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Hi Bagura32rus!

EL DAC is a great upgrade, big step up.

-Which console you are on?

Hello friends, what are you doing?  What's new and interesting.  Alan share your "affairs" with us =)
Hey Roman!, not much  ;)

These cans took me out of my gaming lately:

Can't find a new game that hook me up.  :-\

Hi ceebs,

It is like a hum or buzz?, it might be a ground issue, quite common when you are putting together two devices with different outles.

It may be fix with a ground loop insolator: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001EAQTRI/

It goes between the RCA 3.5mm male and the Headphone input.

Honestly iFi Zen CAN will be the best upgrade.

If I remember right, you can use SB X7 RCA Audio In with a Y RCA L/R to 3.5mm adapter to keep using its built-in amplifier.
  ??? Sorry, but this went right over my head. Any chance you could explain what you mean to somebody that knows nothing about audio equipment (me)?
Sorry for the late reply.


Headphone to SB X7.  ;)

Awesome!, enjoy it its a great pair of cans.  ;D

Well, proper amplification is quite tricky, picking up a cheap amp can ruin the sound delivery.

Sound amplification is not about getting louder, but getting clearer.

Sound is like a very detail to a tee, illustration, like a bill / note
An Amplifier is like a magnifying glass, that allow us to see all the details and very small subtleties of that illustration.
The quality of the glass will determine how well we can "Zoom in" to appreciate those details (sound dynamics, attack, speed, changes on the sound)

If this glass is dirty or scratched, opaque it wont work, that's why on audiophile we use the word "transparent" how "clean" that glass is and how well magnifies this image.

Below $100 USD you won't find a good amplifier without ruining the sound... imaging, sound-stage, all the wide airy openess the AKG has, will be ruined.

If I remember right, you can use SB X7 RCA Audio In with a Y RCA L/R to 3.5mm adapter to keep using its built-in amplifier.

Now if you are looking to make another jump and get a transparent amplifier (X7 is not) JDS Atom all the way; 5 years ago we should pay above $300 USD to get that amp transparency performance. Topping L30 or any chinese clone... I will stay away due its QC issues, there is some L30 batch out there that blows headphones.

However, there is an amazing audio british company, they make most amazing high performance-value ratio products and I guess you can find it cheaper than the rest of the world, and that is iFi Audio. iFi Zen CAN amp and you will be set, its 135 amp sounds like a an american 299 amp.

I check on amazon uk, and there is a Pro-ject 125 lb, legendary Austrian company.

So it might feelt like a little stretch but a very worthy upgrade that will unleashed all the potential of your AKG's

ifi Zen CAN  > Pro-Ject  > Atom

Topping L30

All those cheapo portable no-brand chinese headphone amps below $40 USD... stay away.

Hope it helps! :D

Is not like any opinion, is a very heavy weight one, he has tested and measured more headphones/IEMs than most human been on its lifetime.

Not saying is a law what he saids, but is pretty accurate and based on experience.

Audio is subjective, as you said some say HD800 is too wide and not very accurate, some say HD600 is useless for gaming, all these are valid, if it works for you.

I can't handle HD800 harsh treble, is pretty amazing headphone with outstanding sound-stage and imaging, but way too much input, gets my ears tired in minutes. HD800S is bit tame but still very detail. When it comes of high end soundstage, precision and imaging I prefer Hifiman Arya. A laid back character of HD660S works better for me or cristal clear DT990 Pro for sweat tryhard gaming.

What ever headphone or headset that disappear on your head (max confort) and allows you to hear clearly what you need to do, it will be the best; you have to find the right match for you.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« on: 05:21 PM - 10/06/21 »
Same settings than every Battlefield, or mention the recent BFV thread.

General Discussion / Re: BF 2042
« on: 02:44 PM - 10/06/21 »
On PC, mouse aim is weird... like XIM weird LOL

If like me you are having trouble to find and download Battlefield 2042 Beta PS4 version on your PS5, because it doesn't show it on PS Store, follow the next steps:

1. Log in to PlayStation Network from a PC/Tablet web browser, go to PS Store and you can add Battlefield 2042 Beta PS4 version to your library.

