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Hardware Compatbility / Re: Death Addar Elite or G502
« on: 03:13 PM - 03/16/18 »
Grab the Logitech G900.  Has all the good stuff you need, plus it's wireless.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Razers Keypad with thumbsticks
« on: 09:43 AM - 03/16/18 »
Depends.  Are you talking about a modded thumbstick, or the stock thumbstick? From the perspective of someone who's had both the Orbweaver and the Tartarus V2, I can say that the thumbstick sucks.  I've found that the digital (not Analog) thumbstick that comes attached to both of these devices is unreasonably sensitive, bordering the line of being unusable.  To give you an example, the thumbstick is so sensitive that even the SLIGHTEST touch results in it moving, and alot of the time it moves in a direction that you dont want it to.  The sensitivity is so high that it loses accuracy.

I love everything about both of those gamepads (although I prefer the Tartarus V2), however the biggest flaw for me is the thumbstick.  If Razer did with its thumbstick what Logitech did with the G13 then the Orbweaver and Tartarus IMO would see alot more than there current use.

Tempted to try this setup. Reluctant to using Boost tho. I been playing using 12k DPI @ 1000hz. 100hip 60ads all vanilla. It's perfect in my opinion but I will see what's your setup all about,

Got to test this yesterday. @#$% I didn't like it at all xD I guess it's good for very high sensitivity players but I would still have it a bit lower if you're a high sens player. The problem with your config is you can't make small accurate movements without any pixel skipping which can be annoying and make my shots in accurate. I'm gonna stick to the above settings that I use as that feels perfect to me. Personal preference I guess. Another thing I personally don't like is the amount of boost, when you add boost the curve is not linear anymore as boost is adding acceleration to the start meaning movements aren't 1:1 anymore..

Adding acceleration to the start you say? Hrmm, maybe that would explain something I experienced during my testing with this config.  Everything felt great, and then I decided to do my own sensitivity test because I felt his settings were a little too high for my liking.  I'd ADS at a target, then move left (or right) and begin to shoot.  The only problem is once I'd ADS and started to move, it seemed like acceleration would kick in and I couldnt land the first shot because I couldnt stay on target.

Gonna try this config without the boost and see how it feels.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Official ST discussion thread!
« on: 06:08 AM - 03/12/18 »
Sunday is decel curve day bois

Lmao... just sat down on my flight from DC to Denver. Should be to home #2 around 10pm MT.

So your curve, is that based on 0 AA?

We've been hungry for this for a little while now lol.  Cant wait to check out RML's masterpiece.

Another vote for the G900! I always wondered what those extra buttons that came with the mouse were for.  I thought they potentially were replacement parts, but duh, I can put them on the other side of the mouse, nice.

Thanks for sharing your config and settings! While I dont play Fortnite, I appreciat seeing the newer guys coming in here and sharing information with the rest of the community.

With that being said, using SandhawC or the Titan 2 are just as much cheating as using a XIM, an Elite/Scuff Controller.  The jist of the Titan 2 is to have the ability to create scripts that allow you to use Macros in game, regardless of if your mouse or keyboard have the onboard memory to support the macros natively.

When you look at the Xbox Elite Controllers, the paddles on the back of the controller can be mapped to be any button, or combination of buttons on the Xbox controller as you so choose, so essentially you're using the paddles for Macros.  Not saying this to be insulting (quite the opposite actually), I just wanted to point out that labelling something like the Titan 2 or SandhawC as cheating IMO would very much be like the pot calling the kettle black.

Hopefully we can get some more eyes on this.

Member Projects / Re: Homemade Gaming Lap Desk
« on: 11:21 AM - 03/07/18 »
I did make one out of ply.  It was 1/2" russian birch.  8 or 9 ply.

Hey Gduck how what were the dimensions of the ply you bought before you cut into it?

made a visual guide for another member earlier

Thanks for taking the time out to create and share this with people who need it, quality post.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: This is @#$% amazing
« on: 06:45 AM - 03/07/18 »
Alright since you b1tches want my settings here.


12,000 DPI

135 HIP
6 Smoothing

115 ADS
7 Smoothing
Default Boost and Default Curve.

Before using the Apex make sure you download the beta firmware for the Apex so you can get better Smoothing. Also for you idiots when you plug your mouse in the Apex for the first time it resets all DPI settings so you have to go back to your computer and change it. I've got really nice WW2 settings but I'll post those laters bye.

Thank you for posting that for the rest of the group.  As you're new here, a good rule of thumb for posting would be to follow the golden rule; do unto others as you want done unto yourself.  At some point in time you may need help from someone on this forum, and i'm certain you'd prefer that certain someone to be helpful to you instead of being mildly toxic and obnoxious.  This isnt meant to be a jab at you, but with the release of the Apex there has been an influx of members who have needed to be told how we like our community to be ran (nice, and helpful to others).

