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Game Support / Re: Outriders - New ingame Settings
« on: 02:36 PM - 06/23/21 »
I put this configuration in game and i like it, better even before, maybe you need adjust again you aim xim apex sensitivity after this:
sensitivy horizontal and vertical look maximum of course
turning ramp-up time set to 0
aiming ramp-up time set to 0
stick response curve set to sharp

no more changes

Can you link the usb-c cable that works
In Spain
Other countries look for Microsoft wireless contoller+ usb-c cable

Thx so much for your support misty.
Solved, the problem was the cable.
Working fine with usb-c cable microsoft.
Reporting feedback, usb-c cables subsonic and FRTec dont work.
I supose that usb-c cables compatibles with pc will work fine and usb-c cables for charging not working

It's possible. Does the controller work with a PC using the same cable? Not work

Also, did you update to the latest beta firmware? This supports the new controller. (http://xim.tech/beta)
Yes, 20201215

Hi, I have the same problem, xim apex don´t recognize the xbox series controller, in any port of xbox, could be the cable?
xim apex works fine in my PS4.

Thx so much

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Settings WARFACE PS4
« on: 03:10 PM - 08/26/18 »
Try with Ghost Recon Wildlans, I like it.

Beta / Re: Connection Failure 10060
« on: 11:55 AM - 03/11/14 »
sorry, my failure is 10049

Beta / Re: Connection Failure 10060
« on: 11:53 AM - 03/11/14 »

Beta / Re: Connection failure 10049??
« on: 11:50 AM - 03/11/14 »

i have this failure.

i tried it with ps4+hori pad. Previously hori functions correctly directly connected to ps4 or through hub usb. Computer: laptop w8.1

I did yet:

services.msc- bluetooth- automatic detection on
all steps beta instructions
executed file fixbug w8.1

today i´ll try another laptop w7

Thx and sorry for my English

Wow! And i thought that i was alone in my generation. 44

Mark on the DOOM game on us!

Release Candidates / Re: RC Testers: Need your help
« on: 01:52 PM - 12/11/13 »

I want my next xim as soon as possible, like everybody.
Now, i play COD with my edge in ps3, just above my ps4.
If i can i'll buy cm like adapter to my edge.
Xim's guys aren't my friends and the edge isn't my wife
But when the next xim release i'll give up all that i'd buy and i will follow xim
Because i want the Best gun for the Best shot
I only change my opinion if the next xim become a Good product, not the Best.
In three months nobody remember this post, we'll remember our next xim only
Which was the subjet of this post?
Patient and help giving usefull information plz

Release Candidates / Re: CS:GO Smart Translator Feedback
« on: 09:58 AM - 10/10/12 »
I think that de last release, 2012/10/05, the translation of movement is perfect!

Release Candidates / Re: CS:GO Smart Translator Feedback
« on: 01:43 PM - 09/17/12 »
I feel a lazy movement in game, supose inflicted Valve configuration, such that the movement is worst COD ST.
Even so is much better than controller and better than mouse and keyboard directly conected.
Good work but i think It can improve when release future patches in the game.

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