2. Turn on your PS5 and download the Beta from the library.

Have fun!  ;D

-You can buy the PS4 version of the game from there too.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« on: 11:05 AM - 10/06/21 »
EA Starwars Battlefront 2015

General Discussion / Re: BF 2042
« on: 06:25 PM - 10/05/21 »
Should I use the bf5 settings for this game? or different battlefield? beta coming out tomorrow.
I will try 4, 1 and V.

Thanks for your thoughts, Alan. Iím not into streaming, just thought this might be a decent solution for playing on my PC and Series X, but its standout feature seems to be SXFI and my headset isnít supported.
Really struggling to find a device that gives great positional audio and that works with 4k 120Hz consoles and PCs.

I confess every now and then going back to the ATH-ADG1X is so comfortable.

Can I suggest some options?

You can use a ADC Converter, like the PORTTA, use it from the headphone out of the controller to feed the SBX7 SPDIF TOSlink input. - I don't quite remember if DSP (SBX) can be apply to the Optical input or is only USB.

If that is not an option, well all you can do at the moment is going to the analog domain, time to upgrade your audio gear.

Meaning, going for proper wide soundstage great stereo imaging HiFi headphones, like HD560S, AKG K702*, or DT990 Pro** both with wider soundstage and precise sound positioning than ADG1X which by the way sounds narrower on X7 DAC. Both more effective and more afforable solution, where Sennheiser HD800S is the endgame gaming headphone, put any source to that thing and it will turn it on a true surround experience.

However these headphones needs amplification to get the best of it, fortunately a $99 usd headphone amp does the job. Schiit Magni Heresy, JDS Atom, Topping L30.

Then as a final tweak you can buy Xbox Dolby Atmos App and use its Equalizer to boost some frequencies that make it easier to distinguish footsteps and other cues, which is pretty much what Creative does with SBX Scout and all that DSP thing that he sells as improvements.

Notice: I'm not on the "fixing issues by throwing money", but on this case seems unavoidable.

Even when the HDMI 2.1 Extractors arrival, XBox is looking to bring HiRes Dolby Atmos in their games and that can't go on SPDIF limited bandwidth.  :-\

*great footsteps decection wide soundstage
**best for soundwhore footsteps detection

Honestly, I haven't tried ceebs can't say much about its sound performance.

I can see its proposal: small factor, all-around streaming deck + gaming sound card, price seems fair.

One of the first annoyances when setting up a audio stream rig is how easily gets very crowded with cables and devices.
An all-in-one device is a bold move, well received tho.

Seems to me this device is aiming to: serve well to someone who wants to stream causally, entry level, "testing the waters" before going serious and after expensive equipment and complicated setups.

However,  in my opinion one of the most important traits on a good stream, besides to be a charming, funny, engaging broadcaster is to have a good microphone because is the medium that allows you to engage your audience even if your video capture is not that good.

IMO that's the weakest point on this device. Headset microphones are pretty bad, even decent ones like ModMic Uni, ATGM2, VModa Boom might get hinder by Creative aggressive noise gate and mic compression, tweak may be required. But keep in mind you will get way better mic performance by using an USB mic.

If you are willing to do without all the DSP that GC7 offers, or you already have a decent gaming dac. elgato wave 3 is a way better solution for streaming. Good semi pro mic performance, its App gives you 90% Software functionality of a hardware GoXLR which is a pro streamer mixer, small footprint.

Creative Sound Blaster GC7 it seems practical it give you decent DSP if you want something like X3 and the option for casual streaming might GC7 be your best choice.

For someone who want go into Streaming and Broadcasting more seriously, and want to do it right, I will say get elgato wave 3.


Playstation / Re: PS4 can't start issues
« on: 10:34 AM - 10/02/21 »
Hello!, sorry about your PS4, don't worry can be fix easily.

All right, you need to download the System Software file, there is two versions.

The one you need is the 1 GB Version: PS4UDATE.PUP

Format (FAT32) a USB drive. In the root directory create: PS4 folder. Inside of PS4 folder create another folder: UPDATE, save there PS4UDATE.PUP you downloaded previously.

Very important folders PS4\UPDATE (all caps) has to be there in order to PS4 to recognize the PS4UDATE.PUP file with System Software, and this one has to be the REINSTALL version of 1GB not an update version which is smaller.

Hope you can get your PS4 back on track in no time.

does anyone know if the beta will run with remote play?
As far I know remote play is only ready with released version of a game. Fingers crossed for beta.

Final version RP will work.

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