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Hello RML, one question for you man.

Do you plan on creating/updating your setup for PC use?  I have used your setup whit ps4 so far whit great result.


Thanks a lot for the D2 update. used D1 setup so far, whit everything 1:1 except 6000 dpi instead of 4000. Seemes that 6000 is now too much whit d2 setup, and im testing whit 4000.

I might try 5000 tou, cause 4000 seems a bit too slow.

Should i adjust something else if i dont use 4000?


Hello people my XIM4 is coming, since im going to play thousands of hours of Destiny 2, i want to improve my performance using m/kb whit it.

I have read many threads on this forum, and for what i can understand, this Destiny setup was made to counter AA right?
Isnt that the opposite of what we are supposed to do? Use m/kb while still having AA to help line those precious headshots in the crucible, no?

Is too much AA a bad experience when using xim?

Im good whit a controller (1.7k/d) and good whit a mouse. Im going to play on both ps4 and pc, and id like to have a decent "mouse experience" on ps4, while still having a decent amount of AA.

Also, ive read some threads where you guys talk about dpi. Someone states that i shoud set my g502 at 12000dpi, some (like OP) at around 3-4000dpi,  other states that 2000 is the sweet spot.

Offcourse im going to try verious dpi, but which one is it? What dpi can provide a decent mouse feeling + retain a good AA?

And what about ingame setting? Max look sensibility all the time?

I will receive my XIM monday and i have only 2 days to set it up before D2 launches (going to use D1 for that).

I know everyone is different and everyone has preferences, but if you guys can point me in the right direction, i will then have a starting point.

What i need is:

decent mouse feeling

retain a good amount of AA

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