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i cant track targets anymore in season2
game feels strange.

someone else experiences changes or am i crazy.   i even have issues collecting loot

XIM 4 Discussions / delete me
« on: 08:26 AM - 07/03/19 »
senseless post

General Discussion / Re: tec question on mice
« on: 06:21 PM - 03/20/19 »
ok thanx

General Discussion / tec question on mice
« on: 02:04 PM - 03/20/19 »
hey guys

i would like to know something about hardware compatibility.

if a mouse-model doesn't work with the xim, then why it doesn't work?
is it because a certain type of processor or.......


i second kuy.
and the ttk is fine for me. u mean ttd!,  and i guess there are some netcode issues like in bf5 when u got singleframed a month ago.

for example if there are 10 teams in skull, the servers lag as @#$%, and if on top of that, u are connected to a server on the other side of the planet... even worse.

check this out:   https://youtu.be/MS2R3LFLzlI

@#$% easteregg

still loving the game thou

the analogsticks of your controllers are not perfectly centered. thats physically impossible. they are sending constantly their position to the console.  the deadzone blacks certain spot in the center out, if you have your thumbs on the sticks, you correct the drift, but if you use a xim then its annoying. in close quarter its not as @#$% as in mid- or long range battles.    every controller drifts slightly different.
it would be cool if we had a slider in the option menu for fine tuning... not just 3 steps

thx for the reminder tony. im playing with a pro.

//curve works

i use your settings, but i didnt change to sa3, as i dont have any clue what we are talking about,..  still feels nicer than the standard apex st.

am i missing a lot  with sa change? should i give it a go?  im not so much a hacker;)

General Discussion / Re: And they call us, cheaters...
« on: 09:37 AM - 02/10/19 »
it's just unbelievable.

btw smk (the guy who made the clip) is a very fine guy! check out his discord and feel free to squad up with him on ps4 bfv. he is one of the best offensive run and gun guys out there

General Discussion / Re: PS4 Pro and headset
« on: 06:33 PM - 02/09/19 »
if u have a second controller, u could create a second account on ur ps, get in a party with ur second account and plug a headset into ur second controller.  may sound confusing, but its easy after all. the con is that u occupie 2 spaces in party if u play big party games

try ingame sens 6
worked great for me, it seems that lower ingame sens activates a bit of aim assist

Hardware Compatibility / Re: mad catz is back
« on: 06:50 AM - 12/12/18 »
ok    thx for the answers.

i played with rat 7  bf1  without problems thou.

maybe someone tries them out at some point and we get the info

Hardware Compatibility / mad catz is back
« on: 04:06 PM - 12/08/18 »
hey team.

mad catz came back and launched upgraded versions of their mice!
i always loved that brand and played with r.a.t. mice for years.
i  tempted to buy the r.a.t.8+ , do you think that thing will work for xim4 or apex?

thanx in advance


Game Support / Battlefield V XIM4 PSPro
« on: 01:27 PM - 11/15/18 »
Hey guys and gals

what settings do you use?

i played beta with swbf set, but endgame feels better with bf1 set now.

i think it will need a few weeks to get a nice bfv factory preset, so i would appreciate a few hints form the community meanwhile


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