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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: The division 2
« on: 05:23 AM - 03/15/19 »
Donít know about the destiny 1 smart translator but the division 1 is what Iím using now. Itís not amazing but it kinda works.

Yeah, I'm using now that I've just started the game for the first time, one of the modified Division 1 builds (https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=69713.0). A few issues has cropped up just by doing the Pre-DC part. It's sticky. Awfully sticky. I'll keep fiddling with it, and hope that an official profile for Div 2 is released soon enough. :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: The division 2
« on: 03:57 AM - 03/15/19 »
But now is Destiny 1 st is ok

I don't understand what you mean.
Are you asking, or stating something?

A Destiny 1 ST.. What is an ST? (I'm a n00b, sorry).
Which settings on this Destiny 1, ie which curves and so forth, would you suggest?
Or is there a thread which I can't find, which has a list of default/basic "st"'s for various games?

Hello RML, one question for you man.

Do you plan on creating/updating your setup for PC use?  I have used your setup whit ps4 so far whit great result.


His large-copy functions well for PC, just make sure to post it in as an XBOX-profile. Some manual changes may need to be done to suit your personal wishes.
I use it but have raised and altered some things - great initial start to work from though.

Welcome to the community, both of you!  :)

Make sure you're running the latest firmware, that should fix your copy/paste issues.

Thank you kindly.

I downloaded and followed the routine written out here on the site.
Can I somehow check to verify the installed firmware? Yes that is how new and unskilled of this program I am - sorry!

New Xim4 user here as well like Kraghus above me. Likewise to the boards.

I figured to try and tinker some with the Xim4, came to a decent initial setting but compared to my older (and well-tinkered) T***t V***m (not sure if allowed to name, so just.. hinted) the settings currently are bad.
Figured instead to apply and use parts of your Advanced Settings for Destiny 1.

Issues arises as soon as I try to apply/paste your code/settings. I watched your "Copypastewholesetup"-video from YT.
When I press the Paste-button in the Xim4 Manager I get a red "warning triangle" instead of the green "Check", and obviously no data is being pasted.
I've used both manual Copy as well as "Select"-Copy as you suggest.

Wanted to try and figure out why this issue comes up for me, when I follow your video/walkthrough now, before D2 is released.
Will manually change and trim the settings once in-game through BT of course - and when D2 comes a new Config should come out (I hope from Xim?) and with that new advanced and personal settings will come.

Thank you very much for this input and help to the community RML.

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