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As we look forward to Destiny 2, I just wanted to poke in here and say thanks RML.

your efforts really made a difference in my ability to enjoy and excel in Destiny 1, and I truly appreciate all the time you take to share your experiments and knowledge.

If you're ever in the Hudson Valley NY I'd love to buy you a beer my friend.

cheers, and thanks again Guardian.

What is this new wizardry?

Should I get excited?


So I've been playing with / adjusting / getting used to the Sony NAV / G700s setups in Destiny the past few nights.

I struggle with remapping my brain after years of using a DS3 or a DS4 controller, what was second nature to me (triangle/square/circle/X) is now alien ... I'm constantly getting lost in my hand movements / button choices.

so I had to make myself a cheat sheet to keep in front of me til I can get used to the new way things are.

if it can help anyone else, here it is:


Also - any advice or critique of my setup would be welcome.


Ok, changed the cable

I think this fixed the problem, thank you again!

Will do.

I know I was using the short (6 inch) cable that comes with the Playstation Gold Headset between the controller and the XIM4 ... that may not be a data cable.

I'll swap that out when I get home and report back to you.


I'll follow up with you when I get home tonight @7EST ~ I don't remember if anything showed on the profile or if the DS4 was lit.

Thanks again Mist.

Thanks for sharing all of that info, it should help speed things up. Before you started up your XIM4, was the DS4 on? Also, after pressing the PS button do you see it assign your controller to your profile?

No, the DS4 controller is off until everything else is plugged in and hooked up and the XIM is lit up red.

By profile do you mean my Playstation Profile or is there a Profile in XIM manager that should show the controller?

Thanks Mist,

Hey guys,

ok, what am I doing wrong:

XIM4 is using firmware 20150816
My tablet is using manager 20150816

I connect the mouse to the XIM4 wirelessly through the dongle
I connect the Sony NAV controller to the XIM4 via a UBS cable
I connect the PS4 DS4 controller to the XIM4 via a USB cable
I connect the XIM4 to the PS4 and it cycles though it's colors and pulses red
I turn the PS4 DS4 controller on

My tablet is paired with the XIM4 via bluetooth

I can load a new config on XIM manager (Destiny)
I can change the config via the tablet (select an option, it listens and then 'hears' me click the mouse or NAV controller and it shows the new button in the tablet config.
I can save the whole thing and everything seems good.

When I move the mouse the XIM responds by flashing.

But after all this ... nothing happens on the screen.

I feel like I am missing an obvious step ... a forehead slapping mistake.

Please help an old man with this.


This is the nicest god @#$% USB cable I've ever seen.

6'-0" of heavy duty cloth braided top shelf slickness.

now i got to wait 8 hours til i get home to use it.


Should I to anything with the mouse before plugging on to the XIM for the first time, or leave it all as-is and just plug & play?



then put it into gaming mode or else you will have quite some input lag regarding the size of the TV :)

noted, thank you.

I'm sure I'll have to do a lot of tweaking once it's here to get it to feel right, looking forward to it!

Sounds like a solid setup! When are you going to invite all the forum users over for gaming and pizza?

hahaha .. according to Loki there will be no time for things like socializing with real people one i get my XIM :p

Beer hat is the way forward my friend.  Its deciding if you want to get a catheter bag fitted for those seal breaking moments XD

... I ... I ...  like the way you think

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