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Game Support / [HELP] I can't find my own config
« on: 09:49 AM - 06/16/17 »
Hello I have seen a post on the linear ramp I try to follow the tutorial but I can not seem to configure it well.
So I need help.
My main is: Tracer soldier mccree
My DPI: 12,000
Hz: 1000 Hz
Currently I use the basic curve (examptial) with a sense of 5.8
thank you in advance

Français / Re: Mon XIM4 s'éteint en pleine partie.
« on: 12:33 PM - 06/11/17 »
Quel sont tes périphériques ? At tu le dernier Firmware ?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K65 Vengeance
« on: 01:14 PM - 06/08/17 »
What is the intensity and voltage that the XIM4 delivers on each USB port and on all USB ports

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K65 Vengeance
« on: 01:08 PM - 06/08/17 »
I have activated no light and my controller is fully charged and plugging the keyboard directly it works.

Hardware Compatibility / Corsair K65 Vengeance
« on: 12:47 PM - 06/08/17 »
I have a problem with my keyboard (Corsair k65 vengeance, it is in the list of compatible devices) yet I have the latest version
Or it goes off or the XIM4 blinking  yellow 2 times
Firmware : 20170103

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