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just ordered an arc  :D Can't wait to try it out with my GSP 600. Prolly will be in the market for new can soon. Thanks for getting me into a new gadget addiction  ;D
Hehehe Enjoy!,  ;D you have already a stand-out gaming headset, Arc improves its already good sound imaging (exact position of the sound cues in your FoV and behind).

There is a lot of more options now compare when I started. Is incredible how affordable decent amplifier is currently. Back in the day you will spent at least, $900 for a decent headphone amp, crossing your fingers hoping that was worth the money. I got many disappointments.

Quote from: mickyg77
Hi Alan,

My Arc has arrived! I've got my audio technica plugged in and everything is ready!

Awesome, congrats for your new acquisition. Arc will revolve your audio as XIM did it with console gaming.

Quote from: mickyg77
I have to run out the door to work tho. I was just wondering is it possible to do custom audio settings with the ARC live all these that you have listed for the A40/Mixamp (tournament, etc.)?

In short: you don't need any of those, your headphones signature is the EQ.

OK, this is the thing... even though Astro MixAmp has a place in my heart, is not my intention sound harsh but being brutally honest.

Astro MixAmp EQ presets (factory and the ones I share here) are made to make the A40 Headset sound better, without the MixAmp the A40 headsets sounds like crap cheap $30 headphones: muddy muffled bass, recess middle and absent treble.

The MixAmp DAC and its EQ presets are making artificially sound "good". Just like we use ballistic curves to change our aiming with XIM, EQ are trying to enhance some sound frequency response.

Like the OmniVox and Tournament etc -which are specifically design for A40 cans-, what these do is remove the bass, highlight or raise the midrange and low treble because these are the frequency where the enemies footsteps, reload and callouts are, improving sound whoring over sound quality.

The Potara (Daredevil) are EQ presets specifically for certain headphones from A40's to HD600, DT990 pros and other power hungry audiophile headphones. The issue is, MixAmp can't drive these because doesn't deliver enough power. You can add an external amplifier but this distort the already artificial sound output.

In essence, you shouldn't rely on EQ your headphones frequency response ("how they sound") should be the only thing you need. So, if you want treble go for a "bright" Headphone like the DT880, DT990 or ATH-AD900X, ATH-ADG1X, if you want bass ATH-M50/50x, want best Midrange? go Sennheiser HD600 series etc.

We need basically two things:
WIDE dynamic range to hear all the details in the sound and how fast it changes,
Sound Imaging to ping point, sound cues position precisely all these is the job of the Arc(DAC/Amp) and your headset takes advantage of it.

For gaming is recommended a headphone with very present midrange (footsteps, callouts), crisp fast treble (some footsteps, reloading) and decent bass (explosions). The ATH-ADG1x has recess bass, very forward and strong midrange (footsteps), crisp treble and a wide Sound-Stage (to estimate spatial sound sources and distances) due the open or airy design of the drivers.

Headphones are like Mice, you have to find which will suit your comfort and your hearing... and that's why all the audio fans have more than one headphone, you can go deep in the rabbit hole... the good news is what ever headphone you want to try, the Arc will make it sound at its best.

I need new headset.... the best in terms of max volume sound and quality

Astro user since 2013, if Chat mix is crucial for you, I will choose the A40 over A50's, sound is very compress and distort on these for the wireless not being up ot par.

Now, if you don't really use the Chat mix feature then... don't get Astros, for that budget, sound wise you can do light-years better, yes... frikin' LIGHTYEARS better, getting a DAC like SBX G6 and a entry audiophile headphones with external mic.

If you want an all-in-one, and save some money Cooler Master MH752 is the best bang per buck, these are gaming headset with audiophile pedigree, also 7.1 surround for immersive gaming, these sound wise are superior than Astros A40s for less than half-price.

I tried those, out of curiosity... mic is impressive clean and solid, 7.1 effect sounds like 2016 Pro MixAmp, however on stereo mode are amazing for competitive endeavors very precise and clear. I bought it for my nephew, was tempted to buy others for my collection, the Takstar audiophile headpones which these are based from are a the same price, very hard to get and still the CM sounds better for rock-and-roll.

I know Cooler Master is unexpected, I don't know what change is on CM direction but they are doing the right choices.

From 2013 version to above.

However finding the Astro Command Center (EQ software) is tricky.

2016's and new are compatible with the current EQ software.

But thatís not the reason they use it, they use it for an aa advantage over other pc players...

If that was the reason fair enough, but still.
On the flipside, native m/kb has better precision and faster turn speed...swings and roundabouts.
Tell that to the pc ximmers, rather than putting the work of training your aim and getting better they stay and rely on aa.
At the end they are digging its own grave, AA dependence turns in its own plateau.

XIM mouse translation (even worse with an unoptimized ST because is not supported) will be easily out played by true native mouse input which has:
no acceleration,
no turn limit,
precise tracking for all the aim/looks and
better recoil control.

Every time they pick up a new game or the dev change something, they spent ours to make its AA work again, while its tracking is very poor. If they jump to a peer to peer game, its hit detection will be aggravated by the AA stuck in bubble a 50ms non-existent hitbox.

