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Beta / Which third party controllers work with PS5?
« on: 03:31 PM - 12/13/20 »
I've seen posts saying that some third party or speciality controllers that are compatible with PS5. These can then be used as a temporary workaround to get Xim Apex working on PS5 games.

Please can someone link me to these controllers? I'd be happy to go this route for the time being.

Many thanks!

Beta / How is the PS5 development coming along?
« on: 07:55 AM - 11/29/20 »

This isn't another WHERE IS THE PS5 SUPPORT?!?! thread, rather just checking in to see how the process is going? Does it look achievable? Is it too early to tell? How is the process going? Just curious as to what sort of issues you are facing and how possible you feel it might be to get support up and running eventually?

Thanks in advance!


This BETA firmware build adds support for Xbox Series X/S controllers on both Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles.

FEEDBACK: We wanted to get this build out to you as quickly as possible so you can start gaming on your new Xbox Series X/S hardware. Please help us test this new support and provide feedback here (even if you are gaming on an Xbox One).

You can use any version of Manager with this firmware build.

XIM APEX Firmware

Download XIM APEX Firmware Tool 20201111 for PC
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64

Flash Upgrade Instructions (instructional video):
1. Hold down the button on your XIM APEX
2. Plug your XIM APEX into your computer while continuing to hold the button
3. Wait for your XIM APEX's light to display blue and then release the button
4. Download and run the XIMAPEXFlash tool
5. Select Update Firmware
6. Disconnect your XIM APEX from your computer after the tool completes

Thanks so much guys this is amazing. Will you be able to provide a Mac version soon? I don't have access to a PC :(

Look forward to the firmware update guys!  :)

Your XIM will likely require a firmware update to support their new controller.

How about with the Elite Series 2 or original Xbox One controller? Is there a chance Xim Apex may work out the box with series X using that controller?

Whoop! Keep us posted amigo!

If any of you are lucky enough to pick up their Xbox early, if you could report back with Xim Apex compatibility news that would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks in advance  :)

Thanks very much for the reply. A firmware update on the same day would be incredible! Fingers crossed this is all that ends up needing to happen. Thanks again and see you November 10th I guess!    ;D

Not gonna lie, I pre ordered a PS5 but then got the Xbox Series X pre order too, for the exact reason that it seems the most likely to work with Xim Apex out of the box on release day. Is that your hope/feeling too at this stage? Can you see any obvious reason why that might not be the case?

Also, and sorry if these are totally speculative and impossible to answer, but let's imagine a (terrible) world where it doesn't work on day one, do you think its likely a firmware update would be enough to sort compatibility?

Again apologies if these are very 'how long is a piece of string' type questions!

I've seen certain reviewers start to receive the Series X for testing purposes. Do the Xim team get hardware early or will it be a case of waiting til public release to find out next gen compatibility?

Hello all,

I've just come to play the PS4 as always and my mouse no longer works. It won't select a game from the dashboard and if I go into the Xim Apex app and try to reassign a key to that mouse button, it says 'listening' but doesn't register a button I click.

Nothing in my setup has changed at all and the mouse is powering on normally.

I've tried hard restarting the PS4, unplugging the Apex, changing the USB ports etc but nothing has fixed it. Any ideas?

Game Support / Re: Destiny 1&2: Advanced Setups (20190801)
« on: 07:11 AM - 05/19/20 »
Gotcha. Maybe I'll keep curve 4 as Hip and then use this new ADS and see how I go.

TBH, the ADS was the only alight issue with the last iteration anyway, so if this is an improvement then it makes absolutel sense to give it a whirl.

Appreciate all your work as always. I'll give this a shot and see how it goes. All your setups have helped me significantly improve in PVP.. I think I'm something silly like a 2.01 in Trials overall at the moment and a LOT of that is down to your work, so thanks a bunch.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 1&2: Advanced Setups (20190801)
« on: 03:44 AM - 05/19/20 »
Brand new setup here with a new curve for better movements and better AA cut through.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Destiny 2] START COPY >>>

Iíd suggest you copy/paste this full Config then take from it what you want and add it to your setup. Or... do a lot of button remapping.

Fresh, you havenít seen this yet. Itís even better!


Hey RML, would you rate this over the setup you created a while back which had a ballistic curve that took mini steps up if you see what I mean. I remember you and I were raving about that one as it felt PERFECT in hip fire, as in like a PC setup almost. These new ballistic curves are an improvement on that you reckon?

EDIT: Found the curve I'm talking about - Curve 4 here: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=39989.msg771973#msg771973

Game Support / Re: Destiny 1&2: Advanced Setups (20190801)
« on: 09:44 AM - 09/10/19 »
I doff my cap to you sir. God's speed. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 1&2: Advanced Setups (20190727)
« on: 01:57 AM - 08/01/19 »
Im using the nav also. My ? is how do you use the without clicking on the thunbstick. How can i make it automatic

Just so I understand, what are you trying to do? Make sprint automatic? So you are constantly sprinting? Or make it so you press the left stick in once to sprint then press it again to cancel sprinting?

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