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Game Support / Re: modern warfare st release time?
« on: 12:05 PM - 10/29/19 »
No need to tress or wait, just use BO4 ST. Works perfecly on my setup. And i mean best XIM Apex feel so far.

No stutter, lag, floatyness etc.

But it might be "the thing" that im playing with 120Hz 4k screen, and in Xbox one X im using 1080p AND 120Hz on! I know it cant run 120fps but like this my monitor Acer Nitro XV273K can keep refresh rate on 120Hz. If i change to 4k then 120Hz disappers and i can easily feel floaty on mouse.

But this neew MW feels best so far. Not the first XIM or monitor of mine, got some experience.

BO4 ST was horrible for me. I use Apex Legends with 2.0 X/Y Ratio. Does the job for now.

Game Support / Re: Warface - best settings
« on: 03:17 PM - 11/10/18 »
Check out the settings in my signature

I will put something together this weekend as got some upcoming tournaments. I believe the ST behaves a bit different after the retrain so I will probably need to change the version I did on PTS.

Ah @#$% yeah now updated

GitGud any way to port this to xim4?

Not that I know of. It wouldn't perform the same either way as I use the sync off setting and the xim4 uses only the default sync setting.

What are your in game settings Gitgut

If I remember right its something like 20 for all apart from 2x 18  4x 12  6x 10  8x 10
This config might not perform like I want it to because the ST was updated and I haven't touched the game since.

Ah @#$% yeah now updated

Game Support / Re: PUBG new ST needed.
« on: 03:19 AM - 10/26/18 »
Maybe retrain it on Aim Acceleration off if it makes a difference? It's actually fast enough now to be usable. Maybe you could look at training different profiles too? ADS has no acceleration but hip does

Game Support / Warface Config (#1 Ranked Player)
« on: 02:45 AM - 10/26/18 »
I have spent some time on this game trying out various settings. At first I played with default settings but later on I started playing around with some of the advanced settings and now I have my config pretty sweet. I use sync off as it feels the most responsive and PC like and also it's the easiest to cut out of AA. I have tried all the other sync settings in this game. I use sync off for nearly all my games. I also use 12k DPI. If you have a cloth mousepad and experience jitter I suggest lowering your DPI. The mouse I use is the Rival 600 so I can't guarantee that your mouse will perform in the same way.

Copy the whole config on your phone
Go on the XIM Apex Manager app
Make sure Expert Mode is enabled
Create new config
Click on the 3 dots ...
Click on Paste

In-game Settings
Advanced control options - Enabled

Yaw Speed - 50
Pitch Speed - 50
Yaw Acceleration - 0
Pitch Acceleration - 0
Acceleration Time - 0
Acceleration Delay - 0

ADS Yaw Speed - 50
ADS Pitch Speed - 50
ADS Yaw Acceleration - 0
ADS Pitch Acceleration - 0
ADS Acceleration Time - 0
ADS Acceleration Delay - 0

Key Binds
WASD - Movement
Q - Special (Claymore etc)
E - Melee Weapon
X - Switch Attachments
C - Crouch
Hold C - Prone or Slide
R - Reload
F - Plant/Defuse Bomb
Shift - Sprint
Mouse Forward - Grenade
Mouse Back - Class Special (Repair Kit, Ammo Kit etc)
Mouse Left - Shoot
Mouse Right - ADS
Mouse Scroll Down - Switch Weapon
Hold T - Switch Weapon (Required in some PVE Missions, as you cannot hold down mouse scroll)

Use this DPI calculator to work out the sensitivity in the XIM config for your DPI.

Link for config

Warface GitGud v1.0 Release

Game Support / Re: Which Weapons Ximmer use for BO4
« on: 03:58 AM - 10/24/18 »
Didn't buy the full game but back on beta Maddox, Vapr and Titan were my personal favourites.

I will upload the PTS config today. I can't see them making anymore changes before it goes to Live. The config might need slight alteration once we get a ST retrain but I doubt it. I kinda stopped playing PUBG for the last week. Got addicted to Warface and reckon I will be staying on that. So this might be my last update to the config, but knowing me I will be back to PUBG once we get performance mode on the X.

Which mouse pads have you tried the 600 on and does it do a good job of picking up each surface?  I seen in the RJN review video he had some issue with the lift off test on the G440. 

I actually ordered a Rival 600 a few hours ago.  Want to try the TM3 sensor.  I wanted to try the Hero sensor but the Pro Hero and the G305 are way too small for my hand/Grip style.  Didn't want to get the G502 Hero because I already own a G502 and if I'm going to invest another $80 on a mouse I really don't need it's gonna be for something different.

I went from the G502 to the G403.  The G403 is solid performance wise. I couldn't go back to the 502 after using the 403 because the performance is a step down.

I put the lift off setting all the way to the bottom and no issue, no clue what itís supposed to be at but Iíd prefer if when I lifted my mouse it stopped moving.

Depends on mousepad I guess. When I had it on lowest setting it would occasionally stop tracking.

Game Support / Re: Warface Clan!!
« on: 01:48 AM - 10/22/18 »
I enjoyed it a lot more on the 360 for some reason? Maybe the aim assist is much higher this go round? It seems like it is to me for sure.I cant recall the 360 versions having over half of the map player count running with snipers. And not just hanging back snipers but full out Rambo snipers. Tried it myself and was amazed at how op it felt. I dunno, how does it feel for you guys?

The aim assist is fairly strong in this game. But yeah I agree on the sniper thing it's annoying seeing snipers running around sliding and 1 hitting people but hey I'm guilty I do the same sometimes 😂

Game Support / Re: Warface Clan!!
« on: 01:47 AM - 10/22/18 »
Sure hit me up,  I usually play nights/early morning pacific time. Ben ximming ever since Xim was a thing. Chin Tapper

I think I already have you as a friend xD

To tune it you hold the DPI button until the mouse starts flashing at you and then you move it around on the mouse pad until it stops flashing.

Welcome to the club!

Thank you!

SteelSeries Rival 600 | SteelSeries Dex | SteelSeries Apex M500 | SteelSeries Siberia 800...

Good god :o

Iím actually using my Steelseries DEX under my Logitech G440 and then a little board under that because I play with my mouse pad on my lap lol.

Get a CouchMaster!! I ain't got space for a desk at my place so I gotta use the CouchMaster lol

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