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Game Support / Re: MW aim mechanic change
« on: 05:15 PM - 05/16/20 »
Hard to take this seriously when theyíre quoting someone claiming that the input lag is 300-450ms, which anyone with half a working brain would know is ridiculous. Nearly half a second of input lag would make the game completely unplayable, and is longer than double the average TTK in the game

Game Support / Re: MW Update Deadzone Slider
« on: 04:04 AM - 04/30/20 »
We can probably assume that the default value of 0.05 is the value that the game used before the deadzone slider was added, which would make 0.05 the deadzone that the ST was trained on. So until the Mods check to see if the look mechanic has changed, Iím leaving it there, no point messing with a setting that the ST hasnít been trained for. Same for whatever the default value is on Xbox

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MW/Warzone ST request.
« on: 07:15 PM - 04/22/20 »
I really hope they consider adding this for Warzone.
So many people on here and on discord are using the XIM Apex on PC for Warzone and the official ST just doesn't work with it. 
There is a huge deadzone issue that can't be fixed with boost from my experience.
It would definitely make a lot of happy customers  :)

Itís a shame that itís so f*cky when Infinite Warfare works exactly 100% like console right out of the box. BO3 too.


While this is good as a deterrent to the blatant ragehackers in GW and WZ, Iím really wondering what the amount of reports are that trigger this, and if itís an automatic system or if thereís an actual human going over cases. Can imagine someone like me with incredibly obvious mouse aim but showing a controller in the lobby racking up reports.

For all of you reading this and commenting, if youíre having issues with reaction speed, please please please, if you play Call of Duty (you can possible do this in other games -

Step One - Go into a Private Game

Step Two - Set  up a FFA with 11 Bots on the Map King. Max time and Max Points

Step Three - Start and kill all bots as fast as you can, do this up to around 300-400 kills and you will notice yourself killing the bots faster and dying less between streaks.

Benefits -

Youíll learn the spawns if the bots so youíll know where to snap onto them, making it easier for you to practice your aim aswell instead of just reaction time.

You can use this to try different class setups and find what works well for you as you can customise your load out In-game.

Your reaction time will decrease as youíll be needing to kill enemies very fasts time stay alive.

Your accuracy will increase as youíll need to be accurate to kill the enemyís fast.

You can do this all without interruption of needing to respawn  into a different match, wait to be revived, or any other issues youíll find in public matches.

Youíll also become more confident as even playing against bots, when you get crazy streaks where your aim and reaction speed goes crazy, you really do get a good confidence boost which converts  over to multiplayer / public matches when you seethe practice coming into play.

Personal experience -

I know this will help. Especially with the fact Iíve literally only started playing this game 2 days ago ( Modern Warfare ) played my first game of trio with a party of people I know and dropped 12k (died because my whole team did haha, it does really help.

It helped me find what I felt comfortable using (guns) and helped my aim which I still feel needs working on but will come with confidence aswell.

Hope this helps :)

I'd really hope anyone who cares about their aim enough to buy a XIM also knows to shoot bots before going online, although it honestly wouldn't surprise me.

Game Support / Re: Valorant, new riot game
« on: 07:50 AM - 04/20/20 »
Do you have planned to add a config for this game? It really looks amazing.

Even if it gets ported to console it's just going to be the redheaded stepchild to the PC version. You're better off building a cheapo PC if you want to get into this game, it runs on anything.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Micro-aim optimizations
« on: 03:04 AM - 04/20/20 »
Iím also feeling a big change in AA stickiness, but weirdly this hasnít had the effect I wouldíve expected - my aim is snappier if anything. However, I am playing with my ingame hip and ADS at 1.33x, (was at 1.5 before, but I lost the old 2.0x ADS ST from last year when factory resetting my XIM, and 1.5 is unplayable with the newest ST) so will probably be different for people playing at 1.0

Very odd. Did you try a console power cycle?

Iíd already hard reset my PS4 multiple times and that did nothing, so I got angry and walked away from it. Went back to it later, and it just started recognising the controller again.

Honestly, Iím not complaining, I just got a pair of Cloud Flights and was looking forward to testing them on MW, wouldíve been sulking all weekend if I couldnít haha.

This can be closed, for whatever reason it has decided to start working again, after not doing so all evening yesterday and most of this morning. Technology eh?

Support / Re: APEX no longer connecting to any controllers
« on: 04:33 AM - 04/18/20 »
Welcome to the community. This is on PS4 or on PC?

Does it help to move the controller to another port at the hub? Otherwise testing other cables with the controller can usually help with this. It may take a few cables to find one that can pass data and that is a good fit for your controller.

It would also help to verify the console communication method is set to USB still.

Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method

This is on PS4. Have also tried on PC, using both my PS4 and XB1 controllers, neither are recognised.

As said, Iíve tried three different USB2.0 cables, all of which pass data.

Have tried different ports on both my USB2.0 KBM switcher, and my official XIM hub that came with the APEX.

Have checked that the communication method is set to USB, and Iíve changed this back and forth several times, and have re-paired my DS4 with the PS4 a few times as well.

It just point blank refuses to acknowledge that a controller is present. I have even bypassed both USB hubs and plugged my DS4 and XB1 controllers directly into the APEXís USB port, it still doesnít recognise them.

My keyboard and mouse are detected without issue, and when pressing keys on them I can see that the XIM is recognising the keys on XIM Manager.


For whatever reason my XIM has stopped recognising when controllers are plugged into it. This happened an hour ago, completely randomly, while navigating the PS4 menu. Immediately tried removing and re-inserting the XIM and the PS4 controller, no luck.

Since then I've tried:

3 different USB 2.0 cables
A first gen XB1 controller
Resetting to factory defaults and then flashing to newest firmware(which meant I said goodbye to my MW 2.0x ADS config, which I won't pretend I'm not upset about)
2 different USB hubs
Countless XIM resets

My XIM just refuses to acknowledge that there is a controller plugged into it. My keyboard and mouse show up fine, it just doesn't recognise the controller. Both my 2nd gen PS4 controller and 1st gen XB1 controller work completely 100% fine on their own.

Any help would be appreciated.


Seeing as everyone in this thread seems to run XIM in PC and I didnít get any answers to the thread I made for this, thought Iíd ask here: when running XIM on PC do you get dropped into controller lobbies or do you continue playing against native MnK users?

General Discussion / Re: xim is a aimbot ?
« on: 07:41 PM - 03/05/20 »
I wanted to use it for PC but if not by advantages I won't buy it

Straight up, for CoD: XIM MnK with aim assist > native MnK

Everything else: native MnK every time, no other game has a controller look mechanic worth looking at over direct mouse input.

So Iím thinking of switching to PC as after building a new rig and purchasing a 144hz monitor, 60hz has been completely ruined for me. It looks like itís constantly stuttering and actually makes my eyes feel weird and slow looking at it, which is annoying as before I was fine.

So, those of you playing on PC, and specifically with XIM pretending to be a controller:

I know that when you plug a controller in on PC, it forces you into crossplay by default. But the matchmaking isnít 100% strict with matching you by input, and tends to favour your platform. Do you find that you get matched more with console controller players or people playing native MnK on PC? As Iíd honestly rather play with the PC playerbase as the majority of them are horrible, especially compared with console sweats.

in the settigns on bo4 blackout you can have it on hold to pick up might be a settings will see

Yeah thatís what I mean; Blackout allows you to Hold to use if you are standing over a weapon, MW is tap to pickup and Hold to reload.

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