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Yep 3200dpi off sync is great. Its the best way to get minimal aim assist without having to use the odd feeling 12000 dpi. Its also great if like myself you love zowie mice with a max dpi of 3200.

Game Support / Re: Is Apex Legends getting retrained?
« on: 10:50 PM - 03/08/19 »
mist if a retraining is required i would recommend to do it on 7/7 ingame sensitivity instead of 8/8
the reason is that 8/8 doesnt have any aim assist and therefore like 80% of apex legend ximmers play on 7/7
it wouldnt make much sense to force the 80% of the playerbase to play with minor mouse acceleration due to the config not being optimized for 7/7

Its my belief that 7,7 is identical to 8,8 as there is 0 change in sensitivity when switching between the two. The only notable difference is 8 sense has no aim assist and 7 does.

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable Apex Legends Config 28/02/19
« on: 05:12 PM - 03/07/19 »
I use off sync bro.

Dont get me wrong its not a massive issue (dropping 20 bombs and close nearly every game now) but its just noticeable sometimes.

Might not even be strafe issue, just speculation on my part.

Gna try SAB again later though

O fair enough seen to many peoples apex legends configs haha

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable Apex Legends Config 28/02/19
« on: 04:16 AM - 03/07/19 »
Try off sync dude i get none of those issues with 80 sab on hip and 100 sab on ads

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 04:11 AM - 03/07/19 »
Il never understand why so many people use the g502 i absolutely hated that blobby brick of a mouse that sucked @#$% for flicks or low sense

IMO it dosnt matter 360/30 cause ur not imitating pc your imitating a controller so pritty much i think its 2 different styles so it dosnt mater if u have the same spin cause ur flicks arnt going to be the same provided u can even flick on the xbox game ur playing 144+ fps is abig change up from console thumb toggle imitations ya know?

True that

Game Support / Re: The best overwatch has ever felt
« on: 04:14 PM - 03/04/19 »
Ye unfortunately not off sync has less aim assist than default its just the fact that its a lower sense that makes the aim assist aids.

I feel very similarly too thanks for the reply man.

Hi i really want to know what aettings players who also play on pc use.

Do you use a very similar sensitivity in terms of cm/360?

Do you use a higher sensitivity with xim to combat turning limitations and aim assist slowdown?

Do you try to get the most pc like experience with minimal to no aim assist pr do you see it as a completely seperate experience and take advantage of aim assist?

This is born out of curiosity as i use around a 33cm/360 and that is perfect for me. I like using the same cm/360 on xim as its a similar amount of wrist and arm movement and feels natural but with limitations such as turn caps it feels slower and flicks are naturally slower and then theres the aim assist. I always second guess wether to use a similar to pc sense or to have a bit higher sense to compensate for the turn limits and aim assist.

If you have the answers to these questions i would appriciate the input 🙂

Game Support / Re: The best overwatch has ever felt
« on: 09:50 PM - 03/01/19 »
Yep the game actually feels pretty simular to apex legends just with crappier aim assist and turn speed

Shared Configs / Re: N1TRO apex legends config
« on: 08:51 PM - 03/01/19 »
The latest beta

I am also thinking 80 sab seems perfect for hip the aim assist is smooth and not overpowering however ads os a different story the aim assist is very bloby and annoying so im thinking a seperate SAB value for the ads might be the way to go but its going to take ages to test properly since there is no training aim assist so specifically seeing the effects of different SAB values will be a lot harder and therefore take a lot more time and testing.

Game Support / The best overwatch has ever felt
« on: 08:36 PM - 03/01/19 »
To begin with i will give a little back story. Ive been messing with apex setups made by myself or others for over two years. Many have given up on thw game as its mechanics are clearly very poor. The problems occur on both the xbox and ps4 version of overwatch but from multiple people who have both platforms the aim feels a bit less tight and the aim assist is stronger and more irritating on ps4.

 This config will be using off sync but if you play on xbox default will also be a very solid choice.

This config has provided me with the best mkb experience ive ever had on console overwatch. The key factors are as follows:

Imo the dpi range of 3000-4500 offers the smoothest and most pc like mouse experience.

1000hz polling
1000hz helps cut through aim assist and makes mouse movements a lot more responsive.

Off sync
Provides the most responsive input and the least aim assist irritation.

Simulate analogue behaviour
The higher the value generally the more smooth and useful the aim assist is, however the higher the value the more intrusive the aim assist becomes. In my new config i have different SAB values for each look mechanic e.g scopes. In the future i may also have a projectile config with a different SAB value. If i do update or add to the config i will update this thread.


Off sync reports your mouse movements to the ps4 1000 times a second which as a far larger amount that the second highest sync default which reports 120 times a second to the ps4. This means and mouse issues are amplified for example stutter caused my mousepad infidelities, atutter caused by the mouse not holding a consistant polling rate or mouse setup issues. There are a few solutions the first is to lower the polling rate which i would not recommend doing as it will increase aim assist and reduce mouse responsiveness, you can add smoothing which at high values makes your inputs feel strange and finally you can make sure you mouse is tracking as accurately as possible.

Mouse tracking performance
To check your mouse tracking performance you can do this either on pc or console but pc is better as inputs are truely 1 to 1. There is a simple fact and thatis that lift off distance of your mouse has a big impact on both your gameplay and your sensors ability to track.

 If your lift off distance is too high you my notice unwanted mouse movements while repositioning the mouse. To test for this try doing 180 turns then repositioning. If you see cursor movement while your mouse is lifted you probably want a lower lift off setting.
If your lift off distance is too low for your setup meaning your mouse, its sensor, how the sensor is implimented in the mouse and your mousepad. You may experience suboptimal tracking in the form of non smooth aim, stutter or pixel skipping.

Imo the best thing you can do is find the highest possible lift off distance you can use with your mouse without experiencing any unwanted mouse movements. Most of the mice i have tried seem to track better on a higher lod setting but naturally having too high of a lod can be a hinderance in fps games.

I have a zowie s1 and i previously had a zowie fk2. Zowie mice have a very low lod range and mice seem to be shipped on a random base setting. My fk2 was on low lod and i had adapted to it but the tracking was clearly inferior. I would recommend medium for zowie at a minimum from personal experience and i use high as i have hyperglides as well. Simply measing with lod settings meant that instead of using either 5 smoothing on off sync and aiming feeling a bit jittery or 7 and aiming feeling smooth but robotic i can now use off sync with only 3 smoothing and it feels super responsibe and smooth.


In game
100 hor
100 ver
25aaw ( no longer a seperate aaw for projectile)
75 aaei
0 smoothing
0 aim ease in
Expo ramp

25 teamate aim assist
100% relative

100% relative

manager settings video


I have the impression that the aim look mechanic is not affected by FoV, like on Battlefield where is a special setting to tune it together.

I also thought this as it makes logical sense. Then a few players started talking about the game feeling better on default fov. I tried it and it really does feel like a better aiming experience. Its a bit smoother and feels like theres less acceleration even though that is still minor on different fovís

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex setup pics...
« on: 05:36 PM - 02/26/19 »
O fair enough i still wouldnt feel right with that though i use the zowie gar it feels amazing the glides consistant and its really high quality plus is 45cm x 40cm

Glad to see a lot of people with a similar opinion 🙂

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