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I played it on pc last year but now I only have a console so i was wondering is pubg worth buying on console

More importantly does it work well with a xim or does it suck like how overwatch is

And by suck i,mean like hit reg..like in ow you can be clearly on someones head but controller player will smoke u first

Pubg on console is literally garbage do not waste your time.

I've never experienced anything bad in overwatch.. I do not know what you're talking about. Why would a controller player smoke you first? What you're seeming to talk about is an internet connection problem. If your shots and weapons aren't seeming to kill anyone, or if your having a really bad time with hit registration, then that is definitely an internet connection problem.. I used to play overwatch before Moira dropped.. and I legit never had a single problem in that game. I went Diamond with my team and I played McCree, D.Va, Zarya and Mei.

This is a known problem in Call of duty.. where lag compensation literally ruins player's ability to kill people and the players would seemingly get the first shot off, but still die to their opponents.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim x y ratio
« on: 10:46 AM - 10/06/19 »
i don't know why anyone would want to change this value from 1.0 to anything else. It's literally fine at 0 or whatever the DEFAULT is...

only time I've ever used it was to disable the vertical axis altogether to create  left-to-right motions only, and literally zero movements on the up and down axis.

What games have you been playing it on? Why do you think it feed different. Thanks

not entirely sure if you're asking me, but here goes my list.

overwatch-- all and every call of duty, battlefield, fortnite and a liiiiiitle bit of apex legends.

OFF always provided me with the greatest responsive FEEL like i'm closest to PC. After messing with OFF-- I couldn't go back to other modes.

Did you try the Mj Fame one? The one that gets you to set your DPI to 800? It's unconventional but alot of PC gamers rate it and alot of them hate it. Which means it's COOOOOL at least.

i'm sorry but that MJfame @#$% is a gigantic placebo effect. It clearly does NOT beat (in terms of feeling) 1000hz 1000polling 12,000k DPI and SYNC OFF or default with NO SMOOTHING OR CURVES.

OFF always provided me with the greatest responsive FEEL like i'm closest to PC. After messing with OFF-- I couldn't go back to other modes.

this used to happen to me, because my xim manager app would randomly lose connection, and reconnect without me even noticing, and it'll always default to the top config I'd have on the list. This is probably whats happening.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: aim assist and DPI
« on: 10:45 AM - 09/29/19 »

General Discussion / Re: Not so hyped for MW anymore...
« on: 12:13 PM - 09/28/19 »
you know what's sad? A lot of people don't experience "shoot first die first".. they hear you say it, and think you're crazy.. or they're just convinced you're not aiming accurately enough, or you didn't put enough bullets into them..
this happens on every single call of duty game since black ops 3 and up.. I'm sick and tired of it. if anyone is reading this with a possible FIX, let me know.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: aim assist and DPI
« on: 10:55 AM - 09/27/19 »
The heck? Dude that makes absolute no sense,my man must of been on some shrooms that day cus AA off means no help,therefore 800 dpi is irrelevant for AA. Perhaps it simply feels better for him movement wise, everyone is different.

yeah, this is why I made the post because the dude is really making no sense.

yet I'm the one not understanding lol. Did you also see where he mentions he spoke to Xim veterans about this?
like he knows some secret aim assist exists within the xim somewhere... lol

the only thing I can think of is the less DPI means less movement required on his part  and the mouse may move faster, because l less pixels?? IDK!!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: aim assist and DPI
« on: 06:41 PM - 09/25/19 »
I'm pretty sure BFV did it.
2nd thought I don't think I've experienced it on fortnite. Your XIM and mouse won't generate it's own aim assist. Only other thing I can think he may have meant lower DPI assists aim as you don't have to be as precise with mouse movement.

Yeah, when I used to use my old first edition razer deathadder with 3500dpi lol I used to be somewhat a little bit more accurate? It just seemed a little easier. But then again I always have AA ticked ON. Because frankly I cannot hit my targets without it. Ever since I bought a g502 with 1000hz polling and 12k dpi I noticed that AA seems a little weaker and overall it feels much much more hot and responsive. So I guess you need to find a happy medium wherever you feel comfortable. But Iím guessing that is what he is talking about. Lower dpi means less precise movements required

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: aim assist and DPI
« on: 04:34 PM - 09/25/19 »
I've found even with AA off, games often still Ads you towards opponents. So what he's saying makes sense don't know why he couldn't explain it better though.

I've never felt that ever.. whenever I tick off aim assist-- there's literally no help offered it's all up to the user from there. It becomes more like a PC in the fact that it does not aid you what so ever.. I've tested this in overwatch and all call of duties and battlefields

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: aim assist and DPI
« on: 04:14 PM - 09/25/19 »
The guy literally said aim assist is off in game settings. Yet heís got 800 dpi in order to help ďgive the most aim assistĒ and so Iím setting here scratching my head, trying to figure out how in the world can he have any aim assist if itís turned OFF??? Yet he has the nerve to tell me that Iím not understanding it. Lol please someone correct me here but if AA is ticked OFF in game...the xim apex has no power in controlling the aim assist in your games, regardless of boosts, curves, DPI, MHz settings or anything you can think of. ..right??


XIM APEX Discussions / aim assist and DPI
« on: 02:51 PM - 09/25/19 »
This guy on youtube is going on about 800dpi helping with aim assist... yet he has his aim assist turned OFF in game... Does this make sense to any of you? Or is this a giant contradiction? He's telling me that i'm not understanding it...

someone help me here.

lmao look at this 180 turn around headshot from hipfire. I hope that dude didnt throw his PS4 out the window after that :)


Haha RNG at its finest.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: The Apex at its finest
« on: 07:07 PM - 12/12/18 »
Sorry but this is 100% aim bot. And I donít know how itís going on undetected regardless of PC or CONSOLE, this is absolutely crazy.

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