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Game Support / Re: About the right stick
« on: 01:59 PM - 06/06/18 »
I found the solution, everything all right!

Game Support / About the right stick
« on: 01:53 PM - 06/06/18 »
There's an option to free the right stick from the mouse?
I want to play god of war with it and i need the right Stick for choosing keys.

Game Support / Request for games support
« on: 01:41 AM - 05/23/18 »

First one i asking for support for Uncharted 3 Remastered on PS4
(it's part of the Uncharted the nathan drake collection)

You have support for the PS3 version. but the PS4 version have different key arrangement.
They made one key arrangemen for the 3 games of uncharted that included on the collection. (it will help also for those who want to use it for the first 2 games that you are not supporting for your reasons)


The Second one is a setting that is not defined for a particular game, in which the use of the mouse is disabled and the control is only given to the keyboard (for those who want to use the product for games that do not include mouse. like racing games)

I know that you are supporting only game that are benefit from the precision, but you can give us one setting that we will choose in it the key mapping only. it's not require too much checking.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2 help
« on: 01:11 AM - 04/13/18 »
Hi all, I am trying the trial for d2 on ps4, but no matter the settings I try the whole thing feels clunky, does any 1 have some advice for the best possible settings?

don't know, but you have a pc version so why to use a console version when you can  play with real support for mouse and keyboard. (Unless you do not have graphic card at all or not strong enough, on your PC)

I wanted to check it for you but it seems that even for the trial you need to pay on something.

No. Each Smart Translator is made for the view its labeled as. If you are using the ADS ST on your hip page then you're doing exactly what this describes. You're using the ADS ST which is designed while aiming down sight and it's being activated while looking from the Hip instead. You should use Hip on the Hip page and ADS on the ADS page.
OK thank you very much!

Support / Re: About using Advanced settings on XIM APEX
« on: 03:45 PM - 04/12/18 »
Smart Translators are the tech used in each game config that allows you to have linear mouse movement with your game. Hip is the setting while not aiming, ADS is the setting while aiming down sight. You don't choose which to use, you use both if available.

Ballistics curves alter acceleration of your turn. The left side is where your turn begins, the right is where it ends. If the line remains at 45 degrees then turning is linear. If you raise the line you will add acceleration. I do not recommend new users use expert settings as these could have a negative impact on performance when used incorrectly.

I'm not new to that. I've already used them on XIM4. i only did not quite understand what they exactly doing and, so I'm cheking every change on the settings what his impact on the game move. And if it is not good I'm reseting everything back. So it's fine!

so if i'm set it on the ADS translator, all the changes on the settings will be on ADS only? (for example on XIM4 that you are choosing between them)

Support / [Q/A] About using Advanced settings on XIM APEX
« on: 05:04 AM - 04/12/18 »
I'm not an english user so i can't understand fully your instructional videos. and all the more so when the explanation is spoken in high language If you understand what I mean.
So i'll ask on what i don't understand on the advanced settings and please explain to me in a simple explanation as possible.

1. What are the role of Translators and what is the difference between the ADS and HIP Translators (In order to know what to choose)
2. what is the ballistics curve. and each side of the curve line, on which kind of movement in the game it's affecting more (Regular movement or Aim down site)

I think I heard somewhere that the upper side affecting more on the ADS and less on the regular movement. and the lower side affecting more on the regular movement and less on the ADS. it is correct?

Feedback / I just got the XIM APEX
« on: 04:27 AM - 04/12/18 »
This is a significant change to the level of game experience.
Thank you so much on your wonderful Products!

 ;) ;D

Support / [Q/A] XBOX One S controller with XIM4
« on: 06:17 AM - 03/26/18 »
It's working fine!

but after that i turns off my Xbox one S, the XIM4 wake up several times a day for a 10 second and the controller vibrating. then everything shuts down back.

Is this a normal behavior? (with PS4 is not happening)

That happened from the time I got my XBOX

Thank you very much on your amazing support!  :)

Feedback / Re: two things need to be add
« on: 04:09 AM - 03/15/18 »
Setup a new Auxilliary sub-config. Use a button hold to activate it, like L3. On that Aux page, tick Left Stick.

correct me if i'm wrong. you mean to set it, that when i press one button on hold, it gives and option to use the left stick fully?

If it is, yes:
There's such a thing in XIM4 or XIM Apex? (if your answer is yes, please tell me where is it placed on the manager, too)
Or maybe you're just giving OBsIV an idea how to support it?

Thank you!

Feedback / Re: two things need to be add
« on: 12:05 AM - 03/15/18 »
If the game doesn't react to the Left Stick by moving when you are at that part of the game, then, there wouldn't be movement caused by your XIM.

so that's a problem because i want it the be set for the whole game even when the game react to the Left Stick. because i don't want to set it and then disable it again and again every time i need it. and you need it on the "lost legacy" a lot.

if you can restrict the movement of the Left stick only for things like that, that will be a solution if it's possible

Feedback / Re: two things need to be add
« on: 11:52 PM - 03/14/18 »
For #1, you can do this by mapping "Left Stick" to your mouse (under Advanced mouse settings).

And it will not affect the movement of going forward, backward and sideways? (If I set this up for the whole game)

Feedback / two things need to be add
« on: 09:45 PM - 03/14/18 »
I think that you need to add two thing to your XIM (If it is not already supported and i just do not know)

1. an option to use the left stick somehow with the mouse pulley or other option, in addition to the W, A, S, D keys, because of such situations that require more sensitivity (With the W, A, S, D you can not reach all the locations on the left stick movement). for example:


2. an option for such situations (right movements of the controller):


And I have to say thank you so much for such wonderful products

General Discussion / Re: About Xim Apex
« on: 10:12 AM - 03/13/18 »
Yes to both of these, that setup will work as long as the length isn't too long. Try to stay 12' or less in length.

12 what? ft? CM?
and i added another Q in the end of the Post

General Discussion / About Xim Apex
« on: 09:19 AM - 03/13/18 »
With the XIM4 i'm playing on XBOX One and PS4 with two sets of cables, one for each console (see the pic)

Eventually I'll buy the XIm Apex and I want to know whether the male to female USB cable can do the same work for me. i mean i'll have two male to female USB cables one for each console, and the apex dongle will be connected to them.

the Q here is:
1. if the male to female USB cable can work on the opposite direction, from the female to the male. (if you have some experience with that)
2. and if it will still work the same when the dongle is not connected straight to the console

The male to female USB cable:


Another Q :
i saw some people complaining about a dead Xim apex that they bought from Flashback store. is it safe to buy now from them or i should need to wait for you, to check it with them?

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