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Shared Configs / Re: My Outriders Config
« on: 09:38 PM - 04/17/21 »
Sorry but I think base Gears 5 St just works way smoother.

Everyone has their own personal preference. I personally donít see how the Gears 5 ST is smoother especially when ADS. It feels notchy and unnatural. I applaud you for making it work for you. Settings are like mice, everyone has a preference for different shapes and different sensitivities. Both are chosen based on the best feel for ergonomics sake. Donít apologize for what works best for you lol. Why donít you share your config with others it may be of use to many users on the forum

Shared Configs / Re: Unorthodox Apex Config
« on: 07:11 AM - 04/10/21 »
What about ur ingame settings?

Iím using ALC controls with the same settings that are recommended under the default Apex Legends ST.
> the only thing I did extra was add an extra notch on the deadzone. It should be 7 notches from left with my config instead of six. So move the slider to the right one extra click from default settings

Shared Configs / Unorthodox Apex Config
« on: 11:10 PM - 04/09/21 »
This config was tested across multiple mice for cross sensor compatibility

This config seems to allow the mouse movement to intertwine seamlessly with the aim assist in game regardless of server condition. When approaching the hit box, the analog measurements from the PS3 ST provides a very small amount of resistance when you are aiming at the edge of the character model but just enough to where you can overcome the sticky aim feeling. It feels like a more precise version of the in game aim assist.

Using G502 @ 4000 DPI

Binary Domain ST [PS3]
Switch Hip profile to ADS translator
Switch ADS profile to HIP translator

Default Sync on both hip and ads

500 HZ on mouse & XIM
Sensitivity of choice (I use 10-15)
No curve
8 smoothing
1.20 XY (necessary for PS3 ST)
No Boost

3.00 sens
No curve
7 smoothing
1.13 XY
No Boost

I was able to drop several high damage games with this config. I do not play apex religiously anymore however I developed this config on my platinum grind and was able to get a minimum 7 kills per game. This config in conjunction with some high IQ plays, good positioning and great loot will make for some killer gameplay. I for one am too rush happy in Apex but Iíd love to see some more skilled players rip with this config. Enjoy!

P.S I also have a config for this who like predictable mouse acceleration that meshes well with the aim assist

Shared Configs / My Outriders Config
« on: 10:49 PM - 04/09/21 »
With the recent release and rapid growth in popularity of Outriders, I figured I would drop a configuration that id like you guys to go check out. I have seen several comments suggesting both the Overwatch and Rogue Company STs but my issue is that neither of these gets rid of the square deadzone feeling that arises when you ADS. This config that ive made does just that, and I hope this will hold you guys over until the official ST is released by OBSiV/Mist.

Generic Beta ST
 G502 Hero @ 4000 DPI
(I own multiple gaming mice and I tested this on my Deathadder/GPro/MM710/Rival 600 and this feels great on all of them)

500 HZ on Xim and mouse (1000 for both is better on this game imo but I use this for comfort)

Common Sync
1 smoothing
1.30 X/Y
8000 boost
No SA No Curve

Common Sync
0 smoothing
1.28 X/Y
1.7 SA
7750 boost
 And this curve on ADS:

No SAB on either profile

>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

You can use this config with aim assist on and it feels aimbot-esque

Without AA enable itís much easier to get critical hits

Let me know what you guys think and happy gaming!

General Discussion / Re: mouse deceleration..?
« on: 05:31 PM - 01/29/21 »
An a third option -best IMO-, but is more rare and obscure... there used to be a mouse in the market with a laser sensor which have a particular quirk that make it perfect for XIM. That mouse if you turn it faster the sensor decelerates in a consistent speed. It was a hindrance on PC but for XIM it will make you turn faster with faster mouse movements.

Also gives you on-board macros with repeat option, and 5 profiles.

It worked better than any curve and you turn in a more logic-natural way.

But unfortunately its maker kill the product.

Anything else come close to it on the market today?

Yes the SteelSeries Rival 600 & 650 have deceleration options in the onboard memory that help ride the turn speed cap within console games. That in conjunction with curves is great for stable and consistent aim. I personally know because I am one of the odd ones that prefers acceleration at the start of my curves and decel at the end. It helps me stay within the hit box effortlessly. 

