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Game Support / Re: Best keybinds for Fortnite?
« on: 01:44 PM - 11/04/17 »
Tbh once I read that they had native MKB I just dropped xim for this game.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2
« on: 01:13 PM - 09/06/17 »
The aim feels really weird and since I haven't tried d1 I can't even compare.

Hope the new st will make it work better because right now I'm not very optimist about this.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2, how is the aiming ?
« on: 06:52 AM - 09/06/17 »
Well I never played D1 so I wouldn't know.

Just got the game, installing now, will see how it goes once I'm in.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2, how is the aiming ?
« on: 04:18 AM - 09/06/17 »
Btw is it worth using curves on D2 ?

While I agree that AA itself makes it not linear anymore since 2 different sens When on target and when not but on the other hand you will be linear on both sens.

Im getting the game this afternoon so I ll have a more appropriate idea as to how much needed a curve is.

I ve seen anti AA curves, special specs for destiny ( sprint and your vehicle can't remember the name ) that are more QoL aspects, What are your thought on those ?

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2, how is the aiming ?
« on: 05:03 AM - 09/05/17 »
By worse I meant further from pc like gameplay due to lack of options and low turn speed.

Unfortunately I don't own a pc otherwise I would have definitely played it there as the 30fps is kinda killing it. Could have been 30fps pve and 60fps pvp, no excuse there.
Really need to get a pc lol.

As For AA its not that its bothering me its just that It makes the aiming sluggish. On Overwatch i have it on 0 and thinking about just completely taking it away. Aa is like having lag on your aim so while not a big fan I saw some threads about anti aa curves, are there any that still give a linear input ? I haven't dig deep yet but there seems to be options to counter the aa.

I ll give destiny a try and see if it lives up to its hopes.

Thanks for all the answers btw guys, Much appreciated !

Game Support / Destiny 2, how is the aiming ?
« on: 04:55 AM - 09/04/17 »
So Destiny 2 is coming soon, and being burned out of OW my best friend asked me to play D2 with him. Honnestly i Wasnt even that much into the game as it received a lot of bad critics and the 500M budget thing for an unfinished game still baffles me, but hey I thought atleast I have xim and get to play with my friend.

Until u saw that destiny aiming was even worse than ow. Can anyone confirm ? I Really want to know what I'm getting into.

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 05:59 PM - 08/31/17 »
I tried many times to go without aim assist, especially lately that I found myself to enjoy Ana a ton and except on enemies you don't benefit aim assit. But the thing is the hitbox for heals is already bigger so it works as an aim assist as well. With 0AAW and 100AA My crosshairs never slows unless on target and my movements outside of aim assist are pretty regular. The only downside ? Projectile heroes. It's impossible to be precise with projectiles when you have to aim outside out the 0AAW. Makes your aim goes from slow to fast and in between just becomes a real pain to deal with. And playing With different sens / AAW Is not really an option as I want to build muscle memory.

for me the reasons why aa is needed is : turn limit ( everything past turn limit is inconsistent so no crazy reliable flicks ), expo has 1:1 but For some reason linear still has a better feeling to it if only it was viable, other players have aa ( as much as you want to be precise someone locking into you and placing all his dmg while you want that sick headshot makes it that you deal less dmg In the end ).

So to be the most precise of it all, I think I should go from low sens With 0AAW And 100AA To something like high sens With 50-75 AAW And 80-100 AA. Projectiles would be playable but for instance I really fear for accuracy on Widow/macree. But the best would be without AA.

Ive never been so unsure of my set ups.

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 09:27 PM - 07/13/17 »
Im playing low sens and the only difference is not turn speed but how much space you will use to do a 360. Im using 15,6 sens at 3000dpi on expo and still able to play pharah tracer and genji. Sure it might feel easier to higher your sens as you will move your mouse a lot, i actually have a better feeling at low sens. Much more precise in any way, I have insane tracking for tracer as well as flicks to target, I have 35% precision on genji and can do the one shot combo anytime ( even tho I have to re center my mouse a lot at close range it's very possible ) and my pharahs rocket are where I want them to be.

