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Ah ok, good to know. I do indeed have those new games in my list.


I ask because I was waiting for a Quake Remastered translator to drop since it was released in August.
It never came out, but what is even more surprising is that I haven't seen any new translators become available for any games in the XIM 4 iOS app.

So that made me wonder if maybe the XIM Apex is getting all the attention instead.

XIM 4 Discussions / Quake Remastered
« on: 11:55 AM - 08/29/21 »
Does anyone have a config that is halfway decent for this?
None of the base maps Iíve tried come anywhere close to something usable.

Support / Switchers are not being persisted
« on: 01:09 PM - 12/31/12 »
Potential bug report:
My switchers get messed up after editing my XIM 3 via the PC editor application.  This is forcing me to manually re-program my switcher settings everytime I edit my configs on the PC.

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