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Alan do you know if the omnivox was designed for Dolby on or off?

General Discussion / Re: Iím really sorry.
« on: 02:51 PM - 04/20/19 »
Everyone deserves to be forgiven no matter what. Iím not sure what has happened in the past but Iíd love to have you back!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex Legends sticky aim.....
« on: 12:59 PM - 04/19/19 »
Mind sharing the config ? Curious if youíre using custom in game sliders or just the standard in game sens

XIM APEX Discussions / Borderlands remastered
« on: 03:41 PM - 04/04/19 »
What st do you recommend using for the new borderlands that got remastered ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Wooting keyboard
« on: 07:54 AM - 03/29/19 »
Also compared to the Logitech g13 how does that compare to the azeron ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Wooting keyboard
« on: 07:52 AM - 03/29/19 »
Azeron. Analog movement is how console games were meant to be played and WASD often cuts right through left-stick rotational AA.

Azeron Compact is the way to go, the new stick is great, the d-pad is excellent and with 25 or so buttons, there's more than enough to go around to pair with any mouse.

Is it easy to use the buttons? Also is it really easy to setup with xim or are there certain steps you have to take to make it work with xim? Thanks !!! How do I go about ordering a azeron compact?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Wooting keyboard /azeron
« on: 07:12 AM - 03/29/19 »
If you had to choose between the wooting keyboard oats and the azeron what are we choosing ? The azeron just looks so funky are the buttons easy to use ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Wooting keyboard
« on: 06:47 AM - 03/29/19 »
Hey all just recently found out about a wooting keyboard very intrigued by this concept does it work wel with xim? Any limitations? Does it actually feel like analog movement ? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated !!


These are the best settings if you guys are using custom settings HUGE THANKS TO DENIEDTTV on these settings trust me try it you wonít be disappointed

Lol for some reason I feel like your DENIEDTTV just signed into a different account saying good stuff about your settings. Lol itís all good man, no hard feelings.

 Not at all brother I shouldíve just made a whole new post denied actually didnít wanna post his settings because of what the community did to mjfame when he created his advanced settings so he said if you post my settings just make sure you let them know that they were his which I tried to make clear.. once you posted advanced settings I figured it would be a good time to show his advanced settings all love brotha god bless

3200 dpi default sync 40 hip 25 ads ( he uses a xim4) i personally has to lower these values quite a bit but you want the aim to
Be faster than usual cause you can literally snap onto people DENIED is getting a xim apex waiting for him to make an apex config but the one he made with xim 4 works flawlessly for me


I keep going back and forth between my old settings and Mikes new settings I am sorry I need a day to figure out which I like better, they are both very good though TBH

I only messed around in the training ground with mikkis but with denieds settings you can literally just snap onto people and then aim assist doesnít let you miss itís wild the spitfire becomes even more op with these settings :D

Yah his are not bad at all I just donít know why we would add anything to do with acceleration to the settings thatís why I prefer deniedís settings tbh


These are the best settings if you guys are using custom settings HUGE THANKS TO DENIEDTTV on these settings trust me try it you wonít be disappointed

wat about ads

Same as hip

Mikki not trying to hijack your post just figured Iíd throw these custom settings out there  as well for people to give a shot .. the way you can snap onto people with these settings is unreal these are not my settings btw deniedttv is the creator

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