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Game Support / Re: Battlefield V XIM4 PSPro
« on: 04:13 PM - 11/15/18 »
BF2 config. Day One feels much better than the Beta. Less "boxy" movement.

Beta / Re: Let us know if you see Purple Lights
« on: 05:41 PM - 05/05/17 »
I had been experiencing flashing purple lights using the front USB ports on the PS4. I switched to the back USB3.0 port and it minimized the issue but did not go away entirely. I then picked up a powered Anker USB hub and problem solved. No more flashing purple lights.

Game Support / Re: BF1 updated ST ETA?
« on: 10:30 AM - 05/04/17 »
Haven't played in a couple months, was just about to play, does this mean bf1 isn't working atm?
It's "working" with the current defaults. Dice/EA released new settings to make the game feel more like BF4, ie no acceleration, which will be much better for us XIM users. We are waiting for a the newly trained ST.

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Game Support / Re: Horizon settings.
« on: 10:44 AM - 03/24/17 »
The weapon wheel idea was brilliant.

What peripherals are you using?

Your first step should be to disconnect the controller, connect it directly to the console for a couple of hours and then try again when it has a full charge.
DeathAdder Chroma, Blackwidow Chroma, with a DS4 Pro.

Going to reinstall the firmware for the XIM and I'll report back.

My Xim4 appears to not be getting enough power from the USB ports since the firmware update.

I'll plug my mouse in and it will be fine, or just the keyboard and it will be fine... Both and the XIM shuts off.

Game Support / Re: In light of Zombies crazy BF1 curves...
« on: 07:29 AM - 02/16/17 »
Please could you share your settings zombie? I use Havoxx's setup and am pretty happy with it. Always looking to improve my xim4 experience though :)

Game Support / Re: In light of Zombies crazy BF1 curves...
« on: 07:18 AM - 02/15/17 »
I use his curve in most of the fps games that I play. They are pretty universal.

Check out this thread: http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=50650.0

This is a setting and curve that has been working for a great many of us, with compliments to Zombieguy.

Honestly, this was the best thing for XIM and like minded products. It brought awareness to alternative control schemes for FPS games, and no doubt brought XIM some sales. It may have also started us down the path of change for first party plug-and-play support for USB devices from Sony and Microsoft, who have no doubt been following this debate. At the very least, Blizzard might wake up and realize that players want options, and may just give us mouse driver support (Capcom did this happened with SFIV and V with legacy arcade sticks). All good things.

Game Support / Re: My Battlefield 1 Settings Nov 20/2016
« on: 09:54 PM - 02/03/17 »
Hi, if your adjusting the ADS you are breaking how the setup works. You adjust your hip to 10 or 15 or 20 first to how you like it and use the same sensitivity number in the ADS as the hip. If your finding ADS is too sensitive then the setup is not for you. 

The purpose of this is setup is to maintain the same sensitivity in the ADS when transition from HIP and it does.  If it is not the same then your doing it wrong and you need to go through all the steps of my setup post to make sure you have done it correctly. Do you have USA -On and Coefficient at 133%?
This is how I set mine up. I adjusted first set HIP and ADS to both use the HIP ST, then went into an empty server and adjusted my ADS until I felt comfortable, and then used THAT number for my HIP.

I have a huge mousemat, and large sweeping motions are how I'm used to playing PC games. ADS is where you want to feel the most comfortable.

For those that find ADS "too sensitive" with this setup, try the above. Set ADS first and use that number for HIP. It may require more wrist or arm movement for full turns (I use about 40cm), but it is super comfortable when precision is needed.

Game Support / Re: My Battlefield 1 Settings Nov 20/2016
« on: 07:34 AM - 02/03/17 »
Hmmm not sure what I'm doing wrong with Zombies set up. When I try and use the same settings with hip and ADS, while using the hip trans in ADS, ADS feels wayyy too sensitive.
Make sure in game sensitivity is set to 100 and zoom is set to 100 (not the recommended 200). UsA is also "On".

Game Support / Re: Post your Battlefield 1 scout settings
« on: 07:13 PM - 01/08/17 »
Hello there,

I'm looking for good settings that would work for scout..

Currently I'm using 12k DPI with 10 hip and 10 ads (100 stick and 200 soldier in game sens). Works like a charm for everything except scout or any high zoom weapons..
Drop your ADS sens a bit OR change your ADS translator to "use HIP translator" and set in-game sensitivity to 100/100 and turn on Universal Soldier Aim. That should make everything feel same:same across the board. Shout-out to Zombieguy for this superior BF1 setup.

Game Support / Re: My Battlefield 1 Settings Nov 20/2016
« on: 05:19 PM - 01/05/17 »

Anything to do with the soldier: All sensitivities at 100% regardless the zoom settings.

Does that mean instead of the "recommended" "100% Sensitivity, 200% soldier zoom sensitivity" you put 100% in all of those?

Leave the sliders in the Advanced Settings at 100% but put the soldier zoom sensivity to 200% so you get a nearly 1:1 feeling from hip to ADS

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Not for this setup. Leave it 100/100.

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