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Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 12:24 PM - 06/13/17 »
Expo isn't faster,  the variable speeds at variating amounts of tilt may cause the illusion of a zippier turn but it's simply not possible. If you take your console controller and pin the stick to the right or the left that is the fastest you will ever move with the exception of if you have your aim assist up and a traveling enemy may help you turn a little bit faster. Linear and Expo will never fix that until OverWatch increases the aim sensitivity. Where linear shines over Expo is more consistent sensitivity within your field of vision. Also after 3 days I can definitely say at least for me on Xbox the Boost method is hands down better than the curve method not that the curve method is bad at all.

I actually took some time today to watch some videos of peoples arm movements, vs screen movements, etc.  I think the issue at hand isn't so much the settings as it is my playstyle.  I noticed most use wrist movements for fine tuning, but doing 90, 180, etc degree turns, they flicked the mouse and used arm movements.  I have not been doing that.

I was using a very small mouse pad.  I went out and purchased a corsair extended pad which should give me room to do large flicks and movement with my arm.  So I am going to try changing up my style a bit and see if that helps me.

I knew I had to be doing something wrong, because even with the previous ramp/etc I had under a 40% accuracy ratio with soldier.  I think that may have been it.


Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 06:37 AM - 06/13/17 »
I don't understand something.  I have the Correct game type setup in my XIM for the linear, I have the correct Overwatch settings, and I have the correct 8.5 curve setup.  I have a 12k dpi mouse at 1,000 polling on a PS4.

The problem is at say 16 sensitivity, in order to do a 180, I have to move my mouse across my entire mouse pad (say 8 - 10 inches).  If I go above 16, then I start getting the double blinking red lights (meaning I am going over the turn speed). 

But that makes no sense, because with my current Overwatch setup and curve, I run about 35 sensitivity and the mouse movement is about 2.5 - 3 times the speed (I can 180 in maybe 2 inches) and I do NOT get blinking red lights.  Is this how the rest of the folks using linear ramp play, with very slow mouse movements, and having to move your mouse many inches just to do a 180?  Or, am I missing some key component?

The setup I have been running before trying out the Linear Curve is http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=47049.435

The setup works well enough, but it is just a bit floaty which is why I am wanting so much for the linear to work.  But if I have to keep sensitivity down to something like 14 on linear, it is simply much too slow.

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