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Feedback / Xim shipping
« on: 03:25 PM - 06/16/20 »
 Ordered a Xim Apex from this site 2 days ago,  Nevada to Ontario Canada. Would have never expected it that fast, excellent company to deal with.

Looking forward to getting all my peripherals to get it setup, wish Amazon Prime was as fast as the folks at Xim.

Great company, thanks folks

Just getting back to gaming on xbox onex, did a few years ago with xim4 and really enjoyed it.

What would the pros recommend for devices?

I have a logitech 502 mouse which I think is compatible.

Unsure on a mechanic keyboard and miced headset.

Any suggestions on mid priced setup, thanks in advance.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 1 setup (Updated 7/22/17)
« on: 08:19 PM - 01/28/18 »
Can you explain what apex is?

After I -changed the firmware it worked once. After I shut it down and turned it back on the next day it wouldn't work. Many reboots later and a failed controller update, which locks up the xbox it sometimes works.

For now I will just not use the headset til you guys figure these firmware issues out.

Ummm yes read that and no help that's why I posted here.

New to counsel gaming and cant get my xim4 to work with my Ear force XO head set.

I set it up and the head set works but the keyboard and mouse don't. when the head set is not connected the K/M work great.

Thinking its a firmware update but not sure what one... any thoughts?


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