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The difference you feel between PC and Console is not related to the response rate, is more about the input lag on consoles. Even XIM4 @ 125Hz feels smoother.

ModMic or Audio-Technica ATGM2 record voice better than most mics that came with gaming headsets. Both good solution if you want to turn any high res headphone to a headset and to communicate with your teammates.

But if you want to stream or doing voice-over then you will do better with a USB mic like the Samson Q2u is the best bang per buck entry level mic.

Keep in mind that this mic might don't work on XB1 and a mic arm stand will be needed but tacky.

Sure, no problem.

Sennheiser line, when you are on the HD6** series you are in Hi-Res audio studio quality territory. The HD7** series are not a level up, is more like a different tune. HD6** are focus on midrange vocals, HD7** delivers nice treble or high notes, HD800 are a combination of the latter without being a substitute, offers closer HD6 midrange performance and similar high treble of HD7, yet no the same. HD800 S, S is for better soundstage. So is hard to make a recommendation if I don't know what type of sounds your ears find pleasant.

HD600, HD650, HD6XX are recommended due in gaming offers excellent imaging and footstep highlight, HD660S has the same pedigree but with better soundstage "S". HD600 are in the market for more than 20 years, with little to no modifications, so it is a safe recommendation and everyones favorite.

IMO if you want to try something different than HD's, then I will say go for Beyerdynamic DT880 or DT990, HE-4XX planars, AKG K701 or K702.

Anything above, like HD800, AKG K712, DT1990 Pro is overdoing it, the difference between DT990 pro($150) vs DT1990 Pro($600) won't be a 450 usd difference. Also such a high prestige headphones requires above $600 audio equipment and audio source like 32 bit, 96,000 at minimum to make your money worth.

GSX1000 doesn't work on consoles, shame it is pretty amazing DAC. One workaround is to connect the GSX1000 to a PC, and input your console game audio to your PC.

I read Microsoft @#$% excuse to remove SPDIF, they try to reduce cost don't want to pay Sony Philips hehehe.

Thatīs OK, no need to worry you can use a HDMI audio extractor and there it is audio source.

Unfortunately your budget is short for an all-in-one DAC/Amp + Mic device. I used to suggest the Sound Blaster X G6 here but, I had have so many issues with this device, as many others users (check SB reddit) no a single new firmware seems to fix this device, very disappointing. So I can't recommend any SB product, hurts to say I have been customer since 1996.

Besides they are the type of company who prefers sell a new unit, instead of adding support on the current one.

So you can go for a DAC/Amp combo. Some great options are Fiio K5 Pro, and the more afforable FiiO E10K both can feed HD660S.

Mayflower is about to release the Arc Mini (same DAC/amp, no mic input) and looks like a steel MixAmp.

Other options are: Micca Origin G2, Schiit Fulla 3 mic doesn't work with PS4, I don't know if it does with XB1 but highly doubt it, same @#$% with Schiit Hell is incompatible with consoles.

My recommendation in your case is: get a $99 headphone amp, like JDS Atom Amp or Liquid Spark. It will allow you to power up your MixAmp so your HD660S will work better, then down the road or when the next gen consoles are in the market you can add a DAC like JDS Atom DAC.

The main issue is MIC interfaces are more platform specific.

Recently tried out of curiosity Shure MVi + JDS Atom to amplify headphone output coming from the MVi, Blue Ember and DT990 Pro (250Ohms) I do miss imaging, detail and soundstage DAC compare to Arc, but is way better in the mic department.  I use the MVi for conferences, voice recordings, zoom etc, pretty good portable mic interface works with PS/Windows/Mac/iOSAndroid.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: G305 and K63 Question
« on: 02:46 PM - 06/19/20 »
I have more than a Year using my G305 at 1000Hz and last 6 months on 500Hz polling rate, I did had some very odd snapping issues, but with last year Betas, currently no problem whatsover and it's using the same battery from 9 months, no disconnections. I will say is safe.

General Discussion / Re: Why no support for XIM on PC?
« on: 02:33 PM - 06/19/20 »
Agreed, Destiny 2 with XIM APEX on PC is a much better experience than PS4 or XB1.

Same with StarWars Battlefront II 2017, my XIM4 is way more smooth than on console, I guess is due the input lag.

I prefer to play with XIM4, because I got used to fly Starfighters using the Turn Assist, even though the ST doesn't support it, I became very skillful a real strafing nightmare and dog-fighting master. Game's mouse flying mechanics is dreadful.

I have to mention, this game doesn't offers Aim Assist when using a controller (XIM) on PC. The AA option in missing, and there is no slow-down and auto-lock on.

Battlefield V, same story however it does offers Aim Assist BUT I prefer native mouse. Be able to do precise fast flicks and snap aiming makes me lethal than any aim slowdown help.

Or you can get an 4 channel mixer board like Peavy PV6, get some cables to use the inputs.

Connect Mixer board to your PC, via USB.

