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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Overwatch PS4 need help
« on: 10:00 AM - 04/11/19 »
Also experiencing this and i dont know why. I think itís the gameís aim assist

Thanks for this bro! Really helped a lot! Great work!

Game Support / Re: Best overwatch settings
« on: 10:41 PM - 11/29/17 »
Thats just a simple expo setting. Nothing too fancy. Glad you like expo. I find it more reliable than linear

based on your signature we have the same settings for expo with 100AA and 50AAW and i find 50AAW for tracer soldier zarya more accurate than what i used before 10AAW but for widow im wondering if expo is still good? how many AAW for widow should I use? i also used linear with curve before but i switched to expo and mastered it now so im very comfortable with expo settings for tracking heroes.

I'm a former linear user back then but I find it inconsistent I use tracer and solider a lot and i like the expo no boost no curve with 100AA and 50AAW right now and i average 40-45% accuracy with them.

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 02:33 AM - 10/19/17 »
Just use the default ST and expo ramp and you guys are all good no need to research for advance settings like linear ramp OW on ps4 with xim4 will never have the turn speed a PC has you really need to drag your mouse to move 180-360

I had the same problem. After updating to ios11 i cant connect at first after a few tries until i decided to restart my phone and after rebooting my phone it successfully connected. But the problem is this weird arabic figures that appear when i edit some in the app

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 10:03 PM - 09/06/17 »
Thats the thing though for a more pc like experience linear is definately better but lots of the top tear players using xim are using expo and using the aim assist to its full which i am not slating as everyone has aim assist i just feel that if you get really good with expo nd really good with linear you would probably be more productive on expo. I dont like it but afterall that may be the optimal mouse experience currently on console and if i really want that pc feel ill have to play on pc more. Just some thoughts anybody feel similarly?

Exactly!! I'm doing good using linear then after switching to expo I'm at my best. It's really the best mouse experience on console just like what you have said. I think it's really hard to emulate PC mouse aiming with xim if it's just getting inputs from our controller right? I'm just here for some new reading users that struggle to find their settings. Use default OW ST and expo ramp. That's it.

Linear is for those want PC like aiming trying to copy it with xim and as of now I can say they still cant achieve it 100% obviously because we are on console and the turn speed issues vs PC. I'm amazed by people who plays on console and PC. I just play on PS4 so im really fine with the decault st and expo settings.

honestly didn't know any of these changes was happening :o i just stuck to my same settings and didn't notice a thing.'
Maybe that could be a issue for people changing their settings so often not developing any muscle memory?

Nah, I think the people noticing changes were expo players. The change was rolled back according to Blizzard, so if they're being honest the change was live for 24 hours or less after the patch came out last week.

I'm going to be honest, there's a weird feeling I get when I play overwatch since that patch and following hotfix. My hitscan seems to feel just off.... Just a little different and I can't put my finger on it. I changed 0 settings and aim ease is at 0.
I think I may be done with OW myself. It's not fun learning a new aim technique every 2 weeks and I just don't like Expo. I guess Blizzard got what they wanted, the xim players leaving but I myself buy a $20 loot crate every time there's a new event, so joke's on them I guess.

I guess playing on PC and PS4/XBOX is really hard when you want to achieve PC aiming on console with xim. For me I just play on PS4 and playing OW in my free time after work. Just bought the xim for maximum advantage.

Havent read every single post in here but my two cents are that Expo is still the best way to go if you want to get consistently better working on your muscle memory.

I've only had the XIM for about 5 months and only played OW for about 6-7 months, but since getting the XIM and playing with the recommended expo settings with slight adjustments i've peaked at 4350 sr last season, currently at 4k this season.

The XIM is really carrying my pc fps skills from my childhood to the PS4 now, so thank you to Od1n and mist and the rest of the team, you guys deserve more applauds! (Hopefully you are making decent money on the venture :) )

Yeah. I agreed to this. Ever since i switched to expo from linear im really enjoying xim right now. Big thanks for Od1n and mist for answering our questions. More power to you guys!

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 02:18 AM - 09/04/17 »
I suggest for those new xim users that struggle to find or feel a good settings for them is to try first linear settings which is found here if you guys are reading, 8.5 curve for ps4 12 for xbox no boost no steady aim and use console crossover ST, once you somehow manage to control or felt comfortable on linear ramp which is easier than using expo at first, then switch to default Overwatch ST in xim and use exponential ramp. This is what I did and right now expo ramp is really the best set up for me.. Linear ramp has its acceleration which i dont like causing my shots to be inconsistent especially with mccree you wont really build muscle memory in this linear ramp. after i switched to expo after using linear for almost 2 months I really felt i can control the expo ramp causing my accuracy to increase dramatically. I really regret reading for a lot of hours trying to find a better setting rather than using the default which is the best IMHO.

Welcome to the community. I really think Blizzard needs to be careful here. Their artists and designers are the best in the industry, but, their engineers are proving to be far less competent. They are making terrible mistakes and if they continue to do that they will lose what they've built up. Case in point, yesterday I heard one of my kids friends (controller player) talking about how she wants to adjust things to try to make their aim better, but, is overwhelmed by all the settings and has no idea what now "Aim Ease" is supposed to do. She said she read the description of the settings, but, was more confused and frustrated after. Things like this are a huge red flag and should never happen.
You guys cant really rework the st and try to figure what sneaky change they made? Its not like im the only one who feelt something weird,  i mean look at forums half of the people who bough xim are here trying to find better settings for OW.. Dnt even speaking about blizzard forums. I know you are not incompetent like blizzard guys

For me i have no problem with the current and recently patched "fix" to the problem they made in the first place. even mist already said that the look mechanic is already the same after the blizzard patch. Anyway what ST do you use?

