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Well never mind. It downloaded when I tried this morning...

Unfortunately this sounds like an issue with TestFlight (i.e. Apple).
Idk. Itís not that the app wonít download. I have it installed. When I open it, it says it needs to download the latest support for games. After I press download, nothing happens.

I noticed I didnít have boost etc on myipadís app like I do on my iPhone so I downloaded the version on test flight but it wonít download the last game update. The progress bar doesnít move at all

General Discussion / Re: Is Overwatch worth buying?
« on: 05:37 PM - 12/26/18 »
Leveling up will be a pain because in quick play, thereís just no coordination most of the time (hell, even in competitive thereís no coordination but not as bad as qp). Once you understand the game and itís heroes, youíll probably come to like it. I can understand people trying it on free weekends not liking it though. Itís a mess because matchmaking is sometimes broken and they get matched with experienced players and get stomped. Thereís also a ton of smurfs/alt accounts thatíll stomp the new players making them not want to play.

Most people use around 75. Itís preference though. I use 85 with my g305 but with the 403, I used 92 because aim assists feels stronger on the 3666 for me than the hero sensor. Just got into FFA and test different values.
0 smoothing

What aim assist ease in does is alter the strength of aim assists depending on your distance to the target ( 0 being full strength and up to 1.00 being weaker). Also, when perfectly tracking enemies, aim assist wonít activate. If feels nice on hitscans but weird for me on some of the projectile hero. Legacy mode on reverts it to the original aim assist system.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Looking For a Hard Pad.
« on: 06:29 PM - 11/22/18 »
I used to used g440 for a bit with my g305 and it wore out the feet after about 2 months. Replacement feet were only available from Germany/China so shipping takes about a month. I didnít want to go through that again so I went back to cloth and found the steelseries den which is a cloth pad with the speed of a hard pad. Itís not as slick as the g440 but I still like it.

Do not buy
Not compatible will drop out in game and not respond sometimes. This is  NOT the one you want boys learned it the hard way....

Really, this is actually my favorite mouse. I havenít used it in about two weeks since the mouse feet wore down since I use a hard pad and the feet are only available in Germany and China so they take almost half a month to get. Iím using g pro wired for now but I prefer/do better with the 305. I hate cable drag.  Never had a problem with it beside it stuttering if I used low dpi (less than 6k) on my hard pad (I use 12k).

Game Support / Re: LF Widowmaker Tips/Settings
« on: 08:26 AM - 09/22/18 »
Not sarcasm - do you really struggle with widow even with  xim?

Try 100 percent relative aim scope and scale down.  Most pro widows use 100

Low aaw. Widows look great when there is no shields or flankers.  Thatís the biggest reason widows canít pop off consistently

I donít really struggle to hit the target. Itís headshots I guess. I can hit body shots easily of course but thatís not impressive. I can also win widow 1 v 1 but I also donít find that impressive because theyíre pretty much standing still. When it comes to hitting tracer, genji Moira, itís a different story. Do I just flick to the head? Or do I track?

Game Support / LF Widowmaker Tips/Settings
« on: 01:44 AM - 09/22/18 »
I was playing quickplay and ran into a widow who kind of demolished my team (lime232 something like that idk) granted I was on zen and filling. I know it was quick play and all but man, this widow was actually good. Anyways, do people ads profile? Exactly how much of your sense? 38-50%? ADS delay? Do you use a curve or vanilla st? Also window size?  And how in the hell do you land constant head shots on targets that are aware and moving on you? I had xim before i started playing overwatch. I'm actually an off tank main zar/d.va (2 master accounts) but I kind of want to pick up dps and preferably widow after seeing that performance.

Ok, i dont want to start an argument here but this is getting annoying. Again, that table is not a reflection of what I am experiencing AT ALL. I switched from common to default as you recommended. Before I get into how it feels, I just want to say that I dont want my apex to be my xim4. i didnt spend $115 just to try to replicate something I already had. I wanted an upgrade. Do you understand where I am coming from there? second, everyone recommends common, as that is supposed to be what makes the apex better. Anyway, switching from common to default and screwing with sensitivity just now I can say with absolute certainty that your table does not hold true for my sensitivity experience. I was running like 8 or 9 on common with 12k now im running like 7.5 with default. so /2 is providing a dramatically different experience and one that isnt optimal at all

So 16 or 18 on default didnít feel like your 8 or 9 you used for common is what youíre saying?

If your xim is at 1000, default sense x 8 for off and default sesns / 2 for common.

If worsts come to worst, you can try D. Va. I climbed from 3100 to low masters pretty much one tricking her in season 8, though this was before her missile nerf. Sheís still good though. However, she does next to no damage on armor. I myself donít even play dps though as I never really like being squishy in any game I played. I actually main Rein. I hate it when I have Hog and D.va as my tanks while the enemy has a zen, Rein, hanzo while Iím trying to play McCree with that kind of tank setup. I had the xim way before I got into Overwatch and just only played for comfort. Originally got it for smite as I played it on pc first but switched when they did a skin transfer to PS4 to play with some co workers. That said, plat is just an annoying rank, but youíll eventually climb out if you play more.

He meant on the apex, not your mouse. If 1000, times 8. If 500, times 4. So if your apex polling rate is set to 1000 and your original sens was 8, it would be 64 using off.

Logitech 305 (gpro wireless) + lithium AAA + AAA to AA converter. No cables and very light mouse. Identical to weight of gpro. That's if you have small hands.

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