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In LGS did you reassign those K1-K3 to keyboard buttons?

No, I must have missed that step or it was a given that I should know that. Does it matter which keys?

First I just want to say thank you for all the work you are sharing here. It's much appreciated.

And I'm sorry if this is a terrible question, but I was able to copy paste your whole setup here, using the same hardware, however I'm on PS4, and for some reason my mouse doesn't seem to let me acces the buttons you have labeled as k1-k3. I've gone thru the settings on Logitech software, and in manager it recognizes all other mouse buttons, can't quite figure out why these buttons are in accessible.

Again I apologize if this is off topic and had nothing to do with this setup, but I thought I'd ask, everything else seems to work as described.

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