In the case of what you've said "look at forums half of the people who bought xim are here trying to find better settings for OW.." it's just like me when i got my xim last july. I tried expo but it feels weird and floaty then I read here for many hours "trying to find better settings" and found the linear ccc st then play it for a month or 2 until last week it feels great at first but after playing for almost 2 months, I know in myself that I still dont built muscle memory because i still miss some easy shots with mccree then again I searched for a better settings and luckly I read some insights of admins here specifically od1n regarding the default ST with expo then I give it again a try. Now I became consistent with mccree with this default set up it's really about muscle memory. Maybe it's still personal preference but for me expo is the best set up. I tried linear but it's not that perfect for me compared to expo. For all those still finding the better setup i can say there is none because the default ST will not be the default if it's not the best(maybe for the most of us expo users) i dont regret trying linear because it somehow helped me build muscle memory for this expo ow st because when you try expo ow st for the first time you can really tell it's bad because it feels floaty and when you switched to linear, aiming will feel smoother but as they've said it has @#$% acceleration which doesn't help build consistent shots (for me)

with linear using mccree i had 38-45% accuracy if i spam busting shields of course it will be in 50%, for almost 2months playing with it (it's really inconsistent)

with expo im shocked that i felt great and im hitting almost every shot, my accuracy became above 50% sometimes if i had a bad game my accuracy is still 53% if im feeling good it's in 60% and when it comes hitting shields it will give 5-8% more in the total.

dont easily give up on the official st expo guys it will not feel great in the first place it but once you built your muscle memory with it, you will not find another settings anymore. Thanks to Od1n for his explanation regarding this expo vs linear im really enjoying playing OW with xim. Im still on Plat since i just started playing season 5 but i feel i can easily go up in terms of my play right now, i main mccree and use soldier or tracer sometimes i just need 1 good tank and 1 good healer and im good to go sometimes i can carry games with 50-55% team elimination. I'm just sharing my experience, for me expo is the best.

My settings are below:
In game:
100 vert and horizontal sens
100 AA
10 AAW
0 AS
0 AE
Exponential Ramp

Xim settings are
14hip sens with 6k DPI
no boost
no curve
steady aim ON
Latest firmware version

Game Support / Re: Overwatch Widowmaker
« on: 01:40 PM - 09/01/17 »
dont use curves for overwatch, it will make your accuracy worse
some people like aim acceleration they do go for curves
but the large share of xim users will do much better without curves or other advanced settings

aim assist on a mouse doesnt work very well, its programmed for a controller and not for mouse movements
outside of that OW allows to customize the aim assist window and strength, id recommend to go for a window size of 5-10 and an aim assist level of your choice

Thank God I read this specific comment!! After using linear ramp ccc st for a month i really felt im not improving on my aim and it really feels inconsistent. Luckily when I switch to a perfect expo ramp ow st for me i somehow retained my muscle memory when aiming specially with mccree. Im shocked my aiming really improve a lot in expo ramp. Im mad at myself i didnt switch in this regular st sooner. My aiming is now at 55% atleast sometimes 60 if its a lucky game. Thanks again odin!

Game Support / Re: Overwatch Widowmaker
« on: 03:15 AM - 09/01/17 »
that is definitely not the case, the few people that like how the mouse performs with linear ramp advertise it as the way to go, but what they do not mention are the various flaws that this look mechanic has and how ballistic curves reduce your accuracy and wont let you build up muscle memory
xim configs are only optimized for one specific ingame setup, using something else will always reduce the quality of your mouse movements

i do not know a single top500 xim player that uses linear ramp

that's it.. I'm trying to use expo now. I really believe on this because I've been using Linear for quite a long time about 50hours on mccree and somehow i agree that i really cant feel im not building muscle memory with it and i dont know why maybe because linear is really inconsistent. I'll give expo a try I know it will be hard but many people also say that once you built muscle memory with it it will do good. anyway can i ask linear masters why would it be the default ST if it's problematic? i want to know your sides im really confuse what to use i get 45-50% with mccree but i want to get better sometimes i really miss easy shots in front of me after a flashbang and it's really annoying i really feel i dont build that muscle memory.

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 12:43 AM - 09/01/17 »
are you guys still using the SA3 firmware? or just the default latest version? dont know if there would be any difference using this SA3 but I just downloaded and used it ever since i read this is recommended..

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 09:42 PM - 08/31/17 »
Quick question guys! I'm still running SA3 firmware which I read here in the previous that it is recommended. Does it still have any difference right now with the latest firmware? I'm on PS4 with the standard 8.5 curve.

Sometimes I switch to 3250 boost with no curve but im still wondering what's the difference between the 2.

and also can you look at this curve and tell me if is it okay to cut the end at 79.5 so i wont hit the max turning speed preventing the flashing red lights even i move my mouse real fast

http://imgur.com/a/VIW8O and http://imgur.com/a/AvUTD

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