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Cheers anth, nice of you to pitch in, always makes me smile when you do x

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Destiny 2
« on: 12:21 AM - 09/18/18 »
Nice! I'm aiming for the luna, I'm miles away, only on 900. Its it worth the grind?

Game changer for all xim users that play destiny 2. With the release of forsaken, bungle have brought a random roll on leg armour called traction.

This increases mobility but more importantly grants user tighter turn radius whilst sprinting which makes the game feel so much snappier and responsive.

Im still using a sprint subconfig with these boots but may try no sprint subconfig to see if my hip to ads accuracy increases.

Currently using this

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [500hz apex&mouse. 3k. Default.] START COPY >>>
<<< XIM APEX END COPY <<</code]

500 mouse polling and apex polling

Feels nice.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Destiny 2
« on: 12:09 AM - 09/17/18 »
Cheers Jordan, if you fancy competative at some point send me an inv I'm on xbox

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Luna's howl
« on: 12:25 AM - 09/14/18 »
Where have you been all my life rml? Stop playing battle Royal games and get back on destiny! It's greater than life itself. (my wife is going to leave me)

XIM APEX Discussions / Luna's howl
« on: 03:57 PM - 09/13/18 »
Looking for UK based xbox one destiny 2 ximmers to play competitive with weekday evenings around 8pm.

There are 2 of us grinding competitive trying to get to fabled rank to unlock the luna's howl. The process would be much better with other good ximmers.

Send me a friends request or message if you're interested.

My gamer tag is - frash brang

Thanks but I can't paste a whole config into that converter

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Destiny 2
« on: 07:57 AM - 09/12/18 »
Thanks for sharing. Are you using the g440 hard logitech pad?

You shared your hip and ads settings but do you use a 3rd subconfig for run/sprint? If so what sense?

Thanks pal

Hi guys,

I'm trying to use rml's insane destiny 1 xim4 set up with my xim apex. Unfortunately he didn't post separate curve codes, instead he posted this:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Destiny G402 Gnasher] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

This is the code for the entire config which includes hip, ads and sprint.

1. Is there anyway to convert this code to work on my xim apex?

2. If not is there anyway to extract the curves from this code so I can use the xim4 to apex ballistic converter?

3. If not to any of the above, would someone with a xim4 be kind enough to paste the xim4 curves and let me know the boost and sensitivities?

Many thanks guys

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Destiny 2
« on: 06:14 AM - 09/06/18 »
Not sure on stats, check destiny tracker.... My gt is frash brang. Probably not that good.

What settings do you use? Mind sharing?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim buddies
« on: 12:45 AM - 09/04/18 »
Frash brang

Clan Clash / Re: Clan for Destiny XIM players on xbox1
« on: 02:56 PM - 09/02/18 »
If you're open to adding a few who do not use xim, we would be up for joining the xim clan. All UK based.


Frash brang - ximmer
Chaddybadger - ximmer
Xnathogaming - ximmer

Shared Configs / Re: XIM Apex - Destiny 2 Config Guide
« on: 01:15 PM - 09/02/18 »
Not trying to hijack but I'm all about destiny. I've tried so many different settings, dpi combinations, sensitivities, curves etc, I just wanted to let you guys know what I've settled on and what works great for me.

No curves
No smoothing
Common sync
3000dpi mouse
500hz mouse polling
500hz xim apex polling

Hip sense 40
Ads sense 26
Sprint sub config sense 50

This is super smooth and responsive with medium strength aim assist which helps first shot accuracy /lock on as you transition from hip to ads then allows you to play with the aa bubble with out too much effort.

Enjoy forsaken guys

Beta / Re: Make boost great again
« on: 10:21 AM - 08/31/18 »
Mist can you tell me why you're such an amazing guy?

Thanks for saving me some monies.

So if 500boost is approx 1.5 on the first point of the ballistic Curve, could you confirm that this is scalable in a linear fashion? 1000 boost is 3 and 250 boost is 0.75?

Appreciate you helping out.

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