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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Any settings Rogue company xim4?
« on: 02:29 PM - 10/12/21 »
It has native M/kb support

I think it was on ign as well as another tech site

XIM 4 Discussions / Can bluehole really stop xim in pubg?
« on: 11:42 AM - 04/04/18 »
Recently an article came out from the developers of pubg stating that they have plans to crackdown on 3rd party m/kb converters. Is xim at risk?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PUBG settings
« on: 10:49 AM - 01/08/18 »
I mean I disagree, I'm sorry you're having some buyer's remorse.  I think the one x looks great when I used one at my buddies.

I was literally just asking about this! Thanks for the thread!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PUBG settings
« on: 08:13 AM - 01/08/18 »
Any updates since they've added more variability in the sensitivities?

Support / [ACTIVE] Xb1 controller issues.
« on: 12:56 PM - 08/19/17 »
The controller vibrates to confirm it has power from the xim but doesn't do anything. All my devices have power, but without the controller connecting nothing works.   The xim4 also isn't turning off when I turn the Xbox off.  It was all working when I left for vacation 9 days ago.  Any input would be super helpful.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: What keyboard/ gamepad
« on: 11:08 PM - 08/01/17 »
Very helpful just ordered a compatible cool master.  Now I'm just fighting my impulse to order a g502 Proteus Core.  Something is making me feel like if I don't get one soon, I won't be able to haha

Hardware Compatibility / Outemu Velocifire VM01 keyboard
« on: 10:24 PM - 08/01/17 »
$40 mechanical keyboard on Amazon, anyone know if it works? Not listed yet, but I may pull the trigger anyway, but I'll be heartbroken if it doesn't work and I find the post about it after I order it.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Velocifire Keyboard
« on: 10:21 PM - 08/01/17 »
Hey did it work? I'm looking at the same one

Game Support / Re: For Honor; using the Division
« on: 09:50 PM - 08/01/17 »
So true.  No other game makes me rage, but raging on a keyboard is way better than a controller lol

Hardware Compatibility / Re: What keyboard/ gamepad
« on: 06:27 PM - 08/01/17 »

you got a logitech g402 and you dont like it?
what exactly doesnt feel right with it?

about mice, you first should find out what type of grip you like to use, then you usually decide on the mouse
the g402 is a palmgrip mouse for example and so is the g502
if you arent sure what type of grip you like i recommend you to check out rocketjumpninjas homepage, he explains everything very well and has a decent mouse rating there too which can greatly help you to find your next mouse

as for the keyboard or gamepad, as for now you should stay with what you have and only replace the mouse
you cannot effectively tell if you like a new device if the whole environment has been replaced with new stuff, therefore switch out one device after another :)
Fantastic advice! The mouse is actually a g403 and is super comfortable, I just wish it had more buttons.  Then the keyboard is just a Logitech k120 which is functional, just doesn't give me that "I'm a bad mf" type feeling, you know?  Just too... Average haha

Hardware Compatibility / What keyboard/ gamepad
« on: 05:51 PM - 08/01/17 »
I'm really just overwhelmed by the volume of options, and for the price I really don't want to mess it up like I did with my mouse.  Initially got one that doesn't work, couldn't find a 502 core, so I settled and got a402 or something and it works but it isn't the right one. Ya know? So what keyboard or gamepad would you all recommend?

General Discussion / Re: What game next??
« on: 12:19 PM - 08/01/17 »
It looks like you're into shooters. Look into Wolfenstein The New Order and Doom.
I actually did play some doom! Wolfenstein does look tempting!  I think it's cheap right now too

General Discussion / What game next??
« on: 12:08 PM - 08/01/17 »
Hey everyone!
Just contemplating the next game I'll pick up to kill time until destiny 2.  I've been playing bf1, fallout 4, titanfall 2 and for honor on Xbox with The xim4.  Any games you've found to be particularly fun with the xim4, or just games I should try?

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