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Game Support / MWR settings
« on: 10:14 PM - 12/02/17 »
Seen SA3 and SA5 both used but wondering what solid faster turn rate settings you guys have ran across instead of taking the large amount of time to play around with it.  Give me a decent guideline to start with that feels good

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Mlb the show
« on: 09:08 AM - 05/06/17 »

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Headphone jack ?
« on: 02:07 PM - 04/28/17 »
Get a used astro mixamp for 40 bucks and it'll blow the sound out of the water

XIM 4 Discussions / Mlb the show
« on: 02:06 PM - 04/28/17 »
Has anyone tried a configuration for zone hitting on xim? Curious


you are on the very latest beta firmware right?
what mouse do you have and what keyboard?

also if everything worked fine with the regular official firmware try to upgrade to that one and use the pro with the old playstation controller which also works
though we should try to find out why the current beta firmware doesnt work :)

Yes I updated it this weekend and used both controllers to no avail.. I kept resetting it and got it to work for a little while but it disconnected once I closed app again

Using ps move dongle and logic tech G502

It works on PS menu fine but as soon as I got into mwr the nav controller still works and ps button works but mouse stops working and won't work even when plugging and unplugging from xim

Tried using a steady aim experimental build after that and still no luck

Tried with both normal ps4 controller and pro controller and tried using steady aim build all with no results

I've installed all updates but since switching to my pro I can't seem to get my mouse to work consistently with the pro. . The move nav always works but the mouse either does not work at all or once I plug it in it leads me to spinning in circles uncontrollably on mwr

General Discussion / Re: Elite Controllers vs XIM4?
« on: 08:44 PM - 12/10/16 »
Rather than buy a scuff look at the strike packs paddles for ps4 and Xbox.. 40 bucks and plugs into your controller with customizable mods out the @#$%.. Well worth it

Game Support / Re: Call of duty 4 remastered
« on: 11:46 PM - 11/20/16 »
Only issues I have are last stand and when I'm stunned I can't turn but I play on 32 hip 18.5 ads myself and it feels pretty good,  but I am wondering if there's a decent curve so I can 360 it easier as I hit the limit at near 180

Game Support / Re: Mwr high sensitivity profiles
« on: 03:59 PM - 11/12/16 »
I've found 32/18.50 to feel good for me aim assist turned off

Game Support / Re: Call of duty 4 remastered
« on: 03:58 PM - 11/12/16 »
Very suprised people are not having fun with the profile, I'm using the logitech g502 12k DPI, and before this ST, I was using Ghost, and it still felt amazing, then this profile releases and the little things I had hoped would be fixed were fixed.

Not sure whats causing issues for you guys, but I'm just wrecking kids on the daily! lol & I'm usually the one annoyed at xim especially with overwatch but they really never drop the ball with Call Of Duty series!

Love the profile Mist keep it up! <3

No one good plays hc sd :P

Is this pubs though??? I'm wagering and I'm forced to use a controller because up close smg fights are so unfair with controller, laser beams you. AA OP ON THIS GAME. .

yeh public, I'm like 80 in the world on S&D HC with xim <3

This video wasnt made to showcase skill or the xim or anything was recording quality of video using OBS & Windows 10 Xbox App to show friend how nice it can record, I know sound is extremely low just watch gameplay.

And I know some might say its hardcore ya only need to hit them once the fact is the ST works perfect for me on normal and hardcore lol I don't know why but it feels super good to me.


(dont know how to link youtube video nicely so posted link)

Commentary is too annoying to watch

Game Support / Re: Call of duty 4 remastered
« on: 02:22 AM - 11/11/16 »
Have played a few games with it using Dale's curve and it feels pretty good to me. Definitely feels better than the Ghost ST I had been using.

Where Is His Curve Listed?

Game Support / Re: Mwr high sensitivity profiles
« on: 02:20 AM - 11/11/16 »
Hipfire smg player that uses small movements

I Think Segmentally Lmao But where Is That Mwr Curve?

Game Support / Re: Mwr high sensitivity profiles
« on: 10:27 PM - 11/10/16 »
Seems you hit limit faster than Aw in this config tho,  idk what to use

Game Support / Re: Mwr high sensitivity profiles
« on: 10:05 PM - 11/10/16 »
Hipfire smg player that uses small movements

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