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in the settigns on bo4 blackout you can have it on hold to pick up might be a settings will see

General Discussion / Re: Macros
« on: 11:05 PM - 01/30/20 »
anti recoil in any kind will just make you worse in the long run and shouldnt be used any advantage you might think you get for it goes as soon as you play someone that has game sense and knowledge. The xim provides the most accurate and smooth keyboard and mouse translation out there with constant updates for the newest games ect ect. like you said it sounds weak but its because you havent used it

i did also see phil spencer saying they a priotizing framerate over resolution in there next gen consoles so sony will follow through but your right id also prefer a 24 inch but ive noticed even the super high end models dont come in 24 inch must be a reason why have no clue though

yeah not only has IPS caught up but i also love how vivid they are in compared to TNs. Also ceebs i dont know about you but im really keen on seeing some sort of anti motion blur tech on monitors to this year seems like they are slowly working towards that from all the reviews/ vids ive seen i wouldnt mind getting a monitor with all that inbuilt to time will tell 2020 is going ot be a big year i think

Zen you are crazy thats alot!! haha cant put a price on comfort am i right! :p nice list!

This looks nice will keep my eye out on it just waiting on the ps5 reeal to see what hz we are running at as they still havent gave a official response surly they wouldnt let microsoft go a step up on them so this is truly tempting been using a old HP pavillion 23inch for like 6 years or more now

yeah phil hoping i get use to it within that time frame in terms of how sensitive it feels itl be the first time i will have to change alot of my bindings to looking forward to it. Ceebs that does look cool the thumb buttons HUGE..
antithesis will have to keep my eye out on the post youl do then for the cooler master pad sounds interesting!!!! Scuff keyboard haha nice analogy :p well @#$% so many people have tried so many boards this is sick looking em all up now just out of interest. :D

2007 @#$% old school nice if it works it works am i right and @#$% alan now thats a list! the bind/map ability would be so nice especially in current gen games all of them seem to have abilities nowdays cool thanks for your input pretty sic list tbh. Smith thats fair enough whatever works works being comfy is everything in my opinion

So for the first time ever since having a xim i thought id make a change ive been using the Logitec G13 for years have gone through 2 of them and have decided to try a proper keyboard rather than a a mini membrame thing. My question is how many keyboards have use as a community tried i feel like im the scape goat here and havent switched anything up for years or do you all have your old faithfull tride and true keyboard you stick with let me know :D

I have purchased a Razer Huntsment Tournement Edition its on its way as i type it says to have quick actuation but does take awhile to get use to from what ive read dunno if it was a good or bad choice but hey going to try regardless i do know they say its very loud and has a little ping but it looks so interesting to me i have to try it.  Any input on what you guys have found with different boards and switches over the years would be greatly appreacited also thanks

General Discussion / Re: Anyone still having fun with MW?
« on: 09:10 AM - 01/09/20 »
its not the subbys that are op its just the ak actually takes skill only gun in the game that has kick every other gun in the ENTIRE game has nothing thats just the only gun that you need to controll and even still feels wonky games trash just give up on it and move on cbfed

what will get you into those lobbys more often would be adding someone whos on console

General Discussion / Re: Hight sens
« on: 12:47 AM - 12/18/19 »
yeah im also on a hard pad so its even quicker everyones setups different its a high sens for sure only use my wrist my hips super fast ads is slower to be more precise when i shoot but its not slow thats for sure :p but yeah your right i use 52 ads but i use bo3 config too its faster than bo4s thatll be why its different try bo3 config when playing bo4 its night and day for me

if its just on MW it does have a very strange ads transition compared to other cods probs what your feeling brah

i had this problem with my glorious model 0 i found out for me that because it was so light i was overshoting my target at the start i switched back to my heavier mouse after a few months and instantly better lol

General Discussion / Re: Using a mouse struggles
« on: 11:10 PM - 12/05/19 »
with my recoil also i forgot to add bump up your vertical sens on the ingame settings itl help alot

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