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Game Support / Destiny Auto Slide Macro for g502 mouse?
« on: 01:57 PM - 11/05/15 »
Hey there,

I'm new to xim but had an idea that I haven't seen.  Would it be possible to create a macro that would continually sprint slide while holding one button?  Was playing around in the Logitech gaming software and saw where you could create macros.  I didn't see anything that let you continually repeat the keystroke in the macro without reclicking the button.


Here's the other thing that is really annoying...  I seem to just get absolutely dominated at close in shotgun play.  Screen doesn't scroll fast enough, gun seems to jump.. I don't know.  It's great at medium range / pulse rifle play. 

Was hoping for some help.  I can't seem to get my y axis look to be fast enough.  I have hunters blink jump over me and by the time I can turn I'm dead.

It doesn't seem like the y axis is -that- slow with a controller.  I've tried adjusting the hip sensitivity but haven't had any success, and really, I don't want the x axis to be much faster anyways.

Any thoughts?

Hi!  I just got my XIM4 and need help.  I am running the newest firmware option, and I do not see the copy/paste code option when you click the "three dots" in the settings.  I even watched the youtube video and I do not see the options that you do when you click on the dots.

Any help?


Edit:  Just kidding I figured it out -- I didn't have the latest firmware.  The firmware link I was going to had a different date showing as the newest.  Thanks!

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