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XIM Link / Choose which Device goes through xim
« on: 03:17 PM - 05/29/18 »
Is this possible for future update?

I would like to be able to choose which device goes though the XIM Link instead of all the devices.

I have 2 mice's plugged in my computer whenever I use my PS4 so I can still browse the computer while using KB+M on PS4

I guess deactivating would be the same and I would no longer need a second mouse

Glorious Gaming TKL and Ducky One RGB TKL

Anyone have this and can confirm its working with the apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim apex copy config
« on: 09:30 AM - 04/29/18 »
Is there a way to copy just the button mapping on the Apex like the XIM4?

General Discussion / Re: X7 amp/dac
« on: 12:34 AM - 04/15/18 »
Worth it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: USB Switcher
« on: 08:18 AM - 04/13/18 »
The advantage of the IOGear is the optional 5V USB power port. If you experience any power issues with Xim-connected devices, simply run the IOGear to a USB wall charger and your problem is solved. It's not an uncommon issue as the console USB port isn't designed to power an LED mouse & keyboard.

The USB hub on the Xim Apex also has a power port, but you need to buy a compatible 5V 3A power supply. Most of us have spare micro USB cables and phone chargers lying around, so it's "two birds, one stone" deal with an IOGear USB switch.

Do you  have any polling issues? Iíve read amazon reviews and people are reporting that there are polling issues with the switch

Lets see some Apex settings!

I never did this before. I gotta say I was working on this last night and kind of eye opening to how it varies from COD to COD and from Gun to Gun.

What values did you end up with?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Ducky Shine 6 compatibility?
« on: 12:06 AM - 11/25/17 »
I have great news! The DUCKY SHINE 6 works right out of the box! No need to mess with DIP switches so endless key rollover & all RGB settings still work wonderfully using FN + F (#) keys (I use an externally powered USB strip for extra juice). What a great keyboard for the XIMer who wants one of the best feeling keyboards on the market while being able to control macros & lighting on the fly, with optional software.  ;D

what external powered usb strip are you using?

What ADS delay is everyone using?

DPI/Mouse: Logitech G502 12k DPI 500 Polling Rate

Firmware: SA3


Hip Sensitivity: 18.5

Hip Curve (If Any): havoxxx latest experimental hip curve

steady aim on/// boost 2400

Ads Sensitivity: 7

Ads Curve (If Any): none

steady aim on   //// 0 boost

The only problem I have is with ads I don't feel much of the AA and ya is a real struggle to get some targets even from close distance, I never had this kind of problems with the xim4 config and COD I've been a user since advanced warfare this was never a problem for me anyhow I come from IW with a KDR of 3.2 to a wonderful 1.7 and that's me  trying so hard on this lmao. I've tried everything for the ads havoxxx's curve Drballsticks curve for sticky ads and this last one it kinda works but it's easy to miss the target too. Something feels off about the ST if you ask me but Most already said there nothing wrong with it so that's that. I know some of you would say "lower your dpi but i did to 7k n 4k n tbh 12k feels the best to me. Anyways I've been trying everyone's settings n nothing really worked so I thought I should say something, have a good day everyone.

you are not getting AA due to SA3 to be anti AA IMO

So SA3 takes the AA away?

I think SA3 gives you less aa.. its just mt personal opinion tho. i mean i drop bombs with it.

Do you have both aim assist and rotation turned on?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech G810
« on: 11:49 PM - 11/24/17 »
Some keyboards increase rollover by enumerating as multiple keyboards. If this keyboard does that, then our latest firmware would be able to handle that fine: http://xim.tech/latest. But, if the low rollover is an issue with the keyboard itself we can't do anything about that. Hopefully someone with experience with this keyboard and provide some help.

Im using the SA3 firmware. Would this firmware handle the increase rollover?

For people using SA3, whats the best ADS delay?

Hardware Compatibility / Logitech G810
« on: 04:24 PM - 11/10/17 »
anyone have this and having issues with low key roll over? Its listed on the hardware compatability but it has the (R) which means poor key roll over (2-3 Keys)

DPI/Mouse: 4000

Firmware: SA3

ST: Black Ops 3


Hip Sensitivity: 18.00

Hip Curve (If Any): None

Hip Steady Aim/Boost (If Any): SA On, Boost None

Ads Sensitivity: 14.00

Ads Curve (If Any): None

Ads Steady Aim/Boost (If Any): SA On, Boost: 50


this is very STICKY if you like that ... Try it and you'll love me :)

Question about the ADS Boost. Is it the higher the boost the stronger the AA?

Game Support / Re: I need Fornite BR Settings
« on: 07:28 PM - 10/25/17 »
Why dont you just plug in your KB+M on your PS4? The game supports it

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