Everyone can use its stuff as they pleased. Compact interface more like cut-down, scripting devices does the same in essence, an input wrapper/manipulator.

It would be more coherent for the XIM Community MVP's and some Mods to follow XIM Team purpose, denying any source of support of the misuse of XIM on PC as they do against scripting devices and macros.

More and more people start seen XIM as a cheating device, far from what it really is.

General Discussion / Re: what comes after xim apex
« on: 08:27 PM - 11/19/19 »
Rumble feedback is feature we lost as KB&M players, besides of improve hit reaction, some games has many game mechanics build around it.

My suggestion is: rumble bracelet for XIM or PC gaming.

Connecting via Bluetooth with XIM and rumble when the game sends the signal. Bracelet can be attach on the KB hand or ankle.


If you are using aim assist (ADS lock-on and slowdown), is not big deal.

For games without aim assist or very precise 1:1 like RS6 or PuBG is not recommended.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Headset suggestions
« on: 02:31 PM - 11/19/19 »
I second with ceebs.

If you are taking your gaming seriously, a good DAC/Amp is a must, because no matter how good your headset/headphone is, it won't be correct powered by the controller.

Correct amplification will make your headset sound better, more detail and revealing sound cues (footsteps).

Sound BlasterX G5 or G6 are pretty good and more gaming oriented. Entry audiophile headphone amplifiers are better option.

Check this post to find out more: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=82585.msg787710#msg787710



You're straight kek.

:spit my popcorn:

LOL exposed!

Wallhacking wow

I'll stream me shitting on you with a regular m&k if you wanna play for money  Remember where you stand, in pubs where shitters belong.

No, no no... you don't get it I'm not interested to play against you I AM LAUGHING AT YOU.

That's it.

Wallhacks and anime porn, haAHhaHAhahahhHA

Just the title says, is 100% compatible. even its on-board macros and different profiles. No problems not visible jitter, no detectable smoothing, stable 1000Hz polling rate.

Quote from: OP
I am a controller player, I just want to ask why do you guys use MnK?

I'm PC player since '95, on my youth I played competitive Counter Strike. Nowadays, I play casually as any other grown up man supporting his family and business, is more a social activity. I play with my IRL friends on their consoles, is our relief valve, where we have a good time, drinking, joking around before our next meet-up.

For FPS games I prefer mouse and keyboard, is the right tool for the job and XIM gives me the option, on PC I can plug a controller and that's it.

However there is some significant caveats. Unlike true mouse input, XIM works inside of joystick limitations, there is acceleration in some degree and a very annoying turn limit, so no flick shoots, quick and precise turning and aim snapping, also if the game has poor aim/look mechanics, XIM can't do much.

For campaign games third person like RDR2, Spiderman, GoW etc I use the controller.

I still have a beefy Gaming PC and play there some games solo by the same token when I play on console I prefer little to no aim assist, not for ethical reasons... I believe it gets in my way when is too strong and if the game has poor network performance AA makes you lock in to a target that is not there, making hit detection worse, without AA you can lead shoots, and once get I got used to, I can flick shooting like on PC in a certain degree.

I'm aware than many XIM users relies on AA, which I understand is a resource to compensate the turn limit and less recoil control with XIM. What I personally think is pathetic/funny is those who use XIM on PC for AA abuse, but I get it no everybody has the dexterity to play as a top tier player with a true mouse input.

I worked on human interface devices for people with disabilities and I believe consoles should allow more input devices, just like PC, I applaud XIM Team because give us that option. Freedom of choice is always good.

Try ScpToolkit to connect DS4 or Nav on PC it will emulate a Xbox Controller on PC, without weird deadzone issues.

Memorize the center of the screen, your eyes should be on the enemy.

While moving through the map, your memorized cross-air position where the enemy might appear, but your eyes should be relax looking at the field of view.

e.g. On this gameplay I played no HUD (no cross-airs) and no aim assist either, proof that XIM tracking performance is precise enough to play and aim assist is not needed.

In a CQC situation aim to the torso, is a coin toss due game mechanic. However, all your gunfights shouldn't be head to head, move you way around to have always an advantageous position.

To prevent eye fatigue or dizziness, every break (between matches, at the respawn, etc) focus your eyes to something far away for a few seconds (on real life), then something close, then something midrange.

For enemy awareness, etc the secret is to have good audio, directional stereo -not surround- and is very neglected by gamers. Your eyes are slower to react than your hearing, in that gameplay you can see how I know where the enemies are coming from without any radar or visual aid, I can hear them.

 ::) AA is not supported by XIM.

General Discussion / Re: Titan Two vs Cronus Zen vs XIM
« on: 12:25 PM - 11/16/19 »
I don't know who is running that business but it feels like a teenager due its decisions.

Me, a random guy who start to write scripts for Titan Two a device someone give me, my scripts went popular and due request some fellas asked me to port the scripts to Chronus, so placed an order to get one, I sign on to the forum and then suddenly I was banned, just for the fact that my scripts were written for T2. I cancel my order fortunately without issues, then I learn about their legal beef with ConsoleTuner and all the shady stuff they did it.

Well I won't put my money there, no matter how hot its new product is.

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