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XIM APEX Discussions / Xim apex on pc?
« on: 07:37 AM - 05/18/22 »
I searched the forums and only could find answers from 2018 which were vague. So can you use the xim apex on pc? If so what all do you need to make this work? I'm only going their cuz I don't wanna deal with ps5 with the controllers since I play only cod. And the new Xbox won't support my audio setup I just built. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my questions!

Hey Alan I just found this thread and I know you know your stuff about audio! What build would you recommend to hear footsteps better for fps games.. I only play cod and warzone on a ps4 soon a ps5 when I can get my hands on one!  My budget is up too $1200 for a headset,modmic, and amp/dac. I read most of your post and it made me iffy on getting the AKG Pro Audio K712 PRO now. Any insight would be amazing! Thank you!

Hello! sorry for the late reply

Well that's a great budget you can do lots of things with it.

As ATLRoach mentioned PS supports most USB audio devices. Best path IMO is to get a Hi-Fi Headphone and Mic separately, like blue yeti, samson q2u, hypercast etc, however on PS can be troublesome.

When you connect a USB mic on a PS, PS is going to recognize it as a USB Audio Device, with Input (Mic) and Output (Mic headphone out), the mic headphone out has a DAC... very low quality is only made so you can monitor your voice, not good for gaming.

That's why mic with 3.5mm output (analog) is recommended, and a DAC amp with  mic input.

I know I keep repeating... I swear not trying to sell it, but for practicality Mayflower ARC MK2 is a great all in one option, works with PS4/PS5 and you can use modmic on it. It can drive most headphones in the market.

Using a USB DAC/Amp like Mayflower ARC will allow you to play 4K/120Hz.

Headphones selection is a personal preference, but if you really want a footsteps detection overpowered ones, without breaking the bank... DT990 Pro's will be top of the list, any headphone with this features:
+ Great imaging
+ Great Midrange
+ Great soundstage

Will be great for gaming, miles better than you can find on gaming headsets.

So my best bet will be:
+ Mayflower ARC MK2
+ DT990 Pro or AKG 712 PRO, Focal Elex, HD560S, TYGR R300
+ Modmic or ATGM mics.

If you get AKG 712 PRO or whatever headphone and still have issues to hear foosteps (doubt it) we can give you an EQ to highlight those frequencies. :)

Haha your good man! I really appreciate the response! Funny thing is I already bought everything and it's exactly what you listed! So perfect! I went with the dt990 pro limited edition 600ohms,mayflower arc 2,antlion wireless modmic. I Was going to go with the 250ohms but decided on 600 lol I hope that wasn't a mistake!  I won't have everything til after the 23rd but I'll hop back on this thread and let you know how it goes!! And if you have any tips or tricks with the mayflower let me know! Thanks again alan!

Game Support / Re: Warzone Pacific might need its own ST
« on: 07:48 PM - 12/10/21 »
I've been using the Mw 2019 with off sync and it's been great. I used that for vanguard same sens and settings and got a nuke, but the vanguard config feels way faster with the same sens should I just keep using vanguard ? I also think the Mw config feels better on warzone

I agree mw2019 st gets better results on warzone pacific but still isnt like it was on vanguard. I do think they messed with some gaming mechs.I couldn't really test all that much since I had friends waiting on me to play. But i did get in 4 hours of game play 2 hours on each st. Vanguard felt way more off than mw imo. This weekend I'll have time to actually test them in solos and plunder. And give more feed back if that helps you guys! But yes a whole separate st would be great!

Game Support / Re: Warzone Ricochet
« on: 11:30 PM - 12/09/21 »
Hi ! I using 50% HIP and 100% ADS for over a year
it works great.
but i noticed they added some advanced controller settings ... which were not there before.

Thanks man for the input! I think I'm just gunna risk it and if I get banned I get banned lol need a ps5 anyways! Hahah

Game Support / Re: Warzone Ricochet
« on: 08:59 PM - 12/08/21 »
Okay, I mean if you think we should use sab until you guys feel it's safe to use apex normally again  I'll do it I have mine set at zero never used it before. Thanks for the quick response.

