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its paired now.

solution: reboot your samsung S8

i had the same on a galaxy s8. Rebooting the phone helped and now i am paired

i get an error "read failure (timeout) on the app.
i put the apex xim in my computer. then i look on my phone if its visible under bluetooth connections. Then i see sim apex
.then i start the xim manager app and put connect. then i put the button on apex. i get the error from above.

after that the apex is no more visible under the bluetooth connections on my Samsung S8. it can't be found when i scan. The lights are red on the apex. When i put it out and again in the pc then i can find the apex again on my phone but still a problem to pair it.

what can i do?

Support / Re: xim apex won't pair with samsung S8 or tab2
« on: 03:01 PM - 06/12/18 »
i did install the newest beta firmware but still the same problem


i bought an xim apex and i can't pair it with my samsung s8 or tab 2.0
How can i fix this? wired mode on the pc works fine but that's not a solution for me.

hope that anyone can help me!

i always had a xim4 and it was great. i hope this one too :)

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech G900 Wired mode
« on: 03:28 AM - 04/17/17 »
thanks it worked for some days. I will fully charge everything to see if i can fix it again

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech G900 Wired mode
« on: 05:25 AM - 04/05/17 »
i have the newest firmware. I did a factory reset but this did not help.
The xim4 is flashing orange\red when i go wired mode.

I have a combination with the corsair K70 LUX RGB

any other things that i can try?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech G900 Wired mode
« on: 01:07 PM - 03/27/17 »

so its supported in the newest firmware? wired mode?

Hardware Compatibility / Logitech G900 Wired mode
« on: 02:06 PM - 03/22/17 »

i have the newest firmware installed on the xim4. The wired mode is not working for me with the Logitech G900.
Is is already fixed in a firmware?

hope to hear from you

thanks! I think that's the solution

ill try it for a few days


i have a XIM4
i have G500 logitech mouse
i have Corsair K70 RGB keyboard

i did play with this setup for some time. But now XIM4 dont want to work with this mouse\keyboard again.
I have the newest firmware. I did do a factory reset. How is this possible? shoul i buy a new mouse or keyboard?

if i connect my G15 keyboard then it works ok for me. I think XIM don't like the corsair K70 keyboard. Even in bios mode. When i connect both items then sometimes the keyboard has power and the logitech G500 mouse not. When i disconnect the mouse and plug it in again then the XIM4 shuts down and the leds are stopping.

Anyone an idea how to solve this?


I have the xim4 adapter and a corsair K70 lux RGB keyboard. This keyboard was working fine till today.
I installed the newest ps4 firmware version and now my k70 is no more recognized by the xim4.
I installed the newest beta firmware on the xim4 but this didn't help :(

when I connect the k70 the leds are blinking on the xim4. My old Logitech G15 is still working.

Will this be fixed or can this be fixed? or is my keyboard K70 no good? its 2 weeks old :(

sorry for my bad English


fixed already. Some button was pressed I think

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