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Back with some good news. I have sucessfull optimized some parts with low level language and gain lots of performance.
So we can run now on pi1 :)

Impressive stuff!  :)  Cant wait to try it out


I followed the instructions. However, when I tried connecting my DualSense to the XIM APEX on PC it isn't working. It only works when I plug my DualSense with it's USB to the normal PC PORT. But doesn't work once plugged to the XIM Apex ports " ... "

Please help.
Try the controller in another slot. Also make sure the USB cable supports data or sync.

Do you have the XIM APEX beta firmware installed? Itís not known if itís a factor, but mine has beta firmware. Iíll test this today.

I had to upgrade to latest beta firmware to get the dualsense to work on pc (win10) via xim apex.

Upgraded from 20200307 to beta 20210625.

Same here (Norway) - cant access without vpn via us.

Getting cloudflare error 522

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 17/09/2020
« on: 04:27 PM - 09/17/20 »
Did you set the deadzone to 0.02?

Guys i apologize in advance, I've been searching but i guess my searching is trash.

Ok so, trying to use my xim apex with my pc for modern warfare, im using a ps4 controller.

So..if i connect the wired ps4 controller directly to the pc the controller lights up blue and the game picks it up normally...but when i connect the Xim apex to the pc and the control to the xim apex hub along with the keyboard and mouse ...i dont get a response - im running the xim apex pc manager and see the keys being picked up, but no action.. It's probably me overlooking something but i cant figure it out and my head hurts, could someone help me?.. thanks! :)

I had the same problem. I read somewhere that I had an old DS4 version, which could cause the issue.
Only solution I found was to run x360ce.


First off, thanks for all the great input and advice with choosing my audio gear  :)

Not sure if this is the correct thread to ask this I will give it a go..

To improve my sound for FPS gaming on a ps4, I acquired the SBX G6, with DT990Pro 250ohm + ModmicUni.
It works fine, but I think I have something setup wrong, as I dont notice much different when comparing the sound to a cheaper USB headset connected directly to my ps4.

The G6 is connected to the ps4 via optical in, and the usb for mic chat.
The high gain is turned on.

I have tried to setup the G6 in SB Connect2, with basic Stereo and with different sbx profiles.
Right now Im playing mostly Cod, so Ive been using the FPS or COD profile.

But still, its very hard to hear the direction of the sounds.

So I was wondering if anybody have any tips regarding the G6 and Ps4 ? :)

***Due to differences in the PS4 and Xbox I should state this works on the XBOX but could work in PS4, you'll just have to adjust the very first variable on the curve to find the PS4 DEADZONE.If you don't know how to do that then wait for one of these amazing PS4 users to post.

So does anybody have the "first variable" of the curve for PS4?

Or know how I can find it? I dont mind doing the job, I just dont know how :)
I can see that the first variable posted in the curve is 3.


AUX 1 - Left Click, Aim Slowdown on target - How slow the Left click moves when shooting at an enemy

Abit confused about this since we use different mouse buttons for fire/ads.
So when you say "Left Click" - Do you mean its activated when ADS'ing ? Or when firing?

Great setup btw !  :)

My most recent setup, this requires xim link because I think the aa would be to strong directly hooked up to the xim, if you would like to see game play check out my stream

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [3kdpi] START COPY >>>

Hi !

What ingame settings would you recommend for this setup ?  Same as first page?

Btw; I love your configs, keep up the great work!

Game Support / Re: APEX Legends- Advanced Look Controls
« on: 04:17 AM - 03/27/19 »

I've been playing with the advanced settings, and ended up with using "Outer Threshold"=MAX and a very low Deadzone.
I've been running this with 3.2k DPI and 1000hz, on Default sync without any curve.

Not sure what "Outer Threshold" actually does, but this setup gives a very responsive and accurate aim.

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