Game Support / Re: Warzone Ricochet
« on: 08:44 PM - 12/08/21 »
What would be the correct sab to use then that is identical to a controller For warzone ?

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 01:45 AM - 12/01/21 »
Yea Def needs retrained on 1. 3.20 tried everything still jumps. On 1x I just double my ads basically and have it on instant and works alot better with no jump.

So whatever you pick instant or gradual  both work. I think instant works best on the 1.00 but you know better than me!

Thanks for taking the time and listening to the community mist and obvi!

General Discussion / Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro question?
« on: 08:05 PM - 11/23/21 »
So I have beening reading alot of Alan's post (amg) and he says go with mayflower arc mk2 and Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro for sound whoring in cod.. but I came into a problem lol which one do I get the 80ohm or the 250 ohm? I don't know which will be better for gaming!?

Hey Alan I just found this thread and I know you know your stuff about audio! What build would you recommend to hear footsteps better for fps games.. I only play cod and warzone on a ps4 soon a ps5 when I can get my hands on one!  My budget is up too $1200 for a headset,modmic, and amp/dac. I read most of your post and it made me iffy on getting the AKG Pro Audio K712 PRO now. Any insight would be amazing! Thank you!

Thanks for your input my guy! And yea I agree I have 3 of them as we speak lol 2 ps4 1 xbox they are bad imo.

So I decided to get a pair of AKG Pro Audio K712 PRO and add a antlion modmic but need help on which amp/dac combo to get becuase the k712 needs alot of power.  As far as price range their isn't one really but Def not spending over 400 dollars on an amp/dac lol

Thanks in advance for the feedback ohh and I'm gaming on a ps4 with the old ps4 controller if that matters. I only play cod...

Game Support / Re: Mist about Vanguard's ADS delay value
« on: 12:10 AM - 11/20/21 »
Yea I feel it on mp40

Loadout is
Optic- Nadar model 47
Muzzle- marauder flash hinder
Underbarrel- mark vI skeletal
Rear grip- leather
Ammo type- supersonic

When u aim in and out then do a 360 in hip right after  you feel it bad.. then compare that to a normal hip 360... have the settings you told me and still occurs... but this doesn't occur if you do normal 1x sense and double your ads on xim.

But using an automaton you do not feel it. Only really on mp40 from what I tested.

Game Support / Re: Cold War Y/X Issues
« on: 12:35 AM - 01/22/21 »
So to fix this i figured out is changing the "Min Input Thresholds" yes I know the recommended setting is 10 on both but if you change it to 13 it goes away. I tried all different dpi and still got the issue even changed syncs and pulling rates still didn't help... so I started tweaking in game settings and found this opition... no idea if it effects anything ill leave that subject to obvi or mist. Just thought I share this.

Game Support / Re: Cold War Y/X Issues
« on: 03:34 PM - 01/21/21 »
Definitely needs to be looked into when you guys have time! I even put it on 250hz pulling rate mouse and apex with 800 dpi on default and common still get it. Im a low sensitivity player too. Also happens with rml linear config setup. And mframes setup... Hopefully you can fix the issues!

Forgot to add that it does it both on hip and ads while moving or stationary. It never use to do this when st was first released.I was wondering why my shots were off a little lately and went in to tweak my setup and found this. The weird thing is if you ads and aim at a wall and move your mouse fast up and down it doesn't do it as bad, but when you do it slow or medium it will always.If you need my setup let me know! I know you guys will figure it out thats why I'm a forever ximer! Thanks!

Game Support / Re: Cold War Y/X Issues
« on: 03:04 AM - 01/21/21 »
Yea it does this for me also.. I play on a stock cw st and checked all settings to make sure it wasn't me.  If you move slowly up or down its starts to zig zag pretty bad...

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