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I use 9 sensitivity ingame

175 hip 7 smoothing
15 ads 7 smoothing

1000hz 12k dpi mouse , i still play with the hip, but not much difference

Feedback / xim4 is legendary
« on: 06:47 PM - 12/19/17 »
Hi, i did order my xim4 on Thursday 14, it was send on Friday 15 and i received it on Tuesday the 19 in Australia Melbourne.. delivery was fast, was expecting delays because of xmas but all went good. (fed-ex priority).
as soon as i got it, i updated the firmware for my ps4 pro, max out dpi on my mouse (12000) and the played my first game of COD WW2. i didn't change any settings but only the key binds, i have to say it feels 95% like pc gaming. i am playing on a 5 year old tv lg, i dont know the ms of the TV but i just switched it to game mode and everything looks nice. ( i know i got a ps4 and i dont have a 4k tv, but the bundle i got was 420 AUD with the game, and the normal ps4 was 20$ less. lol)
the xim 4 is amazing, default settings and works perfect. i played a couple of games with the controller and my score was like 2-25 , now its 25-10 or so. haven't played on consoles since ps2.
i would like to thank you for your product :)   

 :) 8)

hi ObsIV , i am on the waiting list , i did put my name some days ago. i was wondering if i get a guarantee xim-4 to buy or just a notification that it is in stock ? i really want one so i might have to wake up very early in the morning hehe ( im from australia )  thank you

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