Set your discord audio with the Mixer sound card.
Set your PC sounds with the onboard Sound card of your PC, use cables to plug it to from your PC audio to the channel 3/4 input in your mixer.
Then from your mixamp take the analog output from the headphone and plugged on your input 5/6 in your mixer.
Connect your mic to the XLR in the mixer, don't worry Peavy has ultra low noise preamps and a solid 48v phantom power if you use a condenser mic, got you cover it can even feed a quite Shure SM7b, no cloud lifter needed.
Connect your headphones to the Headphone of the mixer and that's it.

You should be able to control each channel (input) with its volume knob set it to your liking, discord, pc sounds, game audio, your mic will be feed by your mixer and sent back to discord or OBS if you are streaming. Also you can EQ your MIC sound, give a touch of bass for that radio like broadcaster warm tune that everybody loves.

Mixers: you can go with either a Behringer Xenix Q502 $58 or Q802 $80 - $100, my recommendation is a Peavy $149 better build and quality circuitry, clean and powerful with no noise mic input.

General Discussion / Re: ELGATO 60HD S CAN I RUN IT?
« on: 04:52 PM - 06/16/20 »
Capture cards like elgato, Avermedia and Razer, are really inflated due the high demand and lack of production and items in the market, are around $200 USD.

Now if you are running on a budget or you can't wait to the market to stabilize.

My good-bad advise is go to AlliExpress and get a chinese Capture card for around $35 usd that captures 1080p60fps - 720p with OBS.

There is a recent flood of these cards because it seems some how the manufacture patterns of products like the older HD60 got leaked (like used to happen at China) many of the same companies that manufacture for the official brands, they make their side business for a bit release a big batch and then stop.

I don't indulge or promote buying cheap products, but I'm coming from a third world country and is very unfair how hoarders are making their business with people's need.

I'm a tech consultant I work with educational sector... and due the COVID-19 we needed hundreds for camlinks to be able to make conferences to keep things going on this pandemic. The lowest we can got it is $160 USD each, that's way out of budget for the quantity we required, so we got these batch of $6 USD "camlinks" (HDMI to usb dongle) 121 capture cards for the price of 5 elgato. I'm amaze how well these things works, none has failed at the moment (2 months in). I have an old HD60 and can't tell the difference, don't see it dropping frames or artifacts, I can tell is a bit more saturated, the build is cheap and I'm not fan of dongle form factor, connectors are prone for issues, but everything seems al right.

Anyways so my suggestion is, get the $35 model, go a head put yourself out there, focus on content and value for your viewers (that's way more important than your gadgets) save some money, or invest it on branding, lights, etc and if things are working out for you, and it make sense to keep going; well ebay it, and get a brand name capture card when the market is settled.

It will encode better than your console for sure, your PC allow you have more options to make your stream attractive.

Was it confirmed officially by the xim team that they plan to make APEX compatible with the next gen?
They said they need to have the new consoles first, to see how they can make Apex work with it. Their intentions are make Apex compatible if possible.

For PS5, as far as we know it is retro-compatible with the DS4, actually devkits are using it. Sony said they have intentions of offering retro-compatibility with some PS4 ecosystem like the cameras and VR. But this can be change, and it would change, we have to remember these companies launches new consoles in a lost (losing money offering great hardware) one of their channels to get their money back is peripherals, that's why current generation controllers are so crappy made.

So, we don't know for sure until they released the console.

You might not want to read these but, yeah most likely we will need a new XIM for it down the road, and best case scenario is Apex still will work but XIM4 is going to stay behind is already on its limits. I'm not with XIM Team, this is only my opinion.

The best for precision and  1:1 performance with no acceleration is the in-game set recommended by XIM Team in the game settings, that's how the Smart Translator was trained.

Remember XIM is translating to your console, how you will use the sticks of your controller while using a more familiar interface (mouse and keyboard), so stick to the parameters.

XIM is not an adapter... is a translator.  :)

Petty sure I'm older than you  ;)

You just need to get used to the game and will doing great in no time.

Yes, CoD games are more frenetic shooters you have to move faster and react faster, shooting mechanics are more based on HIP firing, hitscan and it doesn't makes much difference if you shoot crouch, stand up or while running.

Battlefield on the other hand different, is slower phase (specially on big modes) you have to move long distances, secure a good position and when engaging the enemy, being crouch or prone will give you a better chance to hit your shoots (which are more based on bullet drop) and most likely the game teach you to ADS most of the time, to improve your accuracy.

CoD tells you shoot first, frag and keep moving.
Battlefields tells you, position yourself, aim shoot only if you have the lead (shooting from the back, lower health enemy, etc) take down your target, secure your position and then move stealthily if is compromised.
CoD rewards faster reactions.
Battlefield rewards wiser decisions.

Don't get me wrong both games need skill, but is different mindset.

I got the latest CoD for the campaign, haven't even try the Multiplayer because I know my reflexes are long gone, even though I dominate on other games, like Battlefront and do very decent on Battlefield, accept the fact that I'm too old for CoD.

Let me guess, you are coming from Battlefield.

Hi prfct5th,

I have a question is your UM2 is detected by the PS4? as an audio device (like a headset), I'm curious I had a behringer too and didn't work.

About your problem, you have a solution?. It seems to me you will have more flexibility by using a Q502 or Q802 mixer those are compatible with PS4.

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