What game are you playing? If Apex Legends check out my settings I just posted

Shared Configs / Brando's Apex Season 7 Butter Settings
« on: 08:09 PM - 11/26/20 »
Hey guys, so I did some R&D on this Thanksgiving Day after stuffing my face and I found some settings for Apex that worked pretty well for all 3 of my mice (CoolerMaster MM710, DeathAdder Chroma Gen 1, and G502 Hero). I have had a lengthy struggle finding settings that mesh with my playstyle and also give me the AA feel I want. I have a SS Rival 600 but didnt do any testing with it. So the config is designed with no ALC and is meant to offer accessibility into the hit box with smooth AA interaction while still offering some magnetism and a 1:1 feel. The curve is also designed to provide good AA effect at both close and long range while utilizing the 'Small' Look deadzone setting offered in game Here goes:

Currently using MM710 set to 4000 DPI
The DPI and Sync levels can be adjusted to user preference as well as the XY Percentages listed below
Feel free to make adjustments to the after mentioned curve as well.

Playing on PS4
Apex Legends ST (Xbox Version)
XIM Polling is 250hz ( to better replicate controller response rate)
Mouse Polling is 500hz (for high mouse report rate and translation) playing on a medium soft pad but I am a wrist-arm aimer

XIM Settings

12 Sens. (adjust to your preference)
Common Sync
3 Smoothing
1.55 XY Ratio
0 SA and 0 Boost
No Curve

5.90 Sens. (adjustable)
Common Sync
2 Smoothing
1.91 XY Ratio
0 SA 0 Boost
Dynamic Curve
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

On this profile I am using the anti recoil trick and I have my Right Stick value [Down] set to 17%

as well as this curve:

My Aux 1 config is designed to be a secondary recoil profile that kicks in after a certain amount of milliseconds to compensate for extended-fire recoil changes ( this can be used on any FPS game and it just takes the recoil trick a step further by making it time based and dynamic)

Auxiliary 1:
Activation Key = Your Fire Button
Delay = 300-400 ( however many milliseconds it takes for recoil to change after initial fire) this can vary depending on the gun
Sens: Same as ADS
Sync: Common
Smoothing: 2
X/Y: 1.92
No SA No Boost
ADS Translator
Dynamic Curve

Right Stick [DOWN] is set to 20% this value can be adjusted based on your weapon.
I will explain the reason for the XY and the Walk Percentage being so high below

In-Game Settings:
5 Hip
(Used 5 Sens because it seems to work very well with the hitbox while still allowing fast turn speed)
Classic Response Curve
Small Look Deadzone
Small Movement DZ
80 FOV
Minimal Sprint Screen Shake

The reason why the config uses 1.90+ XY is because Apex has inherently bad XY look translation (as evidenced when you use a config above default '3' on a controller) that makes the up and down movement feel sluggish and trashy.
This is also why the recoil trick uses such a high percentage but may vary from one mouse to another IN CONJUNCTION with user preference. These XY values dont affect the overall aiming experience in my opinion

The Dynamic curve attached is a curve I created in effort to deliver an initial boost to your sens with a ramp down that aligns with the standard curve graph in effort to maintain the integrity of fine aim movements so you can hit shots up close and far away. This will enable you to be aggressive with guns like the R-99 and still pepper enemies with long range shots from the Havoc or R301. The recoil trick works well with energy weapons that have a ramp up ( I tried to account for ALL variables with this config if you haven't noticed lol) The initial boost is to combat the sluggish start movement that the game offers on 5 sens ( due to poor look mechanic translation in game) while still aligning with AA.

The config also plays well with mice that have a sniper button, as even with the shift in DPI the Dynamic Curve will allow for that buttery hit box entry and exit.

Let me know what you guys think and feel free to make tweaks, ask questions, offer input or just give feedback!
Happy Holidays from Orlando FL

Just thought I should leave this here

Lmao thatís crazy you posted the video RIGHT as I typed my comment about Aces video

Bo4 config feels best for me. I'm having issues with aim assist being incredibly strong while in ADS and up close though. Running 4000 DPI, 500hz, 1.5-2 steady aim, 50-150 boost, and common sync. General aiming feels great but at close range in ADS it's tough to break in or out of the AA bubble. Any tips besides raising DPI/polling rate? I prefer to keep my mouse as consistent as possible and 4k/500hz does that

There is currently a launch issue going on with the aim assist mechanic that even controller players are talking about. XclusiveAce made a YouTube video addressing it and basically what occurs is that your aim assist rotation and slowdown can randomly have this ďreverse polarityĒ effect where it either stops your aim completely or forces it in the other direction. May not be as apparent with XIM due to mouse movement being more refined but what youíre experiencing is a very real issue at current.

