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I use 1440p and 120 htz with freesync on my xbox one x thru displayport. looks beautiful and feels smooth.
itís depend what monitor you have I have Aorus AD27QD 1440,144hz and itís work for me with HDMI  I can see my FPS on monitor when I play apex I have 120fps when I play bfv itís turn on only 60fps it looks like not many game support 120

heard way too many bad things about the company and how they treat their community. will probably only take a few more month until a different company offers a similar mouse for 1/3 of the price.
yes  i was waiting for this mouse 93 days  but when they said you tracking number  it took them 2days to canada it was really fast, but they are horrible liars they emailed couples time but only lies hate this company but I love this mouse

I just got it today itís amazing for my hands my old Logitech g pro wired itís so heavy  :P

Bind mouse wheel up and down to your right stck for inventory cursor auxiliary. This allows you to scroll if you use in use inventory cursor auxiliary like Alan posted earlier.
good point 👍

@#$% Itís amazing man thank you for time

Game Support / Re: BFV : issues when shooting
« on: 07:37 PM - 12/23/18 »
We seem to be shooting faster than the game allows. Another user has shared that setting the game's right trigger deadzone to 30% in the game settings will help with this.
I think you are right cuz Iím really quick shooter 😀 one more thanks Mist new St feel really good for me I havent try other gun accept carbine m1a1 I will try latter

Game Support / Re: BFV : issues when shooting
« on: 04:24 PM - 12/23/18 »
Thank you mist I have similar problem when I use semiautomatic gun  it looks like skip my shoots  itís just when I tried shot so quickly I hope I was just carbine m1a1 I love this gun

Hi Alan can we get your full config  then I can just past it on thank you

Mist thank you for your information I just donít wanna play with many setting I stick with one I have  now  it work for me but it good to know that sync off with  high dpi make jitter thank you

COD WWII was straightforward but not finding the same with BO4.  I've been playing around with a number of settings.  1000htz at 12Kdpi  and now at 500htz at  4kdpi.  Various RML curves (thank you BTW for posting and sharing this hard work)

Trying various syncs as well but currently on common.

No matter what settings,curve or sync it seems like I need smoothing... as high as 15 with the 1000 htz at 12Kdpi. 

There seems to be a lot of jitter....Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue?  Thanks for any advise/help you and offer

BO4 ST for Xbox1
Logitech G502 on Logitech hard pad
Corsair Platinum keyboard
500 htz at 4k dpi
RML hip curve and none for ADS
11 sens for hip and 4.5 for ads (low sens guy here!)
I have same thing  I tried sync turned off and still had lot of jitter no curves but when I switch dpi  12000 to 4000 it work good for me

You are our hero

Game Support / Question
« on: 01:54 PM - 10/22/18 »
Hi which headset are best  Turtle beach elite pro with tactical or Astro a50 3gen wireless or steel series arctic pro ? For xbox one thank you

Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup/Advice
« on: 07:43 PM - 10/16/18 »
Rml can you I can get full configuration  for apex please thank you

Game Support / Re: Pre ST BO4 setup
« on: 08:36 AM - 10/16/18 »
Thank you I find out it was there I had to press C

Game Support / Re: Pre ST BO4 setup
« on: 06:40 PM - 10/15/18 »
Hi Rml  can you add boost when driving a vehicle and when I jump from the plane the movement is very slow but everything else is okay. Thank you for your time, you always do a good job.

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