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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 120 FPS Gaming
« on: 03:46 AM - 06/21/22 »
I was also planning on using an old pad and not updating my firmware or manager just to save hassle, I really do just play OW and will play the beta, i assume there will be no config update at least until the game is fully released in October

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 120 FPS Gaming
« on: 03:44 AM - 06/21/22 »
Use Sync Default, it's also 120FPS. Other than that, XIM APEX is buttery smooth on Series X.

Thanks, I use a custom config, that i have not touched for years, I'll have to look up what this means :-) I'm old and i've forgotten

XIM APEX Discussions / 120 FPS Gaming
« on: 04:01 AM - 06/20/22 »
Hi all, hope we are all good?

Excuse my ignorance, I've just finally ordered my Xbox Series X, upgraded from Xbox one X. I will now be able to play overwatch and OW 2 beta in 120fps, will this effect how my current Xim Apex config performs?, will I have to tweak it for the change in frame rate?
Yes I still only play OW, please don't judge me.

Thanks in advance

Is there any advantage to the Xim performance using the new control pads over the old ones?

Thanks in advance

Hi all, sorry for what is no doubt a repeated post, but I've red through all the posts and it's still unclear to me.

I've just taken delivery of a Series X what I want to know is

1) using my old control pad can I just plug my Xim Apex straight in as normal and it will work?
2) Do my game profiles just carry over, eg I don't need to touch my configs?
3) If the above is correct what is the advantage of Downloading the Xbox Series X Beta Firmware, as I've read a few problems.

Sorry everyone, havenít had any time to play the past month. I will update when I have time to hop on and check out the current status of the game
welcome back, well there will be another update later, so make sure you check twice. hahah

If I didn't know better I'd say what I'm experiencing now is just the norm and I'm not very good. High skill can definitely help smooth over cracks in a config, however for 1 week only with exactly the same settings I experienced utopia, I was lasering 9 out 10 games. I'm on a hard pad atm, I can't go back to a soft pad, although it feels smoother it just feels too sluggish

TBH, I've had problems with this config and it's variations (maria, Clutch etc ) for a few weeks now, to the point i've stopped playing that often, getting owned so hard has become less fun :-)

@maria do you play on a hard or soft pad?


Wait... ADS boost? is this new?

Hi, what is the intention of the ballistic curve with this config?


My friend gave me back his Xim4 and the aim assist is soooo clean and smooth compared to the Apex. Last year Gaming Nerd was trying to push this but we didn't have ALC options so it didn't get much attention. If any of you have an old Xim4 laying around try it. 12k DPI.  Xbox ST. Usual ALC. I'm gonna do that turn Xim Apex into a Xim4 trick to see if I get the same results but I doubt it lol.
I only swapped from the Xim 4 last week, the Xim Apex has shown me much better results tbh, although like I say the last 3 days it's not beaming like the previous week,

hmm, i've never tried 500, went straight to 250Hz, I'll swap over see if I can fell a change.


Will any of these configs stop me having a Genji who now thinks he is invincible on my team ?

Hi, playing my best ever Apex with the config, accept for last night. I sucked. Anyway going to stick with this, the only think I might tinker with is my FOV. Currently playing at 90, If I increase this what is the general rule of thumb regarding Sens etc?

Thanks in advance
How are you using this config? Sens, HZ etc.

Yes, but with a few tweaks, 12,000 DPI and sense adjusted accordingly to my liking and using 250Hz polling on Xim 1000 on mouse. I tried 110 POV last night. I liked the feel, but like Kingkongflip said above, something is just not quite right atm

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