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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex: Stock
« on: 01:22 AM - 04/06/23 »
You don't make an Apex in 2 years and then you announce your new product that will have macros. Which will get your expensive device banned like Cronus. Make it make sense?

Game Support / Re: Xim apex and ghost of Tsushima
« on: 06:32 PM - 08/01/20 »
Behind cyberpunk 2nd most anticipated game of the year and you still don't have st. Sad.

Game Support / Ghost of Tsushima (Infamous SS)
« on: 08:20 AM - 07/19/20 »
Using Infamous Second Son profile for PS4
Fast camera
Sensitivity whatever, 20, 30, 40...

Unfortunately after all these years xim4 still does not support the touchpad, and it's important in this game. I used a long cable for the dualshock controller and positioned it beside the keyboard to swipe up easily.

Btw I've used half a dozen different kontrolfreeks models on playstation controllers, 3 and 4, they were all spinning from day 1. Which is not to say they would fall off, they wouldn't, but the mold was never so tight to stay in place. I wouldn't consider it in any way a flaw in your method.

Game Support / Re: Destiny ST - Question for mist or admin
« on: 12:46 PM - 10/01/18 »
Bungie has been using almost the same acceleration curve throughout Halo and they are proud of their "special sauce aiming" so I would guess Destiny has kept using very simillar method.

They wre all linear with different amount of aim smoothing, after Reach though the smoothing changed from reaching maximum rotation speed after a set time to after a specific angle so this smoothing implementation is the more likely to have been kept for Destiny.  But see the graphs and results for your self: http://drstrangevolt.blogspot.com/2012/12/aim-acceleration-in-console-shooters-part2.html

If you want aim assist use default ballistic curve, use weapons with high aim assist stat and select barrel that add to aim assist and even mods that add to aim assist stat. All stats are known and available on db.destinytracker.com

Game Support / Re: Another Destiny 2 post
« on: 03:06 PM - 09/05/18 »
If you're bothered by aim assist you may find that so called "anti aim assist curve" helpful until you find your favorite low aim assist weapons.

Also with 1.15 X/Y ratio, or higher, on your ADS profile the theory is when recoil kicks you above their head it helps you cut down through the aim assist bubble to quicker get back on the head and this is mostly relevant to single shot high recoil weapons like hand cannon and sniper.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2 with a XIM?
« on: 05:02 PM - 08/30/18 »
Couldnt find a dedicated thread for this, but how does the XIM 4 work with Destiny 2?

It aims good enough so you don't need threads, curves, boost, syncing, smoothing and all the other nonsense that plagues games like Overwatch.

First key to playing Crucible is understanding your turn radius decreases when sprinting in Destiny games. You need a sprint profile that activates an aggressive curve and higher sensitivity when holding your sprint button.

Second key to playing Crucible is understanding aim assist. All aim assist values on all weapons are public record (db.destinytracker.com). If you like effect of aim assist pick super high AA weapons (MIDA etc.). If you hate aim assist pick low AA weapons and activate scopes that further reduce AA. 

feeling of your fps taking a large dip midway through a shot and you missing that shot and for me i've always felt like overwatch doesn't play cleanly all the time

Are you talking about flicks? You have to be sure you are not crossing the turn limit on a flick, xim will just blink and your crosshair will not go where your brain wanted, it feels like @#$%.

Otherwise overwatch never felt consistent on flicks, from one flick to another sometimes crosshair would overshoot sometimes undershoot. That's why many tried to salvage it with linear ramp.

Btw Overwatch on console forces vsync, you have about 80ms input lag minimum on gaming monitor. On TV the number goes above 100ms, 200ms...

Please tell me you have bought an apex
It's only a higher polling device, it doesn't introduce any translator advancements that would make Overwatch ST suck less, unless that happens no reason to get one.

I use Linear Ramp with unchanged settings for a very long time. I feel it is the most accurate input, what ever other limitations it has as Ana main accuracy is all I care about.

most of us (myself included) cant make our minds up about what we should be using.
Devs probably explained many times what value for smoothing and framerate synchronization are equal to old xim4 behaviour which didn't have those settings. If I was happy with xim4 I'd set them to xim4 values.

Red or Blue switch? i dont really understand the difference between the two

One has more tactile feedback than the other.

If your goal is to get the most out of analogue input on console (peeking, aim assist etc.) since the actuation point is configurable with software it may be counter intuitive to get the click from blue switch at one point even though actuation started happening at an earlier point. If that were my goal I would go with red switches.

If your goal is to get most feedback from mechanical keyboard blue is much more satisfying switch.

I'm just curious what the ST data says regarding ADS. I'm assuming mist tested it during the training process.

They are the same (at least were a year ago). The choice and difference for users comes down to: in-game limited relative zoom sensitivity, or xim ADS profile limited.

I am in the ADS profile limited camp, because: ST was trained at max sensitivity so I expect it to work the best it can work when zoom sensitivity is equal to the hip sensitivity (relative zoom sensitivity 100 in-game). Use xim ADS profile to fine tune your final sensitivity.

Edit: actually there is also some extra information regarding my final statement "Use xim ADS profile to fine tune your final sensitivity." There's a line of thinking that there is a universal best value for final ADS sensitivity for all players, and that it is between 41% and 54% of your hip sensitivity at 93FOV that console game has hard-coded.  PC guys have a whole science about this, matching small flicks or large flicks (aka. "screen distance") across different fields of view. But bottom line is that this is only accurate if the input is linear and without smoothing, which it supposedly is with Exponential Ramp ST.

Hey, title pretty much sums it up. The reason is because I'm used to linear settings for overwatch.

Thank you

What do you mean "old". What happened to it?  Do I have to avoid, and prevent, Library from updating ST-s to not be affected?

input lag is about 100ms on consoles from controller input.

Bingo. Games that I have the most experience with (thousands of hours with xim4) are Destiny (super bad 30FPS game over 100ms input lag) and Overwatch (super bad for a 60FPS game, forced vsync puts it over 70ms of input lag).

This 8ms to 1ms reduction seems like the no. 1 marketing point, followed by a smaller form factor. Is that it, is there anything else to this device at all? I do not doubt faster polling makes it feel more responsive than xim4, but neither of these two things will make Overwatch ST not feel like sh*t.

Is there anything changing with the smart translator for XIM Apex that will make Overwatch acceleration curve enjoyable to play with? I see marketing for XIM Apex continues that old trope about: "1-1 PC feel!". Which is 100% false in case of Overwatch.

Game Support / Re: Logitech G13?
« on: 10:29 AM - 01/01/18 »
When I press the key I have for run the character walks.

Sprint key is usually caps lock, control or shift. Don't map W to both forward and sprint at the same time.

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