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Why are people asking for the ST to be retrained? Surely this was just a mistake on Blizzard’s part and will be reversed soon? I seriously doubt they, on a whim, decided to make Exponential completely useless unless you take the very arbitrary steps of setting it to Dual Zone and then back to Exponential? And it’s not just a XIM thing, it’s affecting controller users as well, so unlikely it’s targeted sabotage on Blizzard’s part:

Why wouldn’t Stadia allow KB&M? It’s specialised PC hardware on a rack somewhere running a PC version of whatever game you’re playing, for it to not support KB&M the developers would have to go out of their way to develop a Stadia-specific version with the inputs disabled, which is stupid.

General Discussion / Re: BO3 recently increased FOV?
« on: 08:01 AM - 10/12/19 »
Just started up the game to have a look and I can’t say that I see any difference to when I last played it a couple of weeks ago. However BO3 has and always has had an FOV of 80 on consoles

Why not have the keyboard on native and the mouse running through the xim?

Does Epic still allow you to do this? I would’ve thought they’d have patched that up ages ago when they first started matching native KB&M users onto PC servers.

General Discussion / Re: linear curve in modern warfare
« on: 04:42 AM - 09/21/19 »
So does this mean there will be 3 different ST’s? One for each aiming option?

No? Why would they spend time training 6 different STs (3 for each console) at 48 hours per ST? Whichever aiming option is found to have the best aiming fidelity will be the one that the ST is trained for, and anyone who wants to use anything else will have to make do with the generic alpha ST or the regular ST with a curve.

No this is definitely a new setting to this CoD, and to be honest, as with the aim assist options they’re adding I hope there’s an option to set it to classic/legacy mode, as CoD’s aim mechanic is not something that ever needs to be touched.


“Working to defeat and catch XIM users”

When will they give up? The only developer to have even some degree of success was Epic, and even then that was and accident and  nothing to do with the XIM, they were just removing users with digital movement input from controller games.

You guys using any SAB? I initially put it on 60-70 because I didn't want the game to recognize my keyboard as digital input, but I'm thinking of lowering it or turning it off entirely.
Yea, I'm at 65. But even if you don't use SAB the game will still recognize the xim as a controller. I got placed with a person from pc but they were bad and my console m8 and I washed him 6-0.

You weren’t matched with a PC player because this alpha is PS4 exclusive

People are under the impression that those are for single player. I am not entirely sure but it would make sense. Target assist is the one that is for MP.

I really hope they are, because experimental and enhanced aim assist sound like they do half the work for you, especially with “near-miss assist”


FPP might actually become a thing. Both consoles go into same player pool so now in games you will see names and platform logo in kill feed also leader boards appear to be shared once this happens

With FPP I might be tempted to buy this game again for PS4, without it it’s just a bad H1Z1 that still in late 2019 can’t run at a steady 30FPS

Could someone help me find a way to use mouse and keyboard on PC, with the latest COD thinking its a controller?
It's going to be very difficult to play Modern Warfare using a Xim, at least for the next couple months


Can’t believe I’m even having to explain his very obvious joke - because it isn’t out yet

It’s not the wireless itself that’s causing it, but it is definitely worse on the G502 Lightspeed for some reason.


I also have (had) a G502 Proteus Core and a G502 Lightspeed. My Proteus used to pull around 900ish Hz. My Lightspeed is embarrassing and only does around 6-700. So about the same disparity in performance as your two mice of the same model. I was completely ready to believe that the move to wireless was the cause, but then I got a G305.

Exact same sensor and Lightspeed wireless. This mouse however is consistent at around 950hz. You’d think it would be the same as the G502 Lightspeed with the shared sensor and wireless tech, but it’s not. There’s something going on with these and I don’t think it can be completely pinned down on wireless, but I’m not really qualified to make a guess at what it is.

Look's nice...

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be the first game in the series to run on a brand-new engine in 14 years."

will be curious to see how much that changes the xim training on it

Watch this vid, he mentions somewhere near the start there are like 4 different aim assist settings.


Sounds utterly awful. One of the biggest reasons CoD is the best XIM game is because they’ve kept the aiming simple and responsive. Literally no reason for them to add complication onto a aim mechanic that is basically perfect.

On the other hand, XclusiveAce is saying that it has native KB&M for console users (of course with you being placed in PC lobbies) so I’m interested to see how that turns out.

Eurogamer have done an article on it if anyone wants to read:


I can’t say they’ve put in much effort but at least they aren’t giving into the “XIM is cheating ban them all reeeeeeeeeeee” hysteria

They can cry all they want, nothing will happen and they’ll all have forgotten about this nontroversy within a month

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