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Tutorials / AHK and mouse settings
« on: 06:55 PM - 01/27/17 »
If I desire to use ahk with m+kb on ps4, would I have to keep the xim4 hooked to my pc while I am playing? Because wouldn't that theoretically mean that there would not be enough ports for the mouse and keyboard?

After more playing I realized that my mouse was moving quicker than the sensitivity cap, which made gameplay sluggish. After I stopped doing quick jerking motions everything is smooth and precise. It was completely user error on my part. Thank you for the input.

Thank you for contacting. Yes with comparison to the controller it is a bit delayed, but I am in no need of actively pursuing to fix whatever might be wrong (maybe its just me). I played a few more games and started to realize that whatever delay is existing, is not really noticeable at all most of the time.

I am quite new to using the xim4 and I followed the user manual thoroughly when setting it up. My problem is that there is a noticeable delay between my movements on the kb/m and my tv. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that it is my tv at fault, my controller has no delay whatsoever with the tv. Unless I am missing some knowledge, I do not understand why the kb/m would be laggy, but not my controller. My mouse is at its max dpi and I have tried 1000 and 500 polling rate, but nothing changed. I'll try 250 later. Also, my in game sensitivity is at in game max. My tv is very old though and lacks a gaming mode.  So if someone could explain why the controller works well with the tv, but the xim4 does not that would be appreciated. I have a 32 inch dynex flat screen hd tv with 120hz.

Mouse: redragon mammoth 16400 dpi
Playing on overwatch

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