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Amazing, thanks for your help!

Hey guys,

Long time!
I have just picked up an APEX and setting it all up and i know this is going to sound super dumb and i hate myself for having to ask but.... back in the xim4 days you used to be able to have a second page of bindings so you could a second set of keys to controller buttons but i can't find it. I also can't find any of the advanced settings in the app like before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


« on: 06:35 PM - 11/18/17 »
Doesn't Fortnite have native M&KB support on console anyway?

It now says that the company will be dissolved as on the 28th Feb. Unlucky for the backers unless he has registered under a different company name which it doesn't look like it has.

Game Support / Re: Hip sense and ads sense
« on: 05:42 PM - 02/14/17 »
I still have no idea on how to move in a rc-xd cant move side to side in it

Just pick up your controller, it is a lot easier than using KB&M with them, same with the dart.

Technical Support / Re: I need help with my xim4
« on: 08:21 AM - 02/14/17 »
Have you set your mouse DPI to a high value (i.e 4000 - 12000)?

Technical Support / Re: Mac question,
« on: 03:38 AM - 02/13/17 »

The version you updated to is not the latest. Use the link below for the latest, more than likely you will not have the issue after you update.


Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Help with Razer Tartarus?
« on: 05:29 PM - 02/11/17 »
If you have profiles specific to software in Synapsis you need to make sure the correct one is on when unplugged. I have PS configs for my Orbweaver and for when i used a Tarturus and once you click off PS it would change the profile automatically to a i.e a desktop or Capture One profile depending on what i clicked on.

It should use the last profile which was being used when you disconnected it from the computer.

I do highly recommend the Corsair K65 RGB LUX though.

Yeah it is pretty much that but you will have to set the baseline on the game with the lowest turn mechanics.

I think when i used a Razer Deathadder i had to change the DPI on the computer first. Plug it in a check, it will only take 2 seconds.

Beta / Re: Steady Aim [ADVANCED USERS ONLY]
« on: 05:38 PM - 02/07/17 »
Would it be possible to switch between Experimental builds on the fly? That would be great.

No it requires a firmware flash of the device.

General Discussion / Re: Lag?
« on: 07:20 AM - 02/07/17 »
There is 8ms, which is still really low and i don't find it an issue at all to play with.

There are 2 red dragon mice supported which are the Redragon Mammoth & Redragon Perdition MMO (~) << both have that tilde next to them which means:  Has artificial high dpi. Use true hardware sensor maximum.

Maybe this is the issue.

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