OBSIV & any other members who conduct intensive testing and research towards smart translators feel free to chime in with requests in regards to what I should look for and any data that you would like me to give that could contribute to ST creation for next gen consoles I.E. (1-1 feel, mouse resolution, input lag, smoothness etc)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Possible New Xim Feature
« on: 10:05 PM - 09/08/20 »
Thanks for the suggestion. To clarify, you mean you are setting the deadzone? Are you using your XIM with an analog stick for movement or for cross console controller support?

Iím using a 60% keyboard this could be useful for people that donít want to buy a new controller just for xim. Also many people rather have a more consistent aiming experience rather then lower deadzone.

Could you elaborate further on the titan script in a PM? I dont know if this would be considered an unfair advantage or not but would like to know more about the script. If it doesnt break the forum rules please respond here

lol thatís crazy I discovered this same trick sometime last month but didnít post out of fear of it being categorized as unethical use of the XIM manager. Kudos. I used this method but all in all the best way to mitigate recoil (even as a wrist aimer) is to use a mouse that best fits your hand size, and to use a medium-large sized mouse pad over a small one.

Shared Configs / MW "Glazer" Config & Custom Hip Curve
« on: 12:48 PM - 12/22/19 »
Afternoon guys (1:30pm EST). Just thought i'd share some helpful MW settings on this lovely Saturday.
I've given this config the moniker of "glazer" because with it, I am able to enter the hitbox with the smoothness of the glaze on a Krispy Kreme doughnut (lol). Anywho all puns aside here are the settings:

Logitech G502 on Razer Firefly Hardpad @ 4100 DPI
500 XIM polling
500 Mouse polling (G502 polls more consistently at 500 than 1000)

The curve I utilize on HIP is one I made and it enacts a brief "accel surge" in the HIP translator that slopes back down to the standard curve to keep aiming predictable. It syncs up very smoothly with the ads timing for pretty much all the guns. Makes the aim assist have sort of a "lasso" feel but still allows for minimal adjustments once your cursor gets inside the hitbox as the curve tapers off toward the end back to the vanilla settings. Please give feedback on it.

HIP Curve:
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

XIM Settings
Sync OFF
Sens: 60.00
Smoothing: 3
1.00 Y/X
0 SA
200 Boost
5% SAB

No Curve
Sync OFF
Delay 113 ms SAT ON
Sens: 17.00
Smoothing 0
1.07 Y/X (Please adjust this to your liking recoil control varies from p2p)
0 SA
500 Boost
7% SAB

In-Game Settings:
20 Horizontal Sens
20 Vertical Sens
1.78 ADS Low Zoom & High Zoom
Standard Response Curve
Standard Aim Assist

I hope you guys enjoy this and please feel free to leave feedback and/or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I also have an experimental curve for the ads profile if anyone would like it let me know. Thanks!

Shared Configs / Re: MW GOD CONFIG v1.1 UPDATED
« on: 11:52 AM - 12/22/19 »
500hz on mouse and xim?

Same question I have

Shared Configs / Re: What is best setting for apex legend
« on: 12:33 PM - 12/10/19 »
Awhile back I made a post in regard to using 250hz XIM polling on this game and it was recieved pretty well. What I use is

Logitech G502 on a Razer Firefly Hardpad

3400 DPI (alternate between that and 3700) Off Sync on HIP and ADS

250hz XIM polling

500hz mouse polling

3 smoothing on ADS

2 smoothing on HIP

350 ads activation delay (unchecked Smooth Aim Transition)

Curves aren't really a necessity on the PUBG st but on Apex you could give RML's a shot.

I alternate between using the PUBG st and the Apex ST
PUBG offers exceptional response with micromovements, especially when using the triple take and longbow. On HIP I use 30 SAB and on ADS I use 60. For some reason those values work exceptionally well in terms of synchronizing with the AA bubble 

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