Also switching between sens is not really a good idea unless you play Rein/mercy. Other than that switching sens will not help as you ll start missing more shots. Works for dva Winston sym as well I guess since they don't require much aim.

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 12:51 PM - 06/26/17 »
I have to say I like a linear translation better but on the other hand there is a max turn speed and a aim assist. So I can understand having a curve by having good turn speed and more precision aiming since you only need to go on target to have that aim assist kick in. But then again, not having linear translates more in having good reflexes than muscle memory. So in the end there is no good or bad, just play whatever works best for you.

Im Really really liking the 0AAW which makes it very good to play on hitscans and promote muscle memory. Flicks are insanely good and if I miss its my fault. Unfortunately I notice that people with some AAW will have an advantadge In 1v1 since the lockdown is very strong and its very easy to hit most shots when you are already on target. But There Is This weird feeling when enemy are grouped up where you cant hit a single shot unless you have a wider AAW ( 40-50 ) but then makes flicks unreliable unless in the AAW already.

All In all there is a lot of options still have to found the good middle ground.

Game Support / Aim assist window Overwatch
« on: 12:54 PM - 06/21/17 »
So I've been trying different things and being mainly hitscan I found 0AAW on Low sens pretty good for flicks and when grouped up. On the other hand 1v1 benefits a ton from a small AAW since once you re locked its hard to miss shots. Projectiles is another story I m still 0AAW but unsure about it.

Want to hear from you guys what have been working so far ? I'm also trying to stick to one sensitivity as even changing AAW is messing aim when switching.

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Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 09:15 AM - 06/13/17 »
I tried with the boost but doesn't the boost add acceleration and makes flicks worse ?

Anyway i tried it and the boost one felt too floaty and inconsistent for me.

Currently getting somewhere with the curve :

52 sens
100/100 sens Ig
Curve at 8
1.50 x-y ratio
100 AA

I have to say I feel more consistent with linear with flicks still trying to tune for horizontals, at a point Im wondering about taking off aim assist. Playing mostly hitscans 100 AA and 0 AAW feels great to feel when to press the trigger; Its still messing with my aim when packed up.

Cant wait that they fix it and we can get an official ST for that matter.

Keep up the good work it's getting closer!

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 09:28 AM - 06/10/17 »
After trying it the flicks indeed feels better but horizontals are a mess and I can't get it to work even with 1.4-1,5 X-Y.

I ll still try to tune it but For now I ll stay with expo as it feels overall better. I'm also considering turning off aim assist completely. Doing 0 AAW feels really good for hitscans as it will only slow down once on target which makes flicks very reliable, but once they are grouped up its still messing the aim.

Linear felt really great without aim assist, but as I said horizontals are a mess so I'm not sure what's best right now.

You can assign keys for profiles to switch directly from keyboard

Game Support / Re: Overwatch aim assist slider update
« on: 01:35 PM - 05/23/17 »
You can now decrease the aim assist "bubble" it has around the target, still experimenting but i can feel ( as low sens player ) that im way less slowed down by AA ( when trying to get on target at low sens AA is trying to catch up itself and creates weird movements ). If at 0 would that mean AA would only apply when crosshair is on target ? Anyway, it is a buff to mouse users as well since I was considering at some point taking it out as it was messing my muscle memory. But now it feels consistant and rarely do I have crosshair moving on its own ( unless dense pack of enemies ).

Game Support / Re: Overwatch aim assist slider update
« on: 11:17 AM - 05/23/17 »
Have been using 30 so far seems good enough, will try to work my way toward 0 but that would mean AA will only help once on target. Anyway still trying out stuff, the fact that AA is not a big bubble anymore feels a lot better to me as playing with low sens AA was sometimes a hindrance. Now I feel like Im' ever slowed unless on target which is great because I don't even need the 25 boost I used too ( low sens was hard to catch the AA bubble sometimes ). Great update !

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