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Game Support / Re: Destiny setup
« on: 09:20 PM - 10/04/15 »
I think that is about time that we got a full tutorial step by step about this.

I have a Razer Ouroboros and that thing is nothing short of power-hungry. Mine would only work wirelessly when connected to the Xim, but would bomb the Xim's BlueTooth. In wired mode, it would send the Xim into a power cycle loop and wouldn't work at all.

Connect the Ouroboros and optionally your kb to a powered USB hub, then connect the hub to the mouse port of the Xim. Fixed my problems instantly and it's been rock-solid for the best part of a year.

thats sounds nice do you have a info and pic on that powered usb hub.

no it didn't work i change to naga instead naga works good but it has only 5600dpi it feels so slow.

sens this morning all worked perfect whit razer orbweaver and razer naga then now connected razer ouroboros  everything is dead i have tried to do  a factory reset still dosen't work i tried naga again and it worked perfect again. has it been any problem before whit  razer ouroboros. ?

Hi there i am new Xim4 owner i love your guide one question howe do i set it up if i have a keyboard. can i still use this if i have not a Nav. ?

Hallå där denna tråd verkar död men jag gör ett försök ändå frågan är är det värt att köpa en Xim4 är denna bäst just nu på marknaden ?

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