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As well as all the points above, you've got to consider "Does Sony have the expertise and resources to detect XIM?" If the answer is "Hell, yes!" (they employee over 100,000 people and are worth $135b, ffs!), then you have to ask yourself "why haven't they banned the XIM?" The answer is, they just don't care.
Only a tiny percentage of console users use a XIM and the device doesn't impact negatively on sales. You might come across a bunch of unhappy whiners online that think XIMmers are taking all their jobs and all their women, but until they stop buying games and consoles because of us, Sony won't do diddly squat about the Apex. Fact, bro.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Banned on multiple accounts
« on: 02:28 AM - 04/06/22 »
The fact that OP is using multiple smurf accounts says it all.

I still havenít got to grips with it. Doubt that I ever will.

I've had my Nexus for over a month, and no import duty/tax bill yet (Fedex International).

Acting Unfairly to gain advantage
Ah. Then, by your definition, XIM is not cheating as it acts fairly to gain advantage.  8)

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Gyro aiming going mainstream
« on: 03:10 AM - 02/18/22 »
It makes me wonder if these people would class a car with ABS, Traction control, ESC, auto transmission, hill start assistance and whatever other girly aids cars have, as cheating, because all of those things reduce the amount of skill required by a driver.
Good analogy.

I have Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War on PS4. Tried both with Apex and keyboard and mouse but found both movement and aiming to be a real struggle, so put both games back on the shelf.
This thread gives me confidence.
Gonna brush the dust off them this weekend and try them again, but this time with my new Nexus.  8)

General Discussion / Re: Does anyone know Laykas sens?
« on: 03:56 AM - 02/09/22 »
this guys sensitivity looks so good but his description says £50 for the sens which is just stupid so im wondering if anyone has it?
It is stupid as everybody needs a sensitivity that's unique to them. Work out your own by flicking a 180, or training against bots.

Fedex International Priority to UK was $38.44. Not sure why yours is so much more expensive. Which country?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Credit card
« on: 12:47 PM - 02/03/22 »
I just bought it through PayPal. Smooth and easy transaction. I live in the UK.

I asked for it myself a few years ago. No response yet...  :(

Awesome!, enjoy it its a great pair of cans.  ;D

Well, proper amplification is quite tricky, picking up a cheap amp can ruin the sound delivery.

Sound amplification is not about getting louder, but getting clearer.

Sound is like a very detail to a tee, illustration, like a bill / note
An Amplifier is like a magnifying glass, that allow us to see all the details and very small subtleties of that illustration.
The quality of the glass will determine how well we can "Zoom in" to appreciate those details (sound dynamics, attack, speed, changes on the sound)

If this glass is dirty or scratched, opaque it wont work, that's why on audiophile we use the word "transparent" how "clean" that glass is and how well magnifies this image.

Below $100 USD you won't find a good amplifier without ruining the sound... imaging, sound-stage, all the wide airy openess the AKG has, will be ruined.

If I remember right, you can use SB X7 RCA Audio In with a Y RCA L/R to 3.5mm adapter to keep using its built-in amplifier.

Now if you are looking to make another jump and get a transparent amplifier (X7 is not) JDS Atom all the way; 5 years ago we should pay above $300 USD to get that amp transparency performance. Topping L30 or any chinese clone... I will stay away due its QC issues, there is some L30 batch out there that blows headphones.

However, there is an amazing audio british company, they make most amazing high performance-value ratio products and I guess you can find it cheaper than the rest of the world, and that is iFi Audio. iFi Zen CAN amp and you will be set, its 135 amp sounds like a an american 299 amp.

I check on amazon uk, and there is a Pro-ject 125 lb, legendary Austrian company.

So it might feelt like a little stretch but a very worthy upgrade that will unleashed all the potential of your AKG's

ifi Zen CAN  > Pro-Ject  > Atom

Topping L30

All those cheapo portable no-brand chinese headphone amps below $40 USD... stay away.

Hope it helps! :D
Bit the bullet and bought the iFi Zen CAN.
It works well. Sound through my 702s is now loud and clear. The addition of extra bass is very welcome and the 3D matrix works really well to take the sound outside my head. Makes a big difference to audio detection in CoD! The hiss from the X7 is still there, but no longer noticable and the interference has vanished.

My set-up:
PS4 Pro into Sound Blaster X7 via optical
PC into Sound Blaster X7 via USB
XBSX into controller via 3.5mm ext into Sound Blaster X7 via RCA adapter (line in)
Sound Blaster X7 into Zen CAN via RCA adapter (line out) (X7 volume at 100%)
Zen CAN connected to AKG K702s.
Zen CAN gain set to 12dB, volume at 40%, XBass and 3D both on.

I may just have discovered my perfect gaming audio set-up! Thanks for all your help, Alan.

There is hope, at least for PC gamers.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to that too. Trouble is, there'll be nothing new, all old CoDs and maps. I'm sure I'll have a blast for a few weeks, but then move on to other games as the nostalgia goggles slip off.

I find that size is important to me. I use a 65% mechanical KB for general use and a keypad for gaming. Both take up little room on my desk, can be stowed neatly beneath my monitor when not in use and, most importantly, donít interfere with my mouse swipes.
As antithesis has pointed out, the difference between mech and rubber-dome keyboards is about how they feel (scissor-switches are somewhere between the two) but with mech keys thereís a lot of choice between each key type: mx, mx clones, keyboard manufacturerís own brand, etc. And each feels slightly different. If I were you, Iíd find a retailer, nearby, that has some keyboards to try, or buy a key test set so that you can find out which you prefer.

General Discussion / Merry Christmas everybody!
« on: 11:23 PM - 12/24/21 »
I rarely use my XIMs anymore, as I usually game on PC these days, but I still read the forum daily. Itís a great community, generally positive and frequently amusing in these troubled times. So Iíd like to wish all of you a great Christmas. I hope you all have great holiday and stay safe.

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