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If I unplug controller while playing a game, Xim doesn't work. On PS5 using PC remote play.

Beta / Re: Urgent News For Beloader Users
« on: 11:46 AM - 12/18/21 »
I've been using 125Hz on xim apex and mouse but beloader still gets disconnected at random times. I flashed a new firmware on beloader saying it works better on 250hz but disconnect issues remain.

Beta / Re: Xim Apex + Beloader + Flashing Purple
« on: 10:35 PM - 12/15/21 »
Make sure you don't have any of the synchronization settings set to (default, common or slow) this created headaches for me. I set them to OFF on (Hip, ADS, etc). Only in the global settings of the Xim Apex Manager I set it to 250Hz. 125Hz there's no purple lights flashing but when set to 250Hz there's some purple lights sometimes. Will keep on testing.

Beta / I got Beloader to work on PS5
« on: 11:02 PM - 12/09/21 »
I got it to work 😀 with DS4 v2 (dualsense works too).
There's some issue after doing all those steps provided, but i got no saved sucessfully message after last step entering 8 digit code.
So i left the adapter plugged in on pc and pressed the button. It tried to pair to ps5 but failed with an error.
So i pressed the button again and beloader manager reconnects, entered a new 8 digit code from ps5 and clicked save. This showed the "saved sucessfully" message and i unplugged from the pc and plugged with to ps5 with m&k and xim already plugged in and it connected.

Game Support / Re: Hell Let Loose on PS5
« on: 11:08 PM - 11/04/21 »
I first started started using an apex st. Keep in mind i got my apex hooked up through remote play on my PC. I'm now using the xbox st, it made the ads a little better.

I tried ds4 controller on ps5 bf2042 version and no it doesn't work.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield V Beta ST?
« on: 07:59 AM - 09/04/18 »
Just make your deadzones, axis, etc there's same as bf1 and the jumpiness will get fixed. Your welcome! 😉

I haven't tried single player but I think I'm going to return the joystick to Best Buy. It just doesn't feel right to me and it caused stress on my hand (where it rests on the joystick). I'm still ok with picking up the controller.

Game Support / Re: BF1 Xbox one flame tank issue
« on: 09:26 AM - 11/28/16 »
I got in the heavy tank yesterday and flamethrower worked fine. I'm on PS4.

El-twin I have dumb question but where is right stick in xim manager? I used your layout but can't get throttle to work.. thanks!

I've made a quick change on my in-game settings I've set "Air Vehicles Buttons" to veteran and "Air Vehicle Sticks" to Southpaw.

What I had before on air vehicle sticks was "default" in game and on the joystick the box was checked on xim manager to "Swap Sticks".

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
« on: 11:35 PM - 11/25/16 »
Sorry for thread revival but can we get the rudder throttle to work for BF1?
The LE3DP is working great except for the rudder.

Rudder Throttle -> Controller Left Stick Y-Axis

Ok I'm trying to setup mine up and yeah the throttle would have to be mapped to R2/L2 and bind it your keyboard for it to work or bind it to the buttons on the joystick.

The main problem I'm having is that my Logitech G13 buttons and the Logitech extreme 3d pro buttons both register on the xim manager as J1, J2, J3, etc...
So on my G13 the G1 key is seen as J1 and on the joystick the trigger is seen as J1 also this causes a mess with the keybinds. :(
How can I make the G13 buttons or the joystick buttons be detected on the XIM4 as a different key other than J1, J2, etc...?
I tried doing it on the Logitech gaming software but because these devices don't have on board memory it doesn't carry to the xim4.

Update: I think that the issue is related to the G13 being detected as a joystick, thus buttons labeled J1, J2, J3... and the Logitech extreme 3d pro also being detected as a joystick, thus buttons labeled J1, J2, J3...etc
I had to create a new BF1 config and set a hot key to toggle it/activate.
Airplane in game settings controls are set to veteran (for L2/R2 accelerator to work) and joystick (on xim manager mapped to right stick)

Well I just ordered it from Best Buy today since it was on discount and will pick it up this afternoon. We'll see how the setup goes, I'm mainly looking to fly with it.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Logitech g502 jittery
« on: 12:48 PM - 11/25/16 »
I'm currently using my G502 at 4k DPI and 500 polling. It's just more smooth and precise than using it a 12k DPI. I'm using a reflex lab extended heavy mouse pad from amazon.

Any possibility that xim can registrate both positions of the throttle?

How is the throttle configured in your bf1 in-game settings? Default settings is what you should start with and try to keep all times unless necessary to change.
Can you see if the -/+ rudder triggers when you are in the xim manager?
Could it be a defective rudder not registering the movement?

I'm looking to order this joystick for the holidays :) and i can only imagine that in game the vehicles throttle should be configured to what comes as default. Otherwise if that doesn't work, i'll set (in-game) the throttle to L2/R2 then mapped to the -/+ on the joystick rudder. Of course this will probably require to create a sub config on the xim4 manager for vehicles/airplanes but I'm getting ahead of my self here.

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