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USB 3.0 geht aber schon oder brauch ich nen USB 2.0 Switcher?

Vielen Dank Od1n, ich denk nen USB Switcher hört sich einfacher an .

Ist es möglich die xim apex und dazugehörige Maus Tastatur so zu verkabeln dass man die MundT ohne um zu stecken an einem PC nutzen zu können?
Wen ja, wie?
Was brauch ich?

Gruß Sciro

Game Support / Re: Cold War ST has been released
« on: 05:27 AM - 11/28/20 »
Feels great...

I found a solution...
I de installed the manager, download newest manager again (android) and installed it. Now I can add new config. And now it shows me Xbox 360 or ps3 to choose by adding a new config again...

Don't now what happened

|hy... Im from Germany sry for bad English.
I'm on Xbox series x, New controller, new beta firmware and newest manager.
Since I updatet to beta firmware I cannot add bo4 or MW ST to my apex... The app suddenly ends.
I tried to load the firmware again but nothing changed..

|hy... Im from Germany sry for bad English.
I'm on Xbox series x, New controller, new beta firmware and newest manager.
Since I updatet to beta firmware I cannot add bo4 or MW ST to my apex... The app suddenly ends.
I tried to load the firmware again but nothing changed..

Resolved it. It was a HHKB that had a USB hub built in.

What means hhkb? Probably in German? Pls 😊

Game Support / Re: Best ST for COD:Modern Warfare
« on: 01:11 AM - 10/25/19 »
Tried the campaign with the IW st. Feels a little floaty and a little slow to turn so far. Also feels like the crosshairs move a little too quick with small mouse movements.


Shared Configs / Re: MW beta config: d1sable
« on: 11:46 AM - 10/24/19 »
I try the IW St now, but do not find good settings  :-[

Shared Configs / Re: MW beta config: d1sable
« on: 11:45 AM - 10/24/19 »
True, beta st do not work in full game now...
Need help

Deutsch / Re: COD: Modern Warfare Config
« on: 11:34 AM - 10/24/19 »
Hy, hätte bei der beta die St von modern warfare genommen, bild mit dem remastered. Klappte wunderbar,
Doch jetzt in der Vollversion geht die nicht mehr, jetzt versuch ich gerade die St von IW

Shared Configs / Re: PreST Apex Legends config
« on: 01:19 PM - 02/08/19 »
U have to use the same firmware like me

Newest beta 20190119

Shared Configs / Re: PreST Apex Legends config
« on: 07:48 AM - 02/08/19 »
PUBG St works best for me..

>>> XIM APEX [Apex Legends ] START COPY >>>

Ingame settings in post #1

Shared Configs / Re: My PUBG settings 600+ wins
« on: 02:14 PM - 02/07/19 »
Ok, thx for sharing

Hardware Compatbility / Re: G502 and Wooting One help
« on: 12:20 PM - 02/05/19 »
I use a powered USB hub because I had problems with power at the beginning

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