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Beta / Re: Future PS5 update
« on: 02:38 AM - 05/29/22 »
There is a company that claims to have a solution and I'm waiting for them to send me a unit to test that claim and, if it does work, then ensure XIM NEXUS and APEX works with it.

So you are not planning to make XIM 4 work? Only the NEXUS and APEX..?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Best Firmware?
« on: 02:46 AM - 07/10/20 »
If you dont suffer from the AUX12 problem with the XIM4 (only occurs with rare setup combinations so dont worry about it) then the one you currently use is the best in my oppinion! :)

Is there different "best firmwares" for different games?

Im playing Apex Legends mainly and im using 20161228-STEADYAIM3 (I think)

Im also wondering this, havent played for several months and I cant aim for @#$% :D

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« on: 11:18 AM - 04/13/20 »
Anyone on the XIM4 got suggestions for a config? Cant get this game to work well for me whatsoever, aiming is incredibly off for me.

12k dpi
Logitech G502

Anyone on the XIM4 got suggestions for a config? Cant get this game to work well for me whatsoever, aiming is incredibly off for me.

12k dpi
Logitech G502

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 PS4 MW 2019 Queries
« on: 12:30 PM - 03/21/20 »
Why is Warzone so off compared to regular MW (2019)? Feels like we need a separate ST trained for Warzone tbf.

For me the ADS feels completely fine. But then Iím not using the official Apex Legends ST, Iím using the Titanfall 2 ST. Way better for tracking with aim assist thatís not intrusive. Iíd recommend giving my season 4 configuration a go.

Settings? I use a XIM4 tho but could still try out your settings and TF 2 ST.

XIM 4 Discussions / Anyone playing Battlefield V?
« on: 06:20 AM - 01/31/20 »
Just DL'd it a few days ago but havent found any settings i like. Currently use my old settings and curves (credit to RML) from Battlefield 1 but this game is so different to the old one.

Any suggestions for xim 4 and ingame settings?

General Discussion / Is XIM 4 still viable?
« on: 08:00 AM - 08/23/19 »
I just came back to Fortnite/OW/Apex etc, havent played much PS since last year.

How does the XIM 4 compare to the XIM Apex? Is it a 'must' to upgrade? I read some stuff about sync and SAB, what difference does it make compared to the XIM 4 that doesnt have these features?

On a sidenote, anyone can recommend configs for Overwatch at 12k dpi?

Game Support / Re: RML - AAA Ballistic Curves (20190810)
« on: 03:46 AM - 08/23/19 »
Cant get this to work onto the XIM 4 :/

Sad that I have a XIM 4

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Overwatch perfect settings
« on: 03:19 AM - 08/23/19 »
Exponential ramp i guess?

The XIM 4 section is dead... Can anyone suggest settings and curves for the XIM 4 on Apex Legends?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: New Fortnite ST info
« on: 08:04 AM - 05/23/19 »
Havent played this game in months, what deadzone are you meant to be running?

Haha aye thats true actually, I havent played fps games with a controller in years. Would be funny to just take the 50k as you say and play like a fecking bob during the LAN event  ;D ;D

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