the apex? Ive been using the apex for a long time on console but the usb has been a little bended after beeing pulled in and out multiple times so i rather be safe than sorry so getting a short usb extension should make it easier

Shared Configs / Re: Warzone config 2.8kd
« on: 10:56 PM - 04/17/22 »
Anyone using good settings for warzone? I'm on xbox serie X. The aim and sensitivity feels so weird. Thank you

I've been using mjfame style curve with defaul sync, 250hz, 1800dpi for over a year and a half now and it works really good
Im only playing Rebirth tho. I have 25% win ratio and 2.5kd using it. But whatever config you use u will get good after putting hours into it. Dont do the rookie mistake changing configs every other day

Shared Configs / Re: Warzone config 2.8kd
« on: 08:55 PM - 04/15/22 »
Code: [Select]

Shared Configs / Re: Warzone config 2.8kd
« on: 08:54 PM - 04/15/22 »
How do I post it so it doesn't take up whole post haha

Use [ code ] PASTE CODE [ /code ]

Game Support / Re: Warzone Ricochet
« on: 09:46 PM - 12/30/21 »
Likely macros as well.

So i use a logitech mouse with an on-board computer, and I have a slide cancel macro set up on it in conjuction with the xim apex adapter

should i not be using that mouse slide cancel macro with the new Ricochet anticheat???

Im not really sure how and what the anti cheat works on console but scrips and macros should be very easy to detect as your macro will repeat the same cycle and ms every time. So if if were you i would remove it just to be on the safe side. Slide cancel is easy enough without macro but i agree that having a macro for it would be even better

That is just to notify that there is new ST support for games. If your game has a new a version there will appear a "warning" icon in the left on the main screen when you have loaded your game config, if that makes sense

Game Support / Re: Vanguard on PS5?
« on: 09:07 PM - 12/11/21 »
You can play the PS4 version on ps5 the normal way , but if you want to play the enhanced PS5 version graphics , then yes you need to use remote play unfortunately

Ok so PS5 version doesn't work with the 3rd party Nacon Wireless?

No. You need to use remote play or Beloader device

Game Support / Re: Warzone Pacific might need its own ST
« on: 02:29 PM - 12/11/21 »
Yes i agree that this need a own ST. Ive been testing different kinds of game settings and config setups on both MW2019 and new and old Vanguard ST and i cant find something that feels normal

Probably because aim mechanics changed and people are still trying to figure it out. Aslo none of the currents ST's is a perfect match and might need to get a new trained for this, at least imo

Game Support / Re: New Warzone Map
« on: 03:24 PM - 12/10/21 »
Yes. I do the same

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 03:48 AM - 12/04/21 »
After testing front and back many times i actually end up liking 3.20 ads with gradual 250-300ms activation delay but i really think the ST needs to be trained on 1.0, For those who enjoy 3.20 i recommend creating a couple of conigs for backup if the ST ends up being retrained on 1.0

Wasnt Vanguar build on the same engine like COD MW 2019?

Yes, but same engine doesnt mean same aim mechanics unfortunately.. At least what i experienced

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