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XIM APEX Discussions / usb hub
« on: 04:49 PM - 09/04/20 »
if i buy new usb hub, how do i know which usb port to connect my mouse and keybaord and controller too?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Ps4 bfv ST feels sluggish.
« on: 10:36 AM - 08/06/20 »
XB1 and PS4 tend to have different deadzones. You can counter lack of micromovement with Boost, or by moving the first point of a Ballistics Curve up the Y-axis.

XB1 STs on PS4 isn't recommended and will only work for games with equivalent look mechanics across platforms.

it can perform micromovements very well, its just like it has a circle, inside the circle movements feel good,   and if you aim out of that area then it feels jittery, and innacurate

XIM APEX Discussions / Ps4 bfv ST feels sluggish.
« on: 05:46 AM - 08/02/20 »
I play xim apex on bfv on xbox one x  feels very responsive.

I bought a ps4 pro but it feels very sluggish, like there is a delay, in my aim movements. and Hip aim seems like it can't do a perfect circle compared to xbox one x.

XIM APEX Discussions / over aiming
« on: 08:41 AM - 07/27/20 »
what can i do to stop over aiming, an enemie?

WOuld too much steady aim cause you to over aim?

im using 5000 dpi

I want to recreate same config, but i dont want to have too map all my  buttons again.

Is there a way I can just copy them over to the new config?

XIM APEX Discussions / ASUS ROG Spatha
« on: 05:33 PM - 06/16/20 »
ASUS ROG Spatha is this comatible with xim apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / bfv might need its profile updating
« on: 04:39 PM - 06/05/20 »
it feels kinda off no matter the settings.

Could somene tell me if it needs updating?

Game Support / need ballistic curve
« on: 03:55 PM - 04/30/20 »
best one to offer more aim assist in game please for aim down sight

i dont see anything extraordinary, hes  good for his age, he has good  Map awareness & enemy judgement.

This game doesn't seem to need a fast twitch reaction aiming, as you can wear those werid bodyshields that absorb alot of damage.

Try playing a game where whoever aims on who first and shoots first wins, then mouse and keyboard will be at an advantage.

General Discussion / supported mouse
« on: 07:12 AM - 04/08/20 »
list of supprted mouse for xim apex please

is Razer Death Adder v2 supported?

edit delete

I enable on board memory but there seems to be no way to change the dpi sensitivity.

Anyoone else here have this mouse?

XIM APEX Discussions / playing with high hip senitivity
« on: 03:21 PM - 12/16/19 »
the xim apex flashes when i go over the maximum turn speed, is this okay,? because it feels good for me.

General Discussion / Re: what comes after xim apex
« on: 07:35 PM - 11/17/19 »
I would buy a Apex 2.0 that was in a case like the xim 4 with the built in USB ports and a option to power it.


General Discussion / Re: what comes after xim apex
« on: 02:02 PM - 11/16/19 »
We currently aren't working on a successor to XIM APEX at this time.

Okay but can we stir some suggestions anyway? Maybe someone has requested a feature for xim apex that might come soon?

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