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When i see the download icon on my XIM manager when opening up my Fortnite ST,  Does that mean there is an update to Fornite specifically or just an update to some games on the Game Database?

everything has changed with the new patch, i havent played since but im playing tonight to check it out.   if you wanna play sometime, PM me your epic or PSN name and ill add you :)   im not the greatest but im decentish

ok, thanks everyone :)   od1n, we should play sometime :)   im a stone main guy with a preference of conduit offhand or fire but i have a tank talent build so im constantly getting health and shield back

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 10:16 PM - 10/20/20 »
Spellbreak feels good. All settings default with no extras. I'll share a config in the appropriate forum section.

The ice bow requires a subconfig for it ADS which I will include.

much appreciated, i noticed ADS was missing too.  Please let me know when you post something for it

Hey Mist

First, thank you so much for spellbreak config.  I  noticed on the ads section, it says there is no ADS in spellbreak but there is.  The only gauntlet that uses ADS is Frost.  Is there a way to add that in?

Game Support / Re: ETA on ST for Spellbreak
« on: 08:35 PM - 09/28/20 »
i did not like the fortnite linear ST with spell break, maybe i didnt do the right advanced settings but i tried to match up what i could.  Mouse movement was a little better than plants vs zombies garden warfare2 but something just was very off using the fortnite linear ST so i switched back

Game Support / Re: ETA on ST for Spellbreak
« on: 02:02 PM - 09/27/20 »
i have been using the Plants vs Zombies garden warfare 2 ST at the recommendation of a few others and its  ok for the time being, definitely not 1:1

Since Spellbreak and Fortnite are made by epic games, I wonder if anyone has tried using the fortnite linear ST? I am going to try and test it later tonight

Game Support / Re: Spellbreak - LF Config
« on: 10:01 PM - 09/21/20 »
Until the official ST comes out I have had pretty good luck with keeping the default settings in game. That is minus the vertical, horizontal and zoomed sensitivity. I've changed those to 100, 100, 50 respectively. I've tried a lot of ST's and the best luck I've had is with the Plants VS Zombies 2: GARDEN warfare smart translator honestly. I feel it gives me the best feel while still giving me some decent micro movement feeling for the Frost gauntlet.

I haven't tried tweaking any of the in game advanced features. As I feel those won't really be needed once we get a ST. Most ST's are designed around the default settings minus the common changed settings (vert and horiz senses) and maybe a dead zone one. Let me know what you guys think.

Ive been using this one too, thank you!!  works good enough until a ST comes out

Game Support / Re: Spellbreak - LF Config
« on: 12:35 AM - 09/20/20 »
could def use an ST for this, i am definitely not a controller aimer on ps4 heh, been m/kb all my life :)

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Expo best settings
« on: 04:23 PM - 07/23/20 »
Can you post your config?  Im debating on running out to pickup a nav controller so im curious what you have bound to the controller and mouse.   its the PS3 one?

« on: 10:39 PM - 07/18/20 »
i used to use the sony ps4 headsets but they pickup EVERY background noise.  I use Astro A50

One of the hardest things for me in Fortnite with Xim is when i switch to build "O" and hit the build button "O" again to try and attack in a fight.  Mine usually defaults back to pickaxe when i hit O.  I really want to know what you do because I would like to know how xim users videos ive seen can whip out their shotgun so quickly.  When i was just m/kb, before i used xim, it was much easier because you can set a key specifically for slot 1, 2, 3 etc so i just bound my mouse wheel tilt to shotgun. 

Any help would be greatly appreciative, just trying to figure out how to get faster with my edit to shotgun shots

It means that there is a game support update. Tap on it and it'll tell you what has been updated. If a game you already have a config for is updated, when you have the Config loaded, there will be an icon that shows up on the main Manager screen that tells you that your Config is out of date and suggests creating a new one to get the updated support.

Thank you for clarifying.  The first part where you say to tap on it and it will tell me what has been updated, what screen is that?  When i load into the Xim app, it automatically loads my config and does it tell me what in the game was updated? or just that there is an update

I know i have been using Xim for years and years but i never knew the answer to this lol

Just a few quick questions, when i open my XIM Apex app on my Iphone and see the download icon on the top right, does that mean that:

there is an update specific to my game? or does it mean that there is an update to 1+ games in the download database?   

If my game is the one updated, do i check that by clicking the icon on my config main page?

If my game is updated, do i need to make a new config and copy my old one or does the download icon update my current saved config. 

Thank you

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 10:36 PM - 02/03/20 »
i got two questions:
Is epic going to change the looks engine in the near future?
And I donít understand why the new st is for expo, if they realy wanna heave the best 1 on 1 experience I think linear is better then you have the real raw stick input?

Thanks for reading my question :)

Yes, Feb 20th they are releasing Season 2 Chp2 with Unreal Engine,  dont know about your 2nd question

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