Quality post.  Absolute quality.  Thanks for sharing this with us, this us what we need more of!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Buying the Apex from Amazon
« on: 12:50 PM - 03/03/18 »
Note that by purchasing from a third party like ebay or amazon your apex may not be under warranty as XIM can't track the purchase and warranty expiration date. It's usually more expensive to buy from a third party as well, my advice is to wait for the store to open.

This should not be the case if the XIm team would stop hemming and hawing and acting like Amazon and eBay are some foreign entity that we shouldn't use to purchase things. I get tired of seeing you guys act like buying on Amazon is something bad.

Open up an account on Amazon and eBay and sell  your product there and profit. Every one of you sound ridiculous when you try to make Amazon sound like a bad place to buy something, you do realize this right?

If you simply pulled your collective heads out of your @#$% and sold on Amazon, you would have already maxed out on sales for the Xim Apex, but, since your collective heads are still stuck between moron and idiot, well , the current situation still exists. Meanwhile disgruntled purchasers, feel free to continue to push refresh all the time, and hope you get lucky with the @#$% show that is Xim sales!

I have mine already. I got lucky, unlike most of you.

Straight to the point today? Lol

Yeah, I can only look at so much stupid before I have to say something. These guys and there anti Amazon statements are so ridiculous, that I have to call them out for it, or else they will continue to believe the bull that comes out of their mouths.

OBsiv once said you shouldn't buy a Xim on Amazon because they sell broken ones there.

As a customer I must admit there's nothing easier than making a purchase on Amazon. It's actually dangerous. Like most people if I'm after a product Amazon is usually my first port of call.
Yeah, me too, it works flawlessly, and with Prime, its on your doorstep in 2 days. If they simply sold on Amazon their profit margin would increase significantly, I think they don't understand that even though you have to pay fees to Amazon, that in the long run you are going to make more money.

Dear @OBsiv, when you buy a product on Amazon, even if it is a 3rd party seller, the sale is guaranteed by Amazon, just a heads up for the Xim Team.

I dunno if I agree with this completely.  With Obsiv being the owner of the product he most certainly could sell it on Amazon.  However there are plenty of fee's associated with selling on Amazon that could potentially eat away at Obsivs margins.  There's the fulfillment fee, inbound shipping fee, outbound shipping fee, amazon affiliate fee, etc.  Without knowing Obsivs cost of production and overhead (and i'm not asking btw), selling on Amazon may not be a viable option.

With that being said, Obsiv selling on his own site IMO is actually the better idea.  He has control over the traffic, as well as the ability to build up a customer list.  Sure with Amazon you can sell your products quickly because you're leveraging their existing customer base to move your product, however the major drawback here is that you have no ability to market to the customer directly, it all has to be done through Amazon.

« on: 12:40 PM - 03/03/18 »
So it's gone from being a cart provider issue to an understaffing issue? There should have been actions taken prior to the release to prevent all this. Shame on the xim management.

Shame on you for feeling so entitled that you could make a post like this.  The solution here is simple, if you don't like how the high demand for this item is making it difficult for you to buy it, then don't buy it (or post about it either).  I assure you Obsiv won't miss your $99 and someone else will HAPPILY buy the Apex that you missed out on.

Something you also need to keep in mind is in the event that you do somehow manage to get an Apex, you're going to be depending on these forums for someone to help you in the event that you need it.  With a post like this, I can assure you some of the more knowledgable people here arent going to want to help you with anything.

this is why people go to other places to purchase a item that is not in stock. you guys are not handling this well. notifications are useless and so is waiting list. Think I'll go purchase it on eBay for 10 times the price. Thanks!!!!

The notifications arent useless.  I bought my Apex on the 11pm PST release and I learned about it thanks to an email I got (the notifications).

« on: 12:00 PM - 03/03/18 »
Please stop calling things you don't like "AIDS." AIDS is a disease that actually kills people and equating your inability to buy a luxury good to a deadly disease is incredibly puerile.

Here here brother.  To some of you new guys, we understand the excitement surrounding the release of the Apex, especially considering that the Xim4 has been discontinued and out of production.  With that being said this forum has amassed an inordinate amount of unnecessary threads (this being one of them), thus cluttering and clogging up the forums making it difficult to find the threads that actually are helpful that have value.

If you have a question, look around and use the search function to see if it's been asked and answered already, this will save everyone time in the long run.  If you dont have a question, but you're interested in posting something, just ask yourself if what you're posting provides value.  If your post will provide value, then by all means please post it, because there are those of us that would love to read it.  If however on the other hand your post doesnt provide value (like this post), then please stop yourself from pressing the post